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Ford Explorer Starting and Stalling Problems



  • derry09derry09 Posts: 1
    Im interested in knowing what you found out about your vehicle. Mine just stalled for no apparant reason. I checked all the connections and the battery is good, I have all my lights working but when I TRY TO CRANK IT OVER THERE IS NOTHING its a 2003 ford explorer
  • kathypostkathypost Posts: 4
    I contacted my local Ford dealership and, not surprising, they knew nothing about the stalling situation with the Explorer.
    On a side note, I noticed that the only time my car stalled was when I had cruise control on at appx. 40mph, on a number of hills. I live on a mountain and there is one long road that goes up and down and so I think my problem may actually be caused because cruise control is not designed to be driven up and down hills. I have never had a problem with the car stalling except while I was using cruise control and on the mountain. I am beginning to think my problem is because cruise control is not intended for driving on slopes. Live and learn : )
    Good Luck!
  • 4cutouts4cutouts Posts: 2
    I bought a used 04 Explorer 4 months ago. While driving around 35MPH, the engine has cut out 4 times. I put the truck in neutral and started the engine back up within seconds. This has only happened while the cruise control was turned on, but only engaged 2 of the times. Left the cruise control off for two months, and the problem stopped. I had a complete diagnostic done on the truck, for $109.95, and no sign of a problem. The EGR valve was replaced, for $291.40, as a guess as to the cause. I used the cruise control 3 days ago and the engine cut out again. The mechanic has no idea what is causing the engine failure, but it sure appears that the cruise control has something to do with it. Both Ford and my local Ford dealer are no help. I'm working with my regular mechanic.
  • Have a 2008 explorer limited. Took in to dealer this morning to address transmission lurching in low gear - usually near a stop or while accelerating. Also within the past week, the explorer started to stall - first time while in park, next several times while the car was actually driving (approx 30 mph). Any advice on what to discuss with dealer - I'm sure they'll call back and say nothing is wrong and I'm hallucinating.
  • viciousphbviciousphb Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    Last week ran fine, started fine. Made two stops. Second time turned key and nothing. No crank, no noise at all. Thought it was battery since I bought the car used and battery was old. Had it towed to Auto Zone and put in new battery. Started fine. Next day started right up, went for few errands and it happened again. Got in, turned the key and nothing. Had it towed to Ford dealership. They ran diagnostic testing and theft device testing. Inconclusive. Had two new keys made and reprogrammed. Started right up and drove it home. About 30 minutes later got in to go to dinner and nothing. No start. Again, no noise, no crank...nothing. Theft device not blinking when outside car and looking through window. It blinks after I put new key in and try to start the car. I just had it towed back to Ford dealership. Has anyone had similar problems? Any clues or advice on what to check next. It was running fine and starting fine until this started happening 2 weeks ago. Thanks
  • stevo41stevo41 Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Ford Explorer EB automatic transmission. Sometimes after driving it on the highway, when coming to a stop it will die. I put it park and it starts right away, but as soon as I put it in drive it dies. I can rev the engine while its in park, so it seems to me it's not fuel related. It doesn't do this all the time and when it does it takes about 1-2 hours and it will start running fine. Not sure if it's heat related but i seems to act up on 90+ days. I have takin it a mechanic three times who tested it and nothing shows up. Anyone with related issues... please help!
  • grego7grego7 Posts: 1
    I have the seemingly identical issue with my 2000 Explorer. Very frustrating. Nothing is indicated on the diagnostics. I read o0f a similar problem on another site with a post by a purported Ford technician - suggested that it was a "sticking IAC (idle air control solenoid), and that it wouldn't show a code on the diagnostics computer nor initiate the check engine light. Any luck figuring it out on your end? I'm probably going to try changing the IAC unless I find some other information.
  • stevo41stevo41 Posts: 2
    I actually heard the same thing. I'm going to change the IAC and hopefully that will do the trick. Thanks
  • borsbors Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I have a 1998 Explorer 6cyc. When started first thing in the morning the idle fluctuates between a low rough idle and ~2000rpms. It starts right up and at low idle it almost wants to stall but does not. After it warms up it runs fine and starts fine the rest of the day, the issue seems to be only in the morning.
  • barb2010barb2010 Posts: 4
    edited August 2010
    Did changing the IAC help??? I have a 2005 Explorer. It's been in the shop 3 times. It stalls while I'm driving. At 60 mph, while breaking, while accelerating. RPM's drop to zero and it dies. Not at any particular time or for any particular reason. This started last year. Last week it stalled 3 times backing out of my driveway and all the way to the dealership. I drove with my foot on the brake and the gas. It would not stall for them. The diagnostics showed nothing. They recalculated the computer and cleaned the fuel injector at $125. Drove good for 5 days and now it's doing a shimmy shimmy shake and the RPM needle is ALL OVER THER PLACE! A wrench dummy light came on after I drove it for 1/2 hour, parked for an hour and restarted it. Finally! The next time I started it, the light was out. Drove 30 miles and no light. Came out of the show, started the truck and there it was. Yesterday I called the dealership, started it and no light. There is no evidence of a problem. The computer doesn't show any problem. They still have it and want me to bring it back WHEN IT IS DOING IT! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  • Could be Mas Air Flow Sensor ! Also, the O2 Sensor will cause this same problem you are having !
  • barb2010barb2010 Posts: 4
    edited August 2010
    Dealership has placed a `little black box' in the truck. I'm supposed to press a button when it stalls ( while throwing it into neutral to restart it and avoid being in a collision!) Fortunately the extended warranty ended today and they are keeping the ticket open. Unfortunately they are no closer to figuring this out and I'm driving in a very scary vehicle. It just reached 50,000 miles. You would think that a $30,000+ vehicle would last longer than 5 years!
  • i have tried everything yiu can think of it set no code the check eng lite does not come on it just spins over and over until outside temp gets above 60 degrees and then it fires up and runs like new.
  • i recently got a 98 explorer sport and i ran into a starting problem. the engine would turnover but it would start. starter fluid seemed to fix the problem but when i used it today to get it to start not only wouldn't it start but i got back pressure that caught my air filter on fire. im trying to figure out if there is a problem with the exhaust system or if the engine itself may be the problem any input would be welcome
  • bigstu67bigstu67 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    I have a 2003 Ford Explorer that will not crank each time. It won't turn but the lights and radio work. Usually this happens after we have driven the truck somewhere and got out only to return to the truck and it won't crank. I took it to a mechanic a couple of months back - had it towed because it wouldn't crank but when they got it, it worked after charging the battery. They couldn't find anything wrong with it but I continue to have the problem at least once a week or so. I purchased a new battery so it's not the battery. Usually it will start again if we wait 10 or 15 minutes.
  • hi we have a 1998 ford exploer it ran fine the other day but we tried starting it today but it wont start, we changed the spark plugs on it recently, we are just wondering what can it be?
  • bob406bob406 Posts: 1
    I have given up on my 99 explorer 15 service calls with no perminent fixes. Bought a Chevy Tahoe, Explorer going to scrap for $75.00 a ton. Sad but I will never own another ford in my life.
  • I started to wonder if the after market car starter had anything to do with this. My Windstar also started having electronic issues shortly after I had the car starter installed. The door locks locked and would not unlock unless I used the remote or rolled down my window and punched in the code on the keyless entry. I have gotten rid of my Explorer. I really liked it except for the fact that it was a death trap! Stalling whenever, for no particular reason. It was in the shop a dozen times or more. The little black box the dealership installed never registered it stalling the five times it did BUT it did record the ignition being manually turned off ( I wanted to see if the thing actually did record anything!) If the computers don't recognize there is a problem, it won't register a problem and if there is no recorded problem, FORD will not cover it under warranty. I too will NEVER BUY ANOTHER FORD again!
  • I also own 2003 and found out what the problem was, remove the cover under the passenger side there u will find the fuel pump switch press down on it and ur truck should start.
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