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Chrysler Concorde Electrical Issues



  • I am having the same problem with my concorde. I have replaced the battery and almost shelled out for an alternator, but didn't. I am wondering if you repaired or replaced your concorde? i have had it with this car. I like it a lot but I just want it to run like it did on October 5, 2011 when I bought it. I am not able to return it and have already replaced the tie-rod ends (inner and outer), alignment, battery, and almost the alternator. Please help...
  • unfortunately i think the problems most are experiencing with their concordes is due to faulty or incompetent chrysler service personnel. if you can find a local mechanic to diagnose problems, sometimes you're much better off. i've always been spooked by the chrysler dealerships in my city as grossly incompetent and interested only in getting you to pay the highest bill possible.
    i am having similar problems and have been for a couple of years now. key locking in ignition, engine not turning over when key is turned, ALL dash lights staying lit with gauges dead, AC on but blowing out hot air, has gotten so bad I am finally taking the car to my mechanic for several days while he finds the electrical short (which he thinks it is, (not the BCM).
  • I have a 94 concorde abs,and airbag lights on, ac does not work and power windows, Im getting power to the window harness they just dont go down and power to the climate control switch also, any sugestions
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