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Toyota Solara Convertible Demise

dturrdturr Posts: 70
Is the demise of the Solara around the corner, two local SW Florida Dealers have almost no stock of SLE's and are evasive about when more due in. These convertibles must be the bread and butter for Florida anyone any ideas.


  • karen24karen24 Posts: 2
    When/if you get a response, can you please let me know. I live in Oregon and the dealerships here are also being evasive. I called the Toyota Headquarters Customer Service area and was told just this morning (6-27-07) that the Customer Service reps were not being given that information and they have been asked the same question several times. Anyway, I also am interested in what anyone else finds out.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Come on Edmunds I thought you may be in the know. Whats going on at Toyota??
  • gulfridergulfrider Posts: 6
    See my post re: the '08s are on the way. They'll start showing up mid to late July at dealers.
  • The convertibles and coupes are all on the website (SE, Sport and SLE).
  • luvumeluvume Posts: 4
    does anyone know how to reset the maintenance warning light? i just had my oil changed and the shop didn't do it for me
  • I took my car into the Toyota shop and they said to press the button and hold it down for at least three (3) to five (5) seconds. I believe the car also needed to be turned on while holding down the button.
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Does anyone know if there is going to be an 09? I am looking to find out if it is worth waiting till next year to see a possible hard top version of the Solara or even if it will continue to exist beyond 2008?
    Any input will be appreciated!
  • If you don't get a definitive answer on this forum why not put your thoughts before Toyota?

    Who knows, maybe they even monitor forums like this to see where their devotees heads are at.

  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Thanks, meegwell - Yes, it's a thought. But there have been too many teasers on other possible models (there may or may not be a supra, there will be a hybrid 2+2, etc...) to believe that Solara will be either revamped or continued beyond 2008...
  • blkbobblkbob Posts: 36
    There is no "official" word from Toyota that the Solara is being discontinued, however being that insiders (plant workers) have noted the plant will no longer be making them VERY soon is a safe bet it will be. So I would probably forget about future thoughts on a 2010 let alone a 2009. This is the same behavior Toyota exhibited with the Celica discontinuation. An unofficial Toyota spokesperson was quoted as saying a new crossover vehicle will replace the Solara (how a crossover is labeled as a replacement for a coupe is beyond me). The rest is just plain rumor or wishful thinking, there isn't a shred of evidence Toyota is bringing the Supra back soon or Toyota is going to just surprise everybody with a redesign in 2009.
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Thanks for the info, blkbob. Yes, sounds like this is it for the Solara. I am having second thoughts getting one, considering I will also have to sacrifice my S2000 to get a Solara.
    Thanks again.
  • I heard yesterday that there will not be a 2009 Solara. I was told that the Celica is being brought back. I suspect that the water leaks and rattles that are apparently very common in the convertibles do not meet Toyota's standard for quality and as such they are discontinuing this model.
  • blkbobblkbob Posts: 36
    My best guess for discontinuing the Solara is two fold--1) two doors vehicles just don't appeal to families who want a single car and 2) any update to the Solara would probably be cannibalizing into Scion and Lexus markets. That being said, I don't see any two door Supras, Celicas, MR2s, etc. being reborn on the Toyota badge, maybe Scion but not Toyota. And no way are any of those rebirths happening by 2009, everything for that near future will be just a re-update of current models. Even hybrid Hummers, Tahoes, etc. being sold this December took 2 years to hit the production floor from the drawing board just for an engine change (way too fast for GM to be shelling out a new technology they barely researched--my advice: wait for their third model year ;) .)
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    In the end I purchased a new 07 Solara SLE for $29k. The vehicle has done almost 4000 faultless miles. It has been out in Florida thunderstorms and not a drop of water inside. My wife gets 29mpg and we are both happy with the car, it seats four in reasonable comfort gets our luggage in the trunk and does everything we require. If anything Toyota should supply mats with holes that fit the stud holes and caps for the screw holes to cover the trim on the cills. 9/10 from me.
  • I change my own oil on my 2004 Toyota Solara Convertible. To reset the light, with the engine off and key in off position, and with odometer in the "odometer setting" (NOT trip A or trip B), press and hold the reset putton. Hold the button in, and turn the key to on, without starting the car. You should see a series of dashes which will slowly disppear then possibly read all zeros. Once they show zeros, release the button. Your maintenance light show remain off until next time she needs fresh oil.
  • On a different note than my last post, we have had our Solara for about a year. We found one used, a 2004 SLE in practically mint condition, albiet high mileage for the year (it had 48,000 when purchased at an age of almost 3 if you consider 2008s are almost out). We paid just under $19K for it. We have put 24,000 miles on the car in one year. I drive it to Tucson 3 to 4 times per month and we have taken it on numerous drives to Northern Arizona and Southern California. I change the oil religiously and use only Castrol. Side Note: Toyota engines do NOT do well without Anti-sludge oil. Castrol is an anti-sludge oil, and I recommend NO other oil. Just my opinion. I rotate the tires myself, have flushed and filled the Transmission myself according to the Haynes manual, and take care of the engine. I recently changed the brake pads because the original pads developed a squeal. The brake pads were beyond easy to change. Very nice design when it comes to switching pads on the four wheel discs on this car. The top did "drip" once.... when it really really poured on us. Just a little bit, right in the first bend joint, about a foot or so behind the windsheild. I can live with that. The trunk is huge, as convertibles go. And the high trunk lid really allows you to stack stuff up high. If Toyota stops production on this, that is fine. I am just happy I got one. It is my second Solara. My first was a 2000, hard top, with the four cylinder engine and manual tranny. Not fast, but comfortable and fun to drive. I love this car. After I wash it, I sit and look at it. Then look some more.
  • lizabetlizabet Posts: 2
    My 2006 convertible is leased, so I will have to turn it in in May 2009. Except for the black exterior ( a horrid paint job), I would buy it. It is a wonderful car in all aspects. So I'm concerned about how I'm going to replace it. There's no other convertible on the market that is as beautiful, as reliable or as affordable. (Last week I saw a beautiful convertible drive by as I was exiting my driveway. I followed it, thinking "now that's an elegant car". When I caught up to it, I learned it was an Aston Martin. The price checked out to be between $200-265,000. Well....)
    Anyone hear anything? The folks at the dealership don't know or are not talking.
  • I heard that it is being discontinued for 2009. Get a 2008. My 2006 is super!
  • Not going to be any 2009's. They ARE discontinuing it. I am on my second one and am very disappointed. Don't know if there will be any other convertibles oferred by Toyota but I heard rumours that the Celica is coming back. That's a much smaller car though.
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