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94,95 Impala SS KBB value vs collectors value?



  • hbronco96hbronco96 Posts: 3
    craigslist. should i get a carfax report? if so,just get the one report and copy it for people to see? sorry took so long to reply i forgot about it to be honest. i really need to sell this car but dont want to spend the money for advertising. I guess i will sell it for about 13 or so and see if i get any bites. any ideas what i could do to get the most for it and what should i ask for????
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Well you are going to HAVE to spend money on advertising. This car is not going to sell very well off craigslist. Your best bets are Hemmings Motor News, which will cost you about $12 for a month, and, which gives you an unlimited ad and photos (until the car sells) for $69.

    The market is very weak right now, so you'll have to price it competitively. Just remember that a '95 is worth about $3,000 less than a '96


  • hbronco96hbronco96 Posts: 3
    and what is a 96 worth with this kind of mileage? and what about the carfax report? how does that work and should i get it?
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