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2010 Toyota 4Runner redesign



  • akk161akk161 Posts: 2
    New grainy spy shots from Car and too early to say, but my initial gut reaction is negative. Hopefully I am proven wrong!
  • murphydogmurphydog Posts: 491
    I dunno - the description sounds positive, V6 or V8, solid off road ability - that is what a 4runner is suppose to be.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Myself, I wish Toyota would go back more toward the 2002 body style. I've always liked that particular design. The engine choices for the '10 sound great, especially more power out of the V6!
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    Hi akk161:

    Thanks for the spy photos.

    I must agree with you, I would be disappointed if this is the new 4Runner body style even with most likely added body moulding. On the Car and Driver site they have the spy photos and the current version pictures in series and you hardly see any changes. These pictures are similar to the very grainy spy photos which surfaced several months back.

    The artical on site suggest that a V8 engine with six speed auto is among offering. This would be a contradiction to information we received last month, unless it is offered in US only.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Toyota has greatly limited V8 production on the 2009 4Runner. So it would not surprise me (although it will disappoint me) if the V8 is not offered on the 2010 4Runner.

    Performance with a 4-cylinder will be a bad joke.
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47
    Check out the most recent posting from Car and Driver;

    The Car and Driver obviously get their information from insecure and unreliable sources. Someone must have emailed them to say “What the heck you’re talking about?” and forwarded them the same documents posted here.

    I hope they pictures are equivalently invalid as I didn’t care for what I saw.
  • rsarramirsarrami Posts: 47

    Got the word that further detail info will become available to the dealership (management only) as of next week. I presume it will be further ordering guide, perhaps pricing.

    My contact indicated that he may not be able to release this info. You may whish to ask your contact for this info, if possible. I will post, if I get any further info.

  • akk161akk161 Posts: 2
    Thanks rsarrami. Very interested to hear what you learn.
  • I traveled to Latin America a few years ago on a cruise and on one of the islands (It may have been Antigua, Barbados or St Lucia. I noticed they had a VERY good-looking Toyota SUV. I looked at it closely and it was a Toyota Fortuner. I even emailed Toyota USA to see if they would/could consider redesign the 4Runner to look like it. Very sharp!

    Here is a link with Photos of the Fortuner sold in Latin America (The Caribbean and also I think in S.E. Asia) :

    I would not be surprised if the US version for 2010 looks very similar to this one.
  • lime679lime679 Posts: 17
    Good Morning All,

    First let me say I am a die hard 4Runner fan and I really hope they do NOT produce a 4 cylinder version. I just can't take it seriously. I would prefer a V8 model but wouldn't mind the V6.

    I worked for a Toyota dealer here in Houston up until last year but I am still very well connected with them. I will try to snag some 2010 4Runner info if they have it and bring it back to everyone.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 382
    I've seen this body style in the Philippines. It's much better looking than my 2003 4Runner.
  • This is all to the best of my knowledge. Please dont yell at me if I'm wrong or if it changes! :)

    Gulf States Toyota was able to order 9 of the new 2010 4Runners on this first go around - not sure about other distribution regions...

    It will be launched at the Texas State Fair on September 24th

    Only v6 models will be available at the launch. The L4 (4 cyl) model will be a few months down the road - no details avaiable yet

    Available Models:

    TBD 4 Cyl, SR5
    8642 V6, SR5, 2WD
    8648 V6, Limited, 2WD
    8664 V6 SR5, 4WD
    8668 V6, Limited, 4WD
    8670 V6, Trails Edition, 4WD

    Thats all I know! :)
  • Colors:

    Blizzard Pearl
    Classic Silver Metallic
    Magnetic Gray Metallic
    Salsa Red Pearl
    Shoreline Blue Pearl
  • don,

    Out of the 9 orders you mentioned, do the dealers have any info in terms of pricing or where they just ordered sight unseen?(either the buyers didnt care about pricing or the dealers want them to showcase).

    I would like to order one ASAP at my local dealer too! I can't imagine I wont like it considering I owned the last 2 body styles. With SUV sales slow and every thing else going on, I imagine pricing should be similar to the 09's or maybe even cheaper?
  • BrandonWI

    You would buy a car that you've never even seen before ... let alone driven?
  • I would place the order and if for some reason, I dont like what I see or drive for that matter, I would have worked it out with the dealer so I am not bound to keeping it. The dealer would most likely just sell it to the next person in line.

    So I guess the technical answer is NO, I would need to see and drive it before actually signing for it:) My above post was mainly to state I would have no problem ordering it without seeing it based on how much I liked the last 2 generations :)

    Hope this makes more sense.
  • The Nine 4Runners ordered were ones that Gulf States Toyota (Region/Distributor for TX, OK, LA, MS, AR) were able to order from Toyota Motor Company. I have no idea what dealers they'll be going to or how they are equipped - neither do the dealers at this point.

    I posted that to show the limited availability of the 4Runner at this point in the game as we move forward... 9 coming in for this 5 state region...
  • I guess buying a 4runner blind is about the safest blind auto purchase there could be now that I think about it. Reliable as the day is long - I'm just worried it's going to be generic looking. My guess is they leak a picture 1 month before the debut (9/24), so we ought to see a true photo within the month.
  • Just got this link to sign up for updates on the 2010 4Runner. Looks like Toyota is getting ready to start releasing information... LA_4Runner_AutoWeek_sutxtlnk&url=html_txtlink
  • murphydogmurphydog Posts: 491
    Thanks! looking forward to seeing the bad boy in real life.
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