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GMC Acadia

troutvalleytroutvalley Posts: 8
My neighbor and myself each ordered an 08 Acadia in early May. Both vehicles have been built, vin numbers received. Both vehicles are at shipping plant, MSRP same as 07.


  • vrmvrm Posts: 301
    Are there any differences between the 07 and 08 Acadia? Or is it the exact same vehicle?

    I dont believe the Acadia was tested by IIHS. True?

  • The only difference is, one color was dropped and another added. Also a console is available for the 2nd row captain seats, but not until sometime in August.

    Here is the link first you put your mouse over fleet on the very left then you put the mouse over Vehicle info/ details and then click on online order guide, then in the new window click 2008 and cars/light trucks(the first) then click gmc and then in the upper right hand corner click the dropdown button and click acadia! then click new for 2008, there is going to be new color a second row console.
  • yauyau Posts: 1
    While I was negotiating prices for a new 2008 Acadia, the salesperson told me that the $1000 Conquest rebate that was available for the 2007 model is currently not available for the 2008 model. Is this true?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    Looks true according to Edmunds, at least for my zip code - only good for 2007 models.
  • jswtkjswtk Posts: 2
    I had to order an 08 because an 07 couldn't be found with the options I wanted on an Acadia ST1 AWD. The only difference I could see was that they changed the Cargo Package id from PDC to PDM and they jacked the price up several 100. We ordered ours on May 26 and it arrived July 5, two days before we left on a trip. I was amazed that I was able to put 95% of what would fit behind the second row seats in my Dodge Grand Caravan fit behind the second row seats in the 2008 Acadia. We did just under 700 miles in a week. The ride was very comfortable and the handling was good. The first 500 miles I kept it at 55 or less. On the ride back we got about 20.5 miles per gallon. With about 40% of those miles between 65 and 70 mph towards the end of the trip. The ride back was a around 230 miles. I liked the higher seating for visiblity and the heads up display. My wife going thru the XM radio stations and the station id showed up for about 3 to 5 seconds on the heads up display while I was driving so I never had to look down at the radio to see what station she had on. We were both pleased with the ride, handling, and features. :)
  • tonyg10tonyg10 Posts: 6
    I found one change that I was very excited about!! The 08's now come standard with Rear View CAMERA included with the Navigation option. NICE!!! :)
  • I have an 08 Acadia, it was delivered last monday. The Conquest cash is $500. through the end of the month. The interior carpet has changed to the color of seats ordered, not black as on the 07.
    Very very happy with the quality, hopefully it will outrun the Highlander. I have had both and the Acadia is far superior in every way.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    Sweet! Maybe you can post some pics on your CarSpace page?
  • steve151steve151 Posts: 3
    I would be interested in any comments regarding the center console available on the '08. Does it fold down, etc...

    Also, as a rule of thumb, should I expect to pay closer to MSRP now for an '08 than I would an '07. This will be my 1st new car buying experience.

  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Actually the carpet color has only changed on the titanium interior. The brick interior still comes with black carpet.
  • stagestage Posts: 12
    I am looking at an 08 Acadia slt2 with leather seats. Does anyone have the front seat dimensions? I would like to compare with my current auto. Thanks for the help.
  • max63max63 Posts: 72
    F Headroom: 40.4
    R Headroom: 39.3
    F Shoulder Room: 61.9
    Front Hip Room: 57.8
    Front Leg Room: 41.3
  • stagestage Posts: 12
    Is this the actual seat size? Thank you for the help.
  • winedogswinedogs Posts: 102
    No, that is the space between the seat and the variable.
  • On our new 2008 Arcadia, I've run into trouble sending the DVD audio to the rear channels. This only happens on true dolby 5.1 DVDS. When playing a 5.1 DVD, and isolating audio to the rear channels, we loose most of the audio, only hearing what was tracked for the rear L/R for the surround sound. Does anyone know a way to force the DVD player into 2 channel mode? The only option I've found is to sort through the movies DVD audio options for a "non 5.1" mix. But most don't have that.

    Thanks! :)
  • epvamanepvaman Posts: 1
    I am ready to place an order for SLT1 AWD, and wanted to know if present owners feel the above option is necessary for my wife to load groceries into the back. She is slight of built and not very strong.
    Are there any other must have options, or those that are not needed?
  • sboyd1sboyd1 Posts: 13
    I am not of slight build and decidedly masculine and I appreciate having the power lift gate. In addition to the physical act of raising the gate, it's kind of nice when it's raining to be able to start raising it on the way out to the car and then have a semi-dry area to stand in and load the groceries.

    Other options I probably would have gotten if I'd ordered the car from the factory are power side mirrors (my garage is pretty tight) and park assist (that rear window is *high*). SLT1 package offered everything else I needed, and frankly, nothing I didn't.
  • Hello,
    I am very interested in the Acadia or Enclave...I have driven the Acadia the most because of the proximity of the dealer. The ONLY deal-breaker for me thus far is that with the factory-installed DVD player down it really reduces visibility for me to the extent I'm not comfortable. Dealer tells me there is no other GMC option. My kids are (pausing to hang head in shame) quite hooked on the DVD and I'm not interested in withdrawels at this point. Any feedback on this issue would be appreciated...I'm not keen on having a 3rd party dealer install one but would if I had to.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Almost all of the Headrest screen units are aftermarket. There are some very reasonable ones out there on the internet, that come in self-contained replacement headrests, that you simply plug into power, each other if you want the same thing on multiple screens, and they match your upholstery amazingly well.

    Beyond that however, I have no good alternatives for you. Surprised somebody from the Anti-Cell-Phone while driving lobby hasn't outlawed these DVD things already anyway.... They're way too convenient and useful and make traveling too easy on the driver - having the kids entertained and all.... Can't have that.... :sick:
  • tonyg10tonyg10 Posts: 6
    That is a valid point. It does diminish the view out of the rear view mirror. One consideration is if you buy the factory DVD WITHOUT the factory sunroofs installed, the player mounts higher up since the interior roof line is higher without the sunroofs. If that doesn't work for you, you may have to settle for the aftermarket installed in the headrests.
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