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Isuzu Trooper Transmission Problems



  • Just got an estimate to have a used transmission put in my car for about $2200. The Trooper is still drivable, but acceleration from a stop to about 30mph is very slow. Feel like I'm really stepping on the gas and not moving fast. Seems to run better in the cold weather, but I'm in TX so not much of that here.

    It has 120K and seems to running okay otherwise. Have been having this acceleration problem for over a year but no one's been able to diagnose it.

    My concern is that I'll put the money into a new transmission and either that won't solve the problem or something new will arise.

    Have a baby due in 2 weeks and wondering if it'd just be safer to get something newer. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • This exact same thing started happening to my 2001. I had AAA tow it to my local AAMCO and it turns out there is metal in the fluid. They said 3rd and drive was completely gone. I approved them to go ahead and drop the transmission and go to work. If they totally rebuild it the cost is $1451.00. AAMCO is about the only people I will trust as there is no longer and Isuzu dealership anywhere around. I think the value of these vehicles will start to decline rapidly since Isuzu Auto pulled out of the U.S.
  • Hello
    Found your reply today and was wondering if you ever got your trooper repaired. Sounds like I have the same problem. Rev and 4th seenm normal but starting in drive or 1st or second moves very slow until around 30 mph. If you repaired it what was the final cost ? Thanks
  • I have a 2001 Isuzu trooper with 140k on this transmission. This is the second factory transmission as the first went out under warranty at 95K. This one out of the blue, takes off very slow in drive, 1st, 2nd. but takes off fine in Reverse and thhe lowest gear. I do not hear or feel any slipping however, just hig revving until it get to 30-35 then seems to run fine. Anyone been down this road before ?
  • cacho72cacho72 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have the same exact problem in my '92 Trooper. when I start the motor it seems to be OK, but once the truck starts running the gears doesn't shift up and the RPM gets high, suddenly the 2nd gear shifts and the check trans start flashing on the dash. I have to manually shift the gears to gain a reasonable speed. If I stop and re start the the motor, flashing goes off but once it start running it repeats all again. I have this problem appearing and disappearing since several months, but now it seems that it won't disappear. Did you get your tranny fixed? any advice?
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    look on the bottom of the pan there are two drain plugs find the one that is on the back of the right side in the corner.start and drive car till good and warm. put car in park with the engine at idel speed remove the plug with 19mm socket if fluid slowly drips out it is full. if not you must get a squeez bottle with a small hose and squeez the fluid in until a slight drip starts. note hose will have to go in the hole 3or more inches so the fluid will not come pouring out.

    good luck
  • anointedanointed Posts: 5
    how to change transmission oil 2001 trooper isuzu
  • hrtrooperhrtrooper Posts: 1
    I have an 89 trooper 4 cyl auto. The problem i am having is going down hill at aprox 55-58 MPH and letting off the throttle just a fraction the transmission will down shift to 3rd sending the rpms racing. It will stay in 3rd until either the road flattens out or you accelerate even more to around 65 mph then it will up shift. Now this only happens going down hill, going up hill or on flat ground it shifts and runs just fine. Any thoughts on this??? Oh yeah the fluid level in the tranny is fine.
  • nate33nate33 Posts: 1
    i just got a 93 trooper about two days ago.i was driving it home and i had to put gas in it.the battery was bad and the truck shut down .we got it started again and i got it home and bought a new battery but then for the next two days the car would not go into rev. and sound like something was holding the the trunck from moving. i went outside today to clean the car out and my wife told me to try to go in rev and it went but now its like the truck doesnt want to get out of first gear i went to school to be a mech and i,m alittle good but this truck is starting to give me gray hair does anyone know how to fix this problem
  • snorkel68snorkel68 Posts: 1
    2002 Isuzu trooper - transmission did not engage after twenty minutes of driving barely making it to our destination by coasting into the driveway. After two hours the vehicle cooled down and the transmission reengaged - only drove it a block. Transmission fluid level is fine and no leakage spotted - is this potentially a filter issue? Any suggestions?
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    it's the trany the clutch pacs are gone . you can try to flush the cooler but it,s hard you must drain the fuild . but you not going to get much out . go buy the dex#3 flush the trany severl times pull the cooler lines in inertvells.and back flush sevral tmes. then buy tran medic or equal and run though it.let me know.
  • n2rnrn2rnr Posts: 1
    Hello,I recently bought a trooper with a auto transmission.ysterday,in Drive,the truck went into a false neutral,and rev'ed a bit. Im wondering about adjustments as Im Just learning about troopers etc. I have noticed,and a friend confirmed,that the indicator when in Drive is/was feeling a little faint. Im wondering If its the linkage? and Is that adjustable and how. I also want to check,then maybe change the transmission fliud,for peace of mind,so I know where Im at with it, I cannot afford a New transmission,as I just bought the vehicle.So hopefully,I cant Nip this... to prevent futher damage. Thank you
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    hey, there are a just ments on the linkage . but also theres a nutrul safey switch. with about 1/8 th ajust but if it start in park mod. its not the safe switch. this may not be prob. try to flush the cooler in the radiator. its a pain. but this is a big promb.. with this things you can also take the shifter from the inside has a littel ajustment.look and see if some one as tried to ajust. the link. if not let me know.farmgoode
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    i have no power brakes you can stand on them and it will come to a stop slowly .its like the anti lock is ingaged all the time.
  • tonloktonlok Posts: 1
    hi i got a 90 isuzu trooper and it wont get it out of first gear and i cant figure out why i have tried to figure it out for two weeks now it is so frustrating so if any has an answer to my problem i would really appreciate it. :mad:
  • ohibuddyohibuddy Posts: 2
    My tranny won't go... as if parking brake is holding it back. And on the dash the 4x4 light is on, brake and battery light. I have replaced the TCM and still no results any suggestions on what to look for next.
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    this modal hade a prob. the chain in the trans4 case may be broke take the front drive shift out!!!!! try to move the turck slowly. i don,t if this is a auto. or 5 speed? let me know.
  • farmgoodefarmgoode Posts: 7
    is it auto or a 5speed?
  • FYI it was my alternator =)
  • Have a '96 Trooper and the auto tranny popped out of OD gear on the highway. Had to drive home at 20mph as it will not upshift. Mechanic friend scoped and shows "vehicle speed sensor". I am looking to see if anyone knows the correct location and part number for this. There is one I can see on the transfer case and then mech said there is one on top of tranny. When I try to order part online, I get 3 or 4 different units to chose from. Even the Isuzu dealer gave me a part # for an ABS sensor, not the VSS. Any help would be appreciated!
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