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Toyota Solara Convertible Demise



  • We just purchased a 2008 SLE and love it- BUT, no matter how careful I am I can't seem to keep from chipping the edge of the driver's side door whenever I touch something with it- I took it to the dealer we purchased it from and they were little help other than to rub some type of polish along the edge that seemed to take most of the scarring away- So, I asked about a plastic door edge protector and was told Toyota doesn't make one- anyone have any other ideas?
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    I just found out that unless I bought the maintainence package from my dealer there is no roadside assistance available from Toyota for my 2008 Solara Convertible (and I guess any other of Toyota's models either!!). That info blew me away as every new car I have owned in the past 10 years always came with a roadside assistance program.I can't remember when I have used it on any other of my cars but it was nice knowing that I could if I had a problem.
  • moms_maxmoms_max Posts: 62
    That's great news! Hopefully, any existing 'issues' won't get swept under the rug under the assumption that the car has faded away - and mechanics will try to fix things, since the model will be around for awhile longer.
  • Is Toyota going to continue the Solara Convertible in 2009, and leave the Coupe in the dust ?

    I stumbled on some articles today that stated that Toyota was going to continue with the Solara Convertible for 2 more years, but discontinue the Coupe.

    I have lost many hour of sleep over this, since I LOVE my Solara and am ready to buy new one. I almost bought the 2008 last year, but held off because I was hoping the 2009 model year would bring us a hardtop-convertible. I guess not.

    One of the articles that discussed this was in the Boston Herald dated August 12.
  • I've got 110,000 trouble-free, happy miles on my 2003 SLE V6. I've done nothing but regular maintenance on the car - oil/tranny fluid changes, fuel/air/fuel filters, pcv, hoses, timing belt, tires, plugs. Really all just basic stuff and I did most of it myself.

    The most expensive maintenance item was probably when I did the timing belt and water pump.

    I've gotten so much pleasure out of this vehicle, I am very hard pressed to replace it with anything else.

    I'm thinking about the BMW 3 series. I'm thinking about the Honda Accord coupe. I'm thinking about the Lexus SC. I'm thinking about the Audi 6. I'm thinking about the Pontiac G6. I'm thinking about all of those vehicles, buy yet I keep coming back to the Solara. I find some reason to rule out any of those others.

    And now that I'm hearing whispers of the Solara possibly NOT being discontinued, or a 2010 coupe coming back, I get cold feet and think that perhaps I should wait it out. I'd hate to spend the bucks and get accustomed to another vehicle now, and then find out 11 months from now that Toyota came back with the Solara coupe. Especially if it was a hardtop-convertible !
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    Your thinking too much.
    The Solara - your Solara- has brought you much satisfaction and joy. What more can you ask of a vehicle. Read the reviews of all the new hardtop convertibles and you will really appreciate the quietness the efficiency and the availability of a trunk, in a priced right vehicle, that the hardtops don't have. They won't ride better, may out perform the Solara but really how much more power do you need . I'm constantly being surprised by the power of the 3.3 in my 08 SLE convertible.
  • Anyone heard anything else on the 2009 Convertible?
  • There won't be one! Grab a 2008 if you want a new one
  • Just received the following message directly from Toyota:

    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.

    We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry.

    We are happy to announced that production of the Camry Solara convertible will continue for the 2009 model year. Unfortunately, we do not have information available on the 2010 model year. At this time, we do not have a date as to when the 2009 Solara Convertibles will be available on dealer lots. We invite you to visit for information and updates as it becomes available.

    Your email has been documented at our National Headquarters under file #200812090252. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free contact us. to

    LaKeisha Square
    Toyota Customer Experience
  • jaffeejaffee Posts: 10
    I just looked at a 2009 brochure of Toyota vehicles and the Solara was one of the cars in there. I also thought it was going to be discontinued.
  • Probably. But they are only making convertibles :(
  • Has anyone heard when the '09 Solara will be hitting the sales floor? Want to replace our current car with a Solara Convertible,

  • Just adding more data to the data base:

    I have a Solara 2006 convertible. The stitching began to wear out just as I reached 36,000 miles. The service dept. authorized the restitching at n/c. The top shop owner noticed the puckering across one of the seams and told me I have about one more year with this top before I'll have to replace it.

    I have the tan top. I do not garage or cover the car. I live in Southern California which experiences what some experts refer to as desert conditions, i.e. wide swings of extreme hot and cold within short periods of time.
  • nowlennowlen Posts: 35
    Go to and drill down to your model/year and find the edge guards in your color. (or just go here: ) They're not cheap at ~ $50 for a pair, but they are quality and they're metal. I purchased and installed them and they fit the contours perfectly. One thing you need to do is trim any excess sealer from inside the door itself (where the skin wraps around) and repaint the trimmed area so be sure you have the appropriate touch-up paint color which you can order there also. Be careful so you don't cut into the metal when trimming. They seem less susceptible to chipping, but at least they protect the door.
  • And, since I barely know what a flat tire is, I'm guessing I could get a local auto body shop to install them- thanks! I had searched for these and never could find them-
  • I've got an '08 convertible. The solution is quite simple--and inexpensive. I went to my local auto parts store and bought two protective door edge strips (I got black, but they also had silver) that are flexible, have an adhesive inner edge, and can be cut to the desire length. Been on for the past two years with no problems. Cost? Less than $5.
  • meegwellmeegwell Posts: 67
    Last month I spoke with the dealer that sold us our `06 convertible.
    Toyota still has no plans for a Solara or Solara type convertible in the near future.
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