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Lincoln Navigator Power Running Boards

beav626beav626 Posts: 5
my drivers running board is driving me nuts.......

I have a 2003 ultimate with just under 60k miles.

I also have the extended service contract for only engine and power equipment... No Running Boards

the Drivers Side barely comes out and then does not go back in. it tries over and over but will not go in...

How do I fix this.


  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It's a simple mechanism under the truck. Something may be stuck in the works somewhere, or your motor may be worn out. Anyway, get under the truck. You'll figure it out.
  • beav626beav626 Posts: 5
    I have been under there and tried to clean it out... I think I need to have the motor replaced. are there any instructions on how to do this?
  • stiritupstiritup Posts: 18
    I am having the exact same problem. If it is the motor then how come it is only on the driver side for both vehicles? Any help is appreciated.
  • beav626beav626 Posts: 5
    my guess is that the drivers side gets worn out more due to us getting in and out more...

    I would like to see a write up on how to fix this or where to find such information.
  • stiritupstiritup Posts: 18
    Has a dealer or any other repair person looked at it?
  • beav626beav626 Posts: 5
    I had my main dealer look at it and they said...
    Drivers side motor needs to be replaced and track cleaned out... Price $640 ($340 for motor, $300 labor)

    I searched for discount parts on the web and found a Drivers side motor for $65 new at a discount Ford Parts House (This motor was just the motor, no housing, housing was $200+)

    I called a few other dealers...
    1 dealer quoted me $90 for labor, but $340 for motor (no housing)
  • stiritupstiritup Posts: 18
    I just spent the last two hours going through another thread on this forum the discussed a host of issues (very scary stuff, but that is to be expected since most questions on here are about issues people are having). Anyhow, one of the things one member did was have the dealer oil down the components that deal with the deployment of the boards and his problem went away.
    Incidentally that is what one dealer suggested. It seems like the running board issue prevelent. I saw tons of posts with that pronplem mentioned.
  • What kind of "Oil", or do you mean "grease"? On my 03, the driver side went first, then the passenger side. I also have other electrical problems, the most recent being that the high tone horn went out. And as soon as I purchased a replacement, it came back.
  • stiritupstiritup Posts: 18
    I don't know what kind of oil they used. I suppose the dealer can tell you.
  • stiritupstiritup Posts: 18
    I took mine in for the dealer to look at. She just called top say they oiled it but that did not work. They suggest I changed both the board and motor, cost $2300.
  • Did anyone implement any of the many suggestions offered regarding for solving this problem? If so, has it worked for anyone? MY driver side running board is still driving me nuts. One thing I have noticed is that it sometimes goes in all the way which tells me it is not the motor. It looks every bit like a mechanical problem but I can't find it.
  • I have experienced continuous problems with the running boards on my Navigator. Today I discovered why and want to share with others who are equally frustrated. The running boards are rusted through in about five different places on both sides of the car. Water seeps under the plastic covers on these running boards and pools in various places. This causes the covers to warp so that over time they will collide with the undercarriage of the Navigator, forcing the board to return to the out position. In my case, the running boards were moving in and out as I was driving. Naturally, the first place a mechanic will focus on is the motor. All these dealers who are telling you it's a motor problem need to look more closely at the plastic covers and see if they are warped.

    I just spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Ford Customer Care because I think it's ridiculous to expect consumers to absorb the cost of replacing poorly designed automotive parts. Customer Care contacted my service rep who then contacted the zone manager for Ford in this region, and they have agreed to cover $1,300 of the cost of replacing these running boards. My car has 90,000 miles, but has been meticulously maintained, and I don't believe the rust was caused by lack of care as my car is washed regularly to remove corrosive elements. I live in Louisville, not exactly in the snow belt.

    I plan to pursue this further with Ford and would like to hear from any other Navigator owners who have replaced their running boards due to rust. My guess is that Ford knows this problem exists, and the faulty motor excuse buys them time until warranties expire.
  • Hello everyone,
    I'm new to this board :) I also had the same problem but intermittent with my Gator 03. When it happens, I notice there is a message DOOR AJAR on dash board. So I guess something relate to the driver's door latch/sensor that may cause the problem
  • Kgatti,
    Thank you very much for this information. My 03 is doing exactly that. There is no doubt in my mind that Ford is aware of this problem and are faking ignorance. They pretend they are hearing this issue for the very first time when you called them. I am very interested in pursuing this issue. Mine hasn't been replaced yet so if there are others out there who wants to take this further I am in. Once again, thank you for the information.
  • Hope you get some financial relief if you decide to replace your running boards. The problem I see is that if owners are repeatedly being told it's a motor problem, replace the motor and then have to replace the entire running board, they will never see if the board has rusted through. I have asked my mechanic to hold the boards he has removed from my vehicle so I can take photographs. I received an email response from Ford today wherein they state that in spite of their best efforts "unintended malfunctions or mechanical 'glitches' may surface." It's a rust problem caused by shoddy parts. Even my mechanic stated that the metal they use to construct these running boards is poor quality. Ford determined the "amount of asistance offered is more than adequate and will not provide any additional assistance." This is due to the age of my car (!) and the mileage. I plan on contacting every consumer agency I can to alert them to this problem. Please stay in touch--it's important to get the word out.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,665
    No car mfr is going to fix something like that at 90,000 miles. They have to draw the line somewhere.
  • Yes but what if you can demonstrate that other vehicles with less miles have exactly the same issue. Mine began doing this at 5900, now I am at 7200. If the mfr pretended not to know an issue exists then they should be on the hook for the repairs.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    The power running boards are the only option I did NOT get when I ordered my '04 Navigator. The reason was that they were having trouble with the power running boards in the 2003s and I saw no reason to get involved in that.
    They know there's an issue. It's always been an issue. However, 90,000 miles is a long time later to expect them to fix anything.
    I also have a Lincoln LS and while a great car, there's a design problem with the front sway bar causing it to wear out bushings far too quickly. Ford has redesigned the sway bar but refuses to replace the badly designed ones. It would cost me nearly $1000 to have the properly designed sway bar put on. I dont like that anymore than u like what's happening with your PRBs. But that's the story. I dont know if other mfgs would treat things any differently.
    Good luck.
  • 2004 ultimate. driver side - only - would sometimes come out, sometimes not. i tried opening just the back door & it would come out - sometimes. passenger side worked find. the problem was the control module, replaced under the extended warranty. to date, owned truck 4 months, 15 days in dealership, :sick: estimated $7-8k repairs under extended lincoln warranty, :mad: $200 out of pocket. :)
  • My argument with Ford is that I reported these problems every time I took my car in for service, beginning over 2 years ago when my car was still under warranty and the miles were obviously much lower. Every time I was told that the problem was the motor, or that they greased it up and it was working fine. It would work okay for about a month or two if I was lucky, but the problem was never FIXED. No one ever checked to see if the plastic covers were warped and getting caught, which would have keyed them into the problem with the rust. In fact, the warping is so subtle that it would be hard to notice, especially if mechanics are focusing on motor problems. Ford DID absorb the cost of the replacement running boards ($1300); my cost was the labor to install them. So I chalk that up to a victory on my end and an affirmation that Ford is aware that a problem exists. My vehicle is a 2003. Rust is a problem I would expect on a 15-year old car, not a 5 or 6 year old vehicle. The mileage has nothing to do with rust and body defects, so I disagree with you on Ford's responsibility to its customers. A $60,000 vehicle should hold up better than this.
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