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Ford Expedition Noises



  • I have a 2007 Exp Limited EL with 70k miles on it. I recently put new tires on it (July 22) and I have a very noticeable vibration once I hit 75mph. I had a vibration before, but we thought it was because the tires were definitely ready to be replaced. The new wheels have been rebalanced and I've taken it to Ford. I had them check the tie-rods, steering box, and nothing. They took it for a test drive and the mechanic didn't feel anything. I've taken it to some friends of mine that are mechanics and they felt it easy enough and said something is definitely wrong. The said the vibration feels more side to side instead of like a rumble strip vibration. The wheel bearings have also been checked. We're at a total loss. Any ideas? It seems to feel like it starts in the back and works its way up. Not sure what else to look at, could it be the drive shaft?
  • Does the vibration come and go, i.e. is it smooth for a short while and then increase? That's often the way it goes with tires out of balance.

    Where did you get your tires? Hate to say it, but I've had rotten luck with places like Walmart, or even discount tire places. My theory is that they get 'seconds', with hard spots in the rubber etc.

    Also, tire balancing is an art, especially with big, heavy tires. The shop should index the tire to the wheel (find th high and low spots on each and set them up so they cancel out.) If it seems like you're not getting anywhere with one shop, try another. I finally found a shop that was able to make a huge difference with my Expy -- The local Ford dealer had no clue, nor did the Big-O tire shop. A road-force balancing machine may help.

    Driveshaft issues will be different, much smaller in amplitude but higher in frequency, 2000 hz or so, same as the engine RPMs in 4th (the six-speed in the Expy actually doesn't have any gear with a direct 1:1 ratio, but close enough) and not tending to come and go. If that's it, either replace or balance (you can try indexing it as well by matching the high spot of the driveshaft with the low spot on the engine and/or diff flanges.

    Very frustrating thing, I know!
  • priestly49priestly49 Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    Hey there, i have an '04 expo, and until recently has been running fine. within the last two to three months, things seem to be going down hill quickly.
    My acceleration is very poor, there is a strange knocking in the rear of the vehicle. overall power is almost non existent. and i have no idea where to even begin when trying to fix the situation. can any one please help me with this one.
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