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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • gt333gt333 Posts: 3
    I am sold on a new Trail Edition, but in looking through the official Toyota web site, I see that it is only offered in silver and black. What's the deal? Are they expecting to sell so few trail models that they are only offering two colors? Is there a chance that if I wait long enough I might be able to get the grey one that I want?
  • They also will offer red and blue in late 2009 according to the site, but grey, you are out of luck is my guess until maybe 2011, and then, I still would doubt it.

  • nitronnitron Posts: 2
    I sent an email to Toyota about the rear spoiler and received a very courteous response confirming that it will be on all 2010 4Runners. I personally think that these things are both ugly and tacky and detract from the appearance of almost any vehicle they are on. Although it's obviously a matter of personal taste, I am curious if anyone else has an opinion on the rear spoiler and whether it would influence their decision about buying a new 4Runner. Although I will reserve a final decision until I see a 4Runner in person, the spoiler will probably keep me from buying one.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    My understanding is you can special order the other colors through dealers when they start taking orders. Is anyone aware of a dealer taking orders? Sure wish they would still offer the all wheel drive sport (Trail Edition) since that fulfills most four wheeler needs except the rock crawllers which I would think would be a very small market. That seems to be tossed out with the V8. Also, I notice the gas milage estimates are the same for both the 4wd and AWD. One would think the AWD would be less.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    While many may not want the previously optional spoiler or even the more expensive $1K sunroof, toyota will soon have the only choice in the market. So it is more so a take it or leave it situation at any price, since there is no competition. And it increases their profit per vehicle while simplifying the production process. Same logic for the few boring colors they offer.
  • gt333gt333 Posts: 3
    Well, if Toyota is the only game in town, why don't those guys at least provide some color options in the Trails edition?
  • The 2010 spoiler is more sleek and tamed down a bit, and not near as ugly in person as on previous generations. It also houses the rear wiper, so that's why it's not an option anymore. In person, it's not that big a deal, at least to me.

    The buggy lights and rear lamps and the fake hood scoop bother me more, but they aren't a deal killer. Just stupid design for an off road vehicle. I noticed that on the prototype ALL the headlights and tail lights were completely destroyed when they took it on an extreme off road trip. I'm not sure it would have mattered, but to put buggy stick out headlights and tailights on an off road vehcile is just plain stupid. They stuick out a few inches from either side and my guess would cost hundreds of dollars to replace. What were they thinking? Oh, they weren't.

  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I noticed that on the prototype ALL the headlights and tail lights were completely destroyed when they took it on an extreme off road trip.

    I don't think that's what happened. It looks like the prototype had "dummy" lights in place of the production lights. If you look closely at the front photo, there are generic, rectangular headlights in the holes.

    If you look at the back, it looks like they attached the last generation's pre-LED tails. This is actually consistent with the spy photos of the 5th Gen -- they always sported taped-on, previous generation tails.

    It was a prototype and likely camouflaged, requiring non-standard lighting so that they exposed as little of the vehicle as possible.
  • Currently, we cannot take orders on the new 4Runner. The Official Launch date in my region is on October 20th, with expected delivery dates of a very few in the beginning part of November. As far as customer interest, so far it has been over-whelmingly positive. That of course may change when they actually see it. But if you spend some time on the Web, the majority of the initial reviews and responses have been positive. I have heard a few comments about the lack of color options and have heard nothing through Toyota that would indicate it is going to change anytime soon. But given the way they have been so secretive about this vehicle, everything is subject to change. Just some inside skinny from someone in the business. :D
  • Barron:

    Did you see a Trail Edition?

    I do not understand why they deleted the integrated running board. This is part of the body molding similar to BMW X5 and does not reduce clarence.

    I also do not understand why they have a mini rear bumper for rear. They could have simply made the rear bumper fiund on SR5 and Limited in black. It looks out of place.
  • I saw this vehicle in person. The headlights were damaged-actually pushed in as in "crunch" and it looked like they used a lot of tape to hold things together, including replacing the original headlights and taillights after they were damaged with, yes, duct tape. But it really doesn't matter. Putting protruding lights on an off road vehicle is asking for a repair bill if you take it off road. Not a very well thought out design.

  • In fact, this IS what happened. This is the same vehicle I saw taken before the headlights and tailights were damaged:

    Same headlights as stock. to make it legal on the road, they had to stick on some temporary replacements on the rear.

    You think maybe they learned something with that design?
  • jeffo7jeffo7 Posts: 2
    Where is this vehicle being manufactured?
  • gt333gt333 Posts: 3
    I am leaning strongly towards the Trail model but really want leather seats, which means I would either need to upgrade a base model or go with the Ltd. Has anyone seen the water resistant fabric seats in the Trail model, and if so, could you offer an opinion about whether they are cheap looking or otherwise undesirable? Also, dealers seem quick to suggest local vendors to put in leather seats and even claim that they have the same templates and leathers as the manufacturer. Anyone tried that?
  • I'm having the same issue. I want the Trail but need leather. The dealer said that they could install at the dealership but not order it from the factory. They could not give me a price now though. I'm looking for alternatives too. Figure that if I have to pay for it maybe I can find a NJ shop that can do something cool.

    I was so hoping to see one of the new styles in person NOW. No luck yet.
  • Hey everyone! I havent posted in a little while, but I've been trying to pass along info as I get it (which is sometimes right when it gets to the public!)

    Anyhow, I know not many of you are in Central Texas, but if you are and/or you know someone who is, we will have a 4Runner at our store tomorrow available to look at, drive, and get to know.

    For more info, email me at -

    PS - the aftermarket leather options are great. We do them all of the time and they look just like factory... unless you want to make them look otherwise. Yes, Purple Ostrich accents are available!
  • Actually, I saw the water resistant material in the Trail Edition at the Texas State Fair. It's not bad at all, really. Felt pretty comfortable to me and looked great.

    I had leather put in a Tundra and frankly it was of a poorer quality and felt harder and more coarse than factory. I wouldn 't do it again. It cost then around $1000 or so if I remember, so my guess it would be more now. That was many years ago. There may be some better stuff out now, but I would recommend actually seeing it before it goes on to be sure you would be happy with it. It wasn't worth the cost in my opinion.

    If I get a Trail, I'll stick to the stock material.

  • luke150luke150 Posts: 16
    Will there be a towing package (bigger radiator, tranny cooler etc.) offered for the new 4Runner or is it already included?
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    Has anyone actually sat in the 2010 and confirmed that it really has more headroom than the 2009? And are the LED rear lights really gone? Anyone know why they went back in technology.
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