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Nissan Altima Audio Questions

azoldazold Posts: 3
2007 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL - Bose premium sound

For some reason the speakers hiss even when the stereo is off and even if the car is simply on accesory (ACC). Has anyone experienced the same annoying problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think it might be that the amp/preamp is powered on separately from the head unit - therefore sending a signal to the speakers when the car is powered on.


  • surfmansurfman Posts: 11
    Any one know how many watts this unit puts out? Cannot find the info anywhere, including the dealer.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Thought I read that is is like 264 Watts. I have a TL and it is bette rthan the TL, btu not as good as the JBL that was in my 07 Camry. I beleive the JBL was 440. The TL is decent through about mid power then it flattens out loosing low end fast. The Bose in the Altima has better dynamic raneg through more of the power band, but at about 3/4 it starts to flatten out and near the top actually distorts, somehitng the TL and JBL never do. The JBL is super strong through most of its power band delivering good low end even near the top.
  • My 2007 Nissan Altima has horrible radio reception. My Toyota picks up the same stations from 75+ miles away. The Nissan is total static at 25 miles. Anyone else had this problem? Any other suggestions?
  • I been driving around in my 2007 Altima with the same frustration. Static conistantly on local stations that come in clear on my two other car radios.

    Not sure what to do.
  • lgj069lgj069 Posts: 7
    Good Day all, Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for a 1993/94 Altima CD/Stereo. I beleive this stereo is made by Infinity for Nissan. Thanx for your time and efforts... PEACE Larry
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    YES, I do have the same problem. and I have visited the dealer, tested several new cars - all have the same problem BUT the dealer seems NOT to hear the hiss!!! BS!! it drives me crazy, they want to leave me my car in the shop so their tech can take the stereo apart etc. Why not take any other car off the lot! I've called Nissan consumer affairs but for them to help me I must first have a diagnostic check performed by a dealer. Grrrrr!!!!!!! I will do that next week, waste my time at the dealership and then call NCA again.

    Were you able to get this fixed?
  • azoldazold Posts: 3
    Why Nissan/Bose would go through all the trouble of creating a high end stereo and still allow there to be hissing is ridiculous, but probably comes down to money, which I will explain later. I haven't gotten any official response from Nissan, but this is as close to an answer as I've gotten so far:

    After speaking with various car stereo installers, the consensus is that there is noise being generated by the more powerful amplifier that is installed with the Bose Premium Sound Package. Unfortunately, this upgraded amplifier (located on the underside of the rear decklid in the trunk) turns on using a different power source than the head unit. Therefore the amplifier is turned on once the accessories are activated, not in conjunction with the head unit.

    Why the hissing? Nissan/Bose installed a powerful amp which has no noise gate (cut off) on the hissing noise until the head unit is activated. It's not there's anything wrong with the car (I wish because then I would have them fix it) - it was poorly designed. I believe it was an issue of cost/benefit. To have the amp and the head unit turn on together would be more costly (they would need to run more wires through the car and most Altimas are purchased WITHOUT the premium sound package.) The cheaper method is to simply tap into the power at the rear of the car when the upgraded stereo is installed.)

    I have to assume that the hissing was an acceptable byproduct of this cost-cutting design. They could have installed a noise gate somewhere in the line to allow the hissing only when the head unit is powered on. Why not? I have no idea.

    Scientific information about the hissing noise:
    "All amplifiers generate a certain amount of electrical noise. Note: the noise I refer to here is noise inherent in semiconductor circuits , not noise caused by improper wiring, poor shielding, etc. Generally, the more powerful the amplifier, the more noise it will put out. If you turn on an amplifier (with the input device connected but powered off) and listen to a speaker connected to the amp you can clearly hear a hissing sound. This pretty much represents the noise floor of the amplifier. If the amp has an input level control you will likely notice that the noise may vary as a function of the setting of the control. For a powerful system, the noise might seem pretty obvious and annoying; however when actual music is playing the noise will be totally masked."

    I think that last sentence wraps up Nissan's decision to leave the hissing. Most of the time, the car will be used while it is moving or when the stereo is on, or both, therefore reducing the time where the hiss can be heard (making it less of a problem - to them). The problem is that the car is so well insulated, I can still hear the hissing while driving around with the stereo off! Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this soon.
  • 202020202020 Posts: 1
    Altima 2008 with Bose premium sound without navigation-
    Highly disappointed with sound - too much base and front door speakers sound
    muddled. Thought front door speakers no good and went to dealer - listened to others and problem is the same. Great car horrible sound. Suggest in future anyone buy the normal(also lousy) system and then upgrade at an audio shop.
    Once "stuck" with Bose then trying to replace system extremely expensive.
    Have visited several audio stores - some say impossible to just replace front door speakers - other say you can do it. Need help from other dissappointed buyers
    with same problem and best way to improve sound -
  • I am looking to purchase a 2008 Altima 2.5SL with all the bells and whistles but am curious about the Ipod compatibility. They advertise with the "ipod" stickers on the windows but all I see is the "Aux" jack on the stereo.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that simply mean that your ipod will play through the stereo? I am assuming that you will have no control w/the stereo or "interface" with the ipod. Is that correct?

    Does anyone use the aux and how well does it work?

    Is there a way to get full integration and if so, is it worth the price?

    Any extra integration with the Nav system? Ipod video, etc???

  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,448
    Nissan does offer an iPod feature, beyond the aux, jack on the radio. You should be able to find out more on the web site, under "Accessories".
  • Found this on the website:

    { Interface System for iPod®

    Designed just for Nissan, this system connects via the Altima radio so you can listen to, control, and even charge your iPod, all while it's hidden in your glove compartment. (iPod not included.)

    The stereo interface is compatible with any iPod equipped with a dock connector, Generation 3 and above. Be sure that your iPod is updated with the latest firmware
    SAFETY NOTE: ALWAYS give your full attention to driving. Avoid operating your iPod in such a way that you can be distracted during vehicle operation. }

    Unfortunately it doesn't list a price.....anyone actually have this feature? If so is it worth it? Will it integrate with the Nav too - video?

    Just looking for some input from those who may be in the know as the sales rep I spoke to at the dealer didn't have too much to say about it.

  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    We have the 2008 Altima 2.5 LS with the system you are talking about. You will have to purchase a cable which will interface your ipod with the "aux" jack on your radio. Once you have connected the unit, turn on the radio and press the "aux" button. If it does not work right away, you will have to play with the vulumn control on the ipod, not the radio. It took me awhile to figure this out. The ipod controls volumn and I found out you can really crank the system. Hope this helps.
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    Sorry about the italics. My intent was to highlight the ipod.
  • i own an 07 altima 2.5 S. the system was aight untill like the end of december when the cold weather of chicago... the back speakers are still good n playing like before, but when i fade it back to the front, couples minutes into playing music above vol.20+
    it starts making funny noises, like the cd is skipping (although its not). it sounds like some wires are touching somewhere and it effects my front passenger and drivers side speakrs, and its been annoying me. i know i did not blow the speakers, bcuz i know how blown speakers sound... and if it would b blown, it would b permanent sound as i would turn on the music loud everytime. but the noises appear and disappear daily. i am scared (a little) to take it to the dealership, because i dnt want to pay any money for sum [non-permissible content removed] dat i didnt do... or will they fix it by warranty.? im confused someone plz help
  • azoldazold Posts: 3
    You shouldn't fear bringing it to a dealer. The car is an 07 - The audio system is completely covered under the warranty. check the warranty book that came with the papers in the glovebox. I agree with the idea that it might be a short in the wiring.
  • Does anyone else have this problem? When the stereo is up mid range it rattles the roof above the rear passenger seats making a vibrating noise. You can't even turn up the stereo at all without being annoyed by this sound. I took it to the dealer twice. Once they claimed they could not hear it. Then I called Bose and had them come out and look at it. They did a test and it was confirmed it was not the stereo. They "pushed" on the roof panel and it went away. Well guess what? Now it's back and it's my word against Nissan. They say if they can't hear it, they can't fix it. I know exactly where the noise is coming from, and it goes on and on. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? The car is only 6 months old.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,448
    Coupe or Sedan?

    I have the Bose stereo and do not have this issue.

    How did you get Bose to come out and look at it?

    As a last resort, any decent trim shop should be able to fix the loose roof panel, though you might have to pay out of pocket ....
  • It's 2008 Altima Sedan.

    It was not easy to get Bose to look at it. I contacted Bose over several emails. Then told Nissan I was in contact with Bose, and when I went to my appointment there was Bose rep there. He did the full sound check on it. Bose was very helpful, but Nissan acts like they want to help, but it's just a front.

    The know exactly where the noise comes from, but unless it's "documentable" then they don't want to mess with it.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,448
    The know exactly where the noise comes from, but unless it's "documentable" then they don't want to mess with it.

    Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "documentable".

    If the (1) Bose rep was there and heard the rattle, and (2) they know where the rattle is, and (3) they know how to service the roof liner, I don't understand why they won't take a stab at fixing it. This just doesn't appear to be that big of an issue.

    Exactly what am I missing here?
  • "Documentable" means it has to be happening all the time. When the Bose rep looked at it he pushed the ceiling panel back in place and it stopped making the sound. About a week later the sound came back. I called Nissan and told them I know where it was coming from, but it was not doing it all the time, only when there was certain types of bass in songs causing the roof to vibrate. They told me unless they could hear it when I brought it there, they would not be able to fix it. I did not want to take a 3rd half day off work just to have them tell me, we can't hear it or it's just how its, or it's the type of music I listen to. I need to know for sure they will fix it when I go next time. So now I am just trying to see if anyone has had this problem and how to get it fixed.
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