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Jeep Liberty Heating Ventilation and A/C



  • 2jeeps2jeeps Posts: 1
    Did you ever figure out the problem. My Jeep Liberty is doing the exact same thing. Heater is hot as long as I am moving. Cold otherwise. Had it to the dealership and they can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    First of all make sure you have enough coolant.Next thing is to check the radiator cap.If everything checks out OK,then check for air in the system.Sometimes there is a bleeder near the thermostat to bleed out the air.If you had air,recheck your coolant.I hope this helps.Good Luck
  • I have had my 2008 Jeep Liberty since October, and have been freezing. There is no heater duct on the driver side. The heat just spills out from a hole up under the center console, behind the gas pedal.

    Is this normal?

    The dealer says yes, but the heater duct seems to have a little latch on it like it is missing an extension piece that would bring it down to the driver's feet, similar to that of the passenger side.

    I also have cold air blowing on me from right up under the console by my right leg.

    Can somebody else with a 2008 Liberty verify that their heater duct on the driver side is the same as mine, or is it more like that of the passenger side?


  • almafalmaf Posts: 1
    I purchased a used 03 Jeep Liberty Sport Limited (fully factory equiped and I truly love it) which runs beautifully, but when it rains, it not only rains outside but inside too, bad enough that water reached back passenger seat. We checked out everything we thought might be causing this problem, even removing front hood, wipers and taking a hose and to it, but as you can see, we still have no idea what is causing this. Has anyone else had this problem? If yes, can you please give us a clue as to what it might be.
  • I've got a 1992 Jeep Cherokee in excellent condition that also rains inside -- but does so on both sides. I've always thought it was the windshield leaking, but can't find a leak up that high. It might actually be coming through the ducting system.

    I know these vehicles aren't really the same, but they do share a similar history, and one sort of replaced the other.

    Good luck!
  • I've had my Jeep Liberty 2008 since December and the floor heater on the driver's side blows cold air. The passenger side blows very warm air. My feet freeze in the cold weather. I've had it in to the dealer, but it still blows cold air.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    Go back to the incompetent dealer and ask to test drive a couple of comparable new libertys and see if they all have the same problem. If they don't, ask him to fix yours or give you one that works.
  • debsteeledebsteele Posts: 1
    Does anybody know what the PCM is? Seems that I need one for my a/c to work on my Liberty.
  • kmmk1kmmk1 Posts: 1
    Not sure if you got it fixed but maybe this will help. Had the same problem with a company car (Dodge Stratus). Had it to the dealer four times then took it to a local garage. The tech at the service station found that the drain holes on the firewall and the a/c drain under the dash weren't aligned. He pulled the dash apart, aligned it and the problem was gone. Think it cost us about $200.00 in labor. Good luck.
  • Has your floor heater problem been resolved? Mine still blows cold air around my ankle on the driver's side.
  • After reviewing some of the post on this site regarding the liberty I feel pretty lucky. I have now had my liberty for 8 years took it with 18 miles and now going on 96,000 miles. I have not had major issues with the car.

    The major problem i have right now is that I am getting a large amount of water puddling on the front passenger seat. It is not from Rain or outside intrusion. I believe it is my A/C draining inside the car. Any advise. My front carpet is soaked.

    I agree with many of the symptoms describes with this model. For my these problems started after the warranty period on the car. My liberty has this false contact that i could be cruising down the road specially when i break and the cabin lights flickers. Also i have experience both my rear window have fallen and do not operate anymore. I just fixed a U-bolt on the guide track an permenatly fixed them in the closed position.
  • I had the same problem with my liberty.The problem is the a/c drain as you said,the short 1/2" drain on the passenger side firewall is too short and the engine fan blows the water back and it drains down the inside of the firewall onto the passenger floor.Just get a 4" to 6" piece of heater hose and it should fit tight on the the drain and problem solved.
  • I have just discovered a puddle of water on the driver side floor board of our '06 Jeep liberty. We have had this car for two years with no problems up to this point. Car has a sunroof, but seats are bone dry. Any thoughts? Any feedback will be appreciated.
  • I love my Jeep Liberty but it has now about 93,000 miles and starting to give all kinds of problems. The A/C works fine for a while then it stops and starts blowing hot air. It would go away if you turn it off for a while and then back on.
    Also, the engine light is on and the mechanic (a good one) could not figure out why.
  • 2005 Jeep Liberty... I have water dripping out but not running A/C. Any idea what this is? I am novice of auto repair but believe the is the AC over flow/runoff. Again, not running AC though... any ideas will help before I head for repair shop. Thanks!
  • lj1sblj1sb Posts: 2
    Hi. Here is a quick rundown before I get into my issue. This is a 2003 Jeep Liberty, A/C compressor went (the clutch froze up) broke the belt, etc. had it replaced by a local service place. A/C, however, is not working. The compressor clutch does not seem to be engaging. If I throw 12v directly to the compressor, it will engage the clutch. If I throw 12v to the relay at the fuse/relay box under the hood, it will engage the clutch. I tried pulling the low-pressure sensor plug at the can by the passenger firewall, jumping wires together, nothing. Also just replaced the high-pressure sensor (on the a/c line by the compressor), still nothing. Fuses are good, relay in underhood fuse box is good. What i did notice it the blower resistor (behind the glovebox) is probably bad (position 1 & 2, blower does not come on, position 3&4 blower does come on). If the blower motor resistor is bad, will that cause the a/c compressor clutch to not not engage properly? Shouldnt the a/c still work in Positioin 3&4, since the blower is kicking on?

    Also like to add, I had a guy I know hook it up to DRB-3 at a Jeep dealer and there are no codes to troubleshoot with.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    When the engine is warm, running and belt is in place:
    -If you set the blower to position '3', does the A/C come on?

    With a 'warm' engine stopped and serpentine belt removed:
    -Can you turn the compressor by hand if you activate the clutch with jumpers?

    To 'break the belt' or 'freeze the clutch' could mean there was excessive effort coming from the compressor:
    -Is the cabin evaporator/heat_exchanger clean? (it could be clogged). If the compressor sees liquid instead of gas it will block and the pulley will immediately throw the belt off it's normal path because the clutch won't let go until the temperature setpoint has not been achieved.

    There should not be any engine malfunction code in case an accessory fails and the clutch is part of the compressor, it is not related to the engine.
    Good luck :)

  • lj1sblj1sb Posts: 2
    A/C Compressor will not come on in ANY position. Blower only comes on in Position 3&4. Does not matter if the engine is warm or not...won't come on. As mentioned, I can maniulpulate the compresor clutch to engage and a/c to come on if I throw 12v straight to the compressor or compressor relay. As mentioned, the A/C compressor was just replaced.

    What is the cabin evaporator/heat exchanger? Where is it located? And can I do a visual inspection or test on it to determine if it is the culprit?

    What about my other question...the blower resistor appears to be faulty as the blower only comes on in Position 3&4....will this also prevent tthe A/C from coming on, even in Position 3&4?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    Can you manually turn the rotor of the compressor while you force the clutch?

    The evaporator is the heat exchanger that cools air in the cabin. On mine it's above the passenger's feet, just behind our miniature glove box ;)

    If you have pollen or leaves accumulated against the evaporator, there might not be enough air flowing through to evaporate all of the A/C liquid. This could be enough to block the compressor because you can compress gas but not liquid.

    Our A/C compressor pumps gas, then gas becomes liquid while flowing through the condenser/chiller located in front of the radiator. This liquefied gas will later evaporate when confronted to the warmer cabin temperature; at this stage ONLY gas must return to the compressor for another cycle...

    I don't think of any relation between the resistor positions and the A/C?
  • I have a 2002 liberty and had a similar problem. No sunroof. Turns out my water leak came from the drain holes at bottom of vehicle which are hidden from view were clogged. There are drain holes at bottom which allow the water coming down window track and door seals to drain out and they sometimes will clog and the water will then find its way into car thru any hole it can, usually down by foot where hood latch release is. If you pull the plastic molding by hood release off and you will see a small 1/2 inch long slit by some bolts. My mechanic stuck a clothes hanger wire in there and poked around until he found the hole at bottom and lots of water came rushing out underneath car. Problem solved. He was not sure how else to clear the clogged drain holes, just did what he could to figure it out. Hope this helps.
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