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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • it's a real knock against Toyota that they've managed to bork the specs of the 5G 4Runner enough to prompt spec comparisons against a Kia. i think this artificial "no V8, no Torsen (except on Limited)" construct won't last a model year. or maybe i mean i hope it won't… :^)
  • I assume there is room for the V8 underneath the hood of the '010?
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    wow 3K off msrp! thats amazing. thats close to invoice.
    i too have seen many dark gray 4r's. looking for blizzard limited with 3rd row.

    Toyota can fit a v-10 under the hood if they wanted. plenty of room for a v-8. They didnt offer a v8 i guess due to last gas spike to $4/gallon. next time it will hit $6/gallon then the v-8 owners will be hurting
  • sgc58sgc58 Posts: 5
    I currently have a 2007 4Runner limited with the V8 and 23K miles. My lease was originally up in December but I extended because I wanted to drive the 2010. I got the chance a couple of weeks ago. I took the truck on the highway and was very disappointed in the lack of torque in the upper range. My 2007 is very responsive and the 2010 was nowhere to being even close. I also average about 17 mpg on the 2007 and that is with city driving. The 2010, I believe is listed at 18 mpg in the city. I believe the V6 vs. the V8 is all about perception to the consumer not reality!
  • hear, hear! unless you're driving an insane number of miles every year, the MPG difference between the V6 and V8 is nominal at best. like you, i have 33k on my 2006 V8 Sport Edition and get 17+ (mostly city miles) and was really disappointed by the lack of oomph from the new V6. the 2010 4Runner is even heavier than its predecessor by ~400lbs, so the paltry 10hp gain is completely lost. (plus, it has far less available torque to begin with.)

    i think Toyota's "2010 4Runner = V6-only" stance is more PR than practicality, and hope they come to realize their mistake and offer the 4.6L V8 (that's standard on its twin, the Lexus GX460) for the 2011 model year. then i'll definitely pony up and buy one. cha-ching!
  • plenty of room, because it was designed to fit a V8 from the start: the engine compartment is identical to the new Lexus GX460—which comes standard with the new 4.6L V8. the lack of a V8 in the new 4Runner was a stupid marketing decision by Toyota.
  • Have an '06 4Runner Limited and looking to add an '10 Limited. Big issue is the tailgate tray and since I am getting a bit older the lack of a motorized tailgate pull down. Has anyone figured out how to remove the movable tray? Has anyone had success adding a motorized lift gate to their 4Runner.

    Thanks in advance
  • I am familiar with that trick, holding the fob to the chin actually works best. Toyota and most other car manufacturers deliberately underpower their remotes for liability reasons. The Toyota remote only works to 80 feet.
  • 14.4 mpg in the first 250 miles; 75% city, 25% highway. I have a lead foot.
  • I want to start my car from at least 200 yards away because that is the distance from my office window to where I park my car and I want a warm car into which to nestle my fat american butt. Tested it to 600 yards -- the end of the parking lot.
  • I have had my 2010 Limited for two weeks now. Most of my driving is to and from work, a short two miles, but I have also done a few trips to the airport, 40 miles. This is my first 4Runner but I did test drive the 2008 V8 Limited and ordered one but Toyota would not sell me one with the Xreas suspension for some EPA reason that I never understood. So, here goes:

    The car is MUCH slower than the Jeep Overland 4.7 HO that I previously drove. It also feels slower than the V8 that I test drove. That said, it is not a dog and on the highway seems completely adequate (My other car is an S63 AMG, so I know fast). It is a little slow off the line until you realize that the accelerator has to be pushed very hard to floor the thing -- it has a lot of resistance. I suppose this is the nanny state thing.

    I find the car very comfortable, much more so than the Jeep or the previous generation 4Runner. It rides smooth and corners quite well for a 5000 lb vehicle. It is also a very quite truck. The brakes are a little disappointing, there is an upgrade on the options list but my dealer could not get it in my truck.

    I am getting poor mileage but I suspect that part of this is that I warm up the car for ten minutes prior to my five minute drive to the office.

    All in all, I like this truck. In the LTD dress, it is civilized enough for day to day use and, I am sure, will do quite well on my friends' farms during hunting season.
  • what brake upgrade option exactly? do you mean the TRD brake pads?

    your story about how Toyota "would not sell you" the 2008 Limited V8 because of the XREAS suspension sounds super-sketchy—after all, your 2010 has the XREAS suspension!!!!
  • I do mean the TRD pads.

    The problem with the v8 with XREAS had something to do with fleet mileage. I ordered the 2008 in about May and found out in July that Toyota could not make any more XREAS equipped 4Runners for that model year. I am just reporting what happened.
  • I haven't been out to the dealer to look at the 2010 yet... How is the front leg room compared to the 2009? I passed on the 2009 as my knees were up against the dash below the steering wheel. I'm 6 ft. 3 in. Found the same in the Highlander. The Tacoma felt okay but the brakes seemed kind of mushy when pushing on the pedal. Not that it didn't stop, just seemed like a lot of travel. How is the 2010?

  • oh, i see. that's really weird. i mean, the new 2010 Limiteds come with the XREAS suspension… just doesn't make any sense.

    and to clarify, i thought Toyota's story seemed sketchy, not yours! my apologies if that wasn't clear.
  • I am 6'2" and had plenty of leg room. Additionally, the horizontal slope of the front windshield makes the cab seem visually much bigger too compared to the '09. It was kinda odd at first to sit in and see the window slope. Overall, roomy all around for me.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    the brakes on the new 4R are 4 pistons on front, identical to the new Lexus GX460.

    Changing the brake pads MAY not enhance stopping power so you know. The racing pads are designed to be driven and warmed up before they have stopping power, you dont want that on streets. I am not sure why TOY offer TRD junk line of products. Did you see anyone on the FAST and Furious sporting TRD? No!
  • pjc1pjc1 Posts: 72
    My first 500 miles the MPG was poor (about 14.5 combined) when I got around 1,000 miles my combined shot up to mid 17's and highway was close to 20... needs break in...I am also using premium as I have found it perfroms better....

  • Nearly 2000mi. and gas mileage continues to improve. 21.3mpg 50/50 calculated.No issues so far, tows my 4000lb boat much better than my Honda Pilot. Ride has softened a little bit.
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