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Car Commercials, the good, the bad, and the annoying!

bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
Just a place where everyone can tell others if the
car makers' dollars are being put to good use in
advertising. Name your favorites (or the ones you
hate) of the past or present. Have fun!


  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    One of my current favorites is the Lexus IS commercial where the guy blackmails his boss with poloroids. Quite funny!

    My least favorite right now is the "My Toyota" one. That cheesy song remake gets on my nerves.
  • markz2kmarkz2k Posts: 112
    What's the deal with the Dog family in the Odysey commercials? I've never heard them, cause I always videotape everything I want to watch so I can skip the commercials later. Are they trying to say the Odysey isn't good enough for people, only dogs should drive it? :) I always try to avoid companies with obnoxius commeercials, but I just bought a 00 Accord anyway. (I don't want my money going to finance more commercials that are annoying to me.)
    For that reason, I haven't been to a Taco Bell since they started using that stupid dog a few years ago.

    Anybody else have an opinion on the Odysey commercial?
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    The whole point of commercials is to get your attention. They don't have to be relevant. I also find that whole series of commercials to be kinda stupid (even though it looks kinda sorta cool).

    When the new Tundra came out, Toyota ran a commercial where they lined up the truck against a Lotus at a drag strip....of course the truck was losing....until they hit the dirt road at about 1/2 track. That was kinda different...
  • markz2kmarkz2k Posts: 112
    Yeah, I agree the point is to get your attention, but it can easily backfire and turn customers away from buying your product. (Like me and Taco Bell)

    Never saw the Tundra commercial, but it least it was relevant to the product. If the Accord hadn't been the best choice for me, I might very well have been swayed AWAY from Honda by those commercials. Not that the other manufacturers are any less obnoxious, just don't remember seeing one that was.
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    I've noticed two fallicies in Hodna commercials:
    1) The Accord Seminar commercial. The speaker says to "Close your eyes...and picture yourself as this" and the screens show pictures of Accords. But how can you see what it is if you close your eyes? :)

    2) The Civic gas pump commercial. It's supposed to convey how fuel efficient the Civic is, but it shows a digital pump screen with the "clikity-clack/ding" sound of an analog pump.

    This either says that Honda needs to analyze their commercials more before sending them to the TV stations, or I watch waaay to much TV!
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    The Camry commercial that says over and over that the Camry is too sexy for-------- God, that is irritating. How could ANYONE call a Camry sexy to begin with is beyond me. Throw that tape in the dumper!!

  • fezofezo Posts: 9,328
    Absolutely! Next Chevy will advertise sexy Malibus!

    I absolutely detest the Toyotathon ads when they run. Does anyone still go to a car dealer because of a splashy campaign like that - "oh, it looks like a lot of fun at the car dealership - let's go..." Please!
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    That's an oxymoron :)
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    is TOTALLY irritated by those Toyotathon commercials they run every month touting their "Only 3 days left to get these big reductions"!!
    What they mean is 3 days to the next one... And when have you ever seen 30 people milling around and running back and forth from one car to another in a dealer's showroom. Unless it was a couple of families with totally undisciplined kids.!!
    What has any of that got to do with the features or quality of their cars???
    I agree that one of the few ads of Toyota's that is any good is the Tundra going off the dragstrip into it's off-road mode..
  • andrew21andrew21 Posts: 6
    ...the new "zoom zoom zoom" campaign by Toyota? I find it kinda catchy. But I suspect it's going to be real irritating when I hear it for the 15th time.

    I like that BMW commercial where it shows one of their cars w/ a musical pattern being "written" by the engine note. Kewl.

    I like the Porsche commercial for their Porsche Experience school. Very kewl.
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    I'm starting to get a little irritated by the Chevy Monte Carlo adds with the Tazmanian Devil. First off - there's nothing wild and unrestrained about the freakin' car (unless you count the drugs the stylists were obviously on when they pinned the whole sorry thing).

    They've also been running the ads lately with Jeff Gordon in them.....ok, I guess I can see the tie in......except the NASCAR version of the Monte and the street version have nothing, zero, nada, zilch in common.
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    Remember the Ford Focus commercial when it first came out? (Focus sitting in front of nightclub, music pumping, line of people waiting to get in). Yeah right, I can just see some hip-hop, gangsta rappa and his ladies partying in a.......Ford Focus. Ooooooookay.....
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    I like the VW commercial where the guy parks at the grocery car, walks out of frame, grocery cart rolls towards car, and guy SPRINTS back into frame to tackle the cart. Ouch, thats gotta hurt.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    The nissan commercial with the pigeon squadron bomb a nissan from a few years back.... I always got a knack when the pigeon said "mayday" at the very end.... :)
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,328
    I'll hate myself for asking, but what do people think of the Toyota "TV guy" ads?

    There's a couple with some cute touches but in general they are really annoying!
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    Yeah, shouldn't he have a gold-plated Olds?

    I thought those Century commercials with the "Buick Guy" were good. Made me laugh on a few occasions.

    The Nissan Frontier ads with that Jerry guy were pretty stupid. "Putting 4 real doors on a compact pickup was a no-brainer." Four huge doors and a huge cabin yet a Sliverado extended-cab has more room...It just proves that Nissan designers have no brain!

    The Toyota Avalon commercial struck me as really annoying. "Do you really need 64 crayons in a box?" Do we really need another bad Toyota spot?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I absolutely dislike:

    * Acura commercials (They used to be good way back
    in the late 80's)

    * Cheap Ford Commercials (South Florida Ford dealers)

    * All Toyota ads

    * Nissan commercials (Specially the Xterra and Maxima) The annoying "Cars like it ====?"
  • kevm14kevm14 Posts: 423
    I happen to get a big kick out of those Maxima ads. Too many people are unconcerned about performance, which the Maxima serves to improve upon in the mid-size sedan segment. I drive a 96 SE 5-speed myself, so when I see all the speed references, handling references, braking, mileage, or what have you, I know it's real.
    And when it says cars like it - 0, well, how many midsize 5-speed sedans are there that come completely loaded, and even 17 inch wheels for under $30k (SE)? (well under $30k)
    That's my point. yeah, there are plenty of cars like the GXE - I happen to hate the GXE (or really the fact that people bought it over the SE!!).
    And this I can say - if you drove a 2000 SE (or even a 95-99 SE) and didn't like it, that doesn't mean the car isn't good. It probably means you do not value performance at all (did you drive to the dealer in a 4 cylinder camry or accord, by any chance?)
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    I think that the Maxima is a good car, but I walked away with a Regal GS. That sucker can MOVE with the supercharger! I'd say that those cars are each other's only real competition. I definetly respect the Max...

    Well, now that I've plugged Buick, I'll move on.

    Toyota seems to have made only a few good ads (like the 'Everyday' ones), one of which was where the guy who's busy with everything gets out of his Corolla and falls down the open manhole.

    I also love the Mercedes S-Class commercial where the Mercedes people are hallmarking the COMAND system; i.e. "if you are lost, we'll find you directions." The last part was where a Mercedes guy said "if you forget your wife's anniversary present...your screwed!" I laughed a lot at that one.
  • markz2kmarkz2k Posts: 112
    I know exactly what you mean about the carls jr. ads. I used to go there at least 3 times a week before they started the sloppy/gross ads several years ago. I haven't been to a Carls for at least 3 years, and they're all over the place here in Irvine. Co-workers hate it if I drive to lunch cause I won't go there. (And won't go with them if that's where they're going!)Won't go to Taco Bell either, those commercials are probably even more annoying than the carls ones.

    I actually emailed a comment to carls from their site once a few years back. I got a reply from someone in marketing who was pleasant about the issue, but basically said we're happy to lose a few hundred/thousand customers who don't like the ads to gain the several thousand that do like them.

    And then there's the ULTRA-ANNOYING ads for Cerritos Auto square with jim varney (the Hey, Vern guy) That idiot is the only reason I need to never come close to shopping there. Yes, they got me to remember the name of their shopping center with the obnoxious ads, but they also got me to remember the ads are so obnoxious that I will avoid shopping there at all costs!
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