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Isuzu Trooper Transmission Problems



  • tc1522tc1522 Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 98 Trooper and have the same problem. The engine was completely rebuild. Transmission fluid fleshed. I was driving it yesterday and the truck went into false neutral and rev'ed. When I step on the gas it rev'ed higher and did not engage until I slow down or I put it in 3rd. Anyone has any idea how I can resolve this problem? Many thanks for all the help
  • fleischerfleischer Posts: 3
    I would check the transmission fluid level first. You have to do this while the engine is running. There are some websites that explain how to do it. If you can't find it, I can send you directions. Since there is no dipstick for the transmission, you have to do it under the car as well. It may also need a new transmission filter too.

    Sometimes my trooper revs up too, but I think it is just because the throttle sticks sometimes.
    It does sound like a transmission problem. If it does need extra transmission fluid, you could put in the Lucas Transmission Fluid that fixes leaks and other transmission problems. It is really thick, so you may need to warm it up. You also have to pump it in like you would for the differentials.
  • Assuming yours is an Automatic Transmission it sounds as though your torque-converter is shot. It is the equivalent of a clutch on a manual transmission. Basically, the factory ones for 94 through 02 were pretty flimsy, basically cardboard. New torque-converters are all made of mesh carbon-fiber: Superior, lighter and essentially the same price. The labor, however is always the costly part.
    If you're losing power to the wheels when revving high that could mean the torque-converter is slipping. In other words, the engine torque is not being converted to the transmission.
    I had mine replaced on my 2002, I also had the transmission rebuilt just to make sure everything was SOLID. $2000 later.. it's fixed.
    Your next alternative is to sell it to the transmission shop.
    Good luck
  • tc1522tc1522 Posts: 3
    Thanks so much for your reply. I just ran around town today and it went into false neutral for a bid and I down shift it to 3rd and the trans engaged. After that I really did not have that problem again. Could it be some thing else. any feed back would be most appreciated.
  • Have you told us what type of transmission it is? Automatic or Manual? Or did I miss something in this thread?
  • tc1522tc1522 Posts: 3
    Hello speedrover1, I am sorry, I should have been more specific. It is an automatic transmission. It does not happen often. It is unpredictable when it gets false neutral. It happened to me going down the street which I can pull over or slow down until it catches gear. It is a difference story on the freeway. Funny thing is I drove the car down to Monterey and back which is a 4 hours drive with no problem. So I just wondering what else could it be?
    As mentioned before, the engine is completely rebuilt. I even change the sensor on top of the motor. I'm just wondering, could it be another sensor? I read some where that there are three of them.
    Any help would be most appreicated. Thanks
  • Ah Monterey, my favorite city...
    Sensors..Yes. However, you would have a dash light indicating high trans temp or a blinking trans light, or even a check engine. The fact that the symptoms are extremely sporadic and random helps to justify my Torque-converter opinion.

    If you test it by towing something or pushing the car slowly against a wall to check for higher-than-usual rpming while stopped, it will only serve to take further life out of your worn out torque-converter.

    A qualified transmission mechanic can test drive it and confirm for you in a couple minutes upon driving.
  • clembo51clembo51 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    my 95 trooper wont shift into passing gear and then it revs high then wont go into gear at all does anyone have a idea of what may be causing this problem
  • srburch1xsrburch1x Posts: 1

    _ Hi II have a 1995 Isuzu Trooper with transmission problems. This is more or less the drift of it, hopefully someone can give me an idea.

    When you put it in drive it takes off in second gear. When you put in low gear it stays, but if you put in second gear it rolls backwards then rolls forward. Like its trying to go into two gears at once. Once wheels start rolling, you put in third gear goes smoothly. If never goes into overdrive. Makes no attempt at all to go into overdrive. TCM has also been replaced to. Oh and we bought another transmission and it's doing the same thing. Anyone have an idea about this?

    Thanks, Robin _

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