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  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I have already seen the article. It is a promising sign for those who actually need the extra power, but for me I would take the four banger.
  • Yeah,I'm waiting for a 4 cylinder too,,,,,diesel that is.
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I also have read all about the new V8 in the Colorado but my local chevy dealer says that there will be no V8 for the Colorado this year. He says that all of the reps. he has talked to says " no V8". I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • donn2390donn2390 Posts: 23
    "my local chevy dealer says that there will be no V8 for the Colorado this year. He says that all of the reps. he has talked to says " no V8"."
    ...and they will continue to say that until the "V8" lands on their lot.! The first rules of a salesman is, "Sell what you have!" They aren't about to say "don't buy a truck from me, wait a couple of months until the V8 comes out!" Truthful salesmen usually starve to death, that's why there are none left..! :)
  • If you have to ask somebody about this,your better off talking to someone in the service dept,not the sales dept.I recently asked about the rumor of a 4 cyl.diesel in the 09,or 10 colorado.He said it may not be a Iszuzu(sp) diesel.That in itself sounds promising.I do know they will have one,just not sure when.
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I asked my dealer again today and they still say " no V8 for Colorado" Maybe next year. :cry:
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I don't know what to say other than you can see that link above that says otherwise. Also a search on the internet will also reveal the V8 information.
  • As I have said before,the dealers don't always have the latest info,especially the sales dept.Altough you would think they would be the first to know.I do believe that the V-8 is coming for next year(08).The truck is big enough to handle it,with an auto trans.If it does have cylinder deactivation,should be as economical as my 4 banger,or close to it.I am patiently awaiting the diesel colorado,sigh.
  • My information is that the V8 will be available as a mid year model, coming out in January 08. Asking a salesman is a waste of your time and energy. They have no clue what is going on in their industry, and don't really care. Yesterday they were selling computers, and tomorrow they will be selling vacuum cleaners. The few that might know anything are not going to tell you the truth. They want to sell trucks today, not six months from now..! It's not smart, from their perspective, to tell people not to buy a truck now, why not wait six months so we can all starve to death,,,,!!
    Just be patient and wait like I am doing. I would love to buy a new truck today, but I wouldn't be happy if I bought one and then see the V8's arrive in a few months.
  • jz68jz68 Posts: 61
    The V8 is confirmed on the GMC Canyon site.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I saw the news on autob--g. I figured this to be the case.
  • Now I just have to wait for the diesel version to come out.Hopefully they'll offer a V-6 turbo.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Well, GM comes out with the smaller Duratech V8 for the 1500 series trucks this coming year, but I doubt a V6 diesel will arrive anytime soon for the mid-size. Likely if a diesel does find its way to the Colorado/Canyon, it will be an Isuzu 4-cylinder. Isuzu is probably the biggest maker of small diesel engines and has some pretty powerful diesels for 4-cylinder. Back when the S10's came out, as with Ford Ranger's, there was some diesels available but Americans showed little interest and they were dropped. A friend drove a Chevy Chevette diesel for a parts store back in the 1980's and that thing would chirp the tires.
  • I know they'll come out with a small diesel,but not sure if it will be an Izsuzu,as they will likely be suppling Toyota.
    I bought my wife the Jeep Liberty diesel last year,and it's a neck snapper for sure.Plus we get 30+mpg.Not bad for a 2 ton 4X4.I'll wait and see whats offered for 09/10.
  • The Chev Colorado diesel is a 4 cylinder. There are 2 versions, both turbocharged and intercooled. The smaller is 2.5 liters but is not offered with an automatic. The bigger is 3 liters, also 4 cyl. The power rating for 2007 models is boosted from previous years. Now it ( 3 L ) is 162 HP and 265 foot pounds of torque. The diesels were offered when the new truck first came out in Asia in 2003. The Colorado was designed to be an Isuzu truck first then Chev & GMC used the same truck. They are referred to as one ton trucks but they only haul about 1600 pounds in Asia. Now for a very big treat. You all must promise to put me on your Christmas list, OK? This is a link to the GM website in Australia. Forget what you read about the gas engines. They use the same diesels. This promo video is about 11 minutes long. It takes about 30 seconds to boot in on my high speed. If you want one of these diesel colorado's with the 4 doors, auto and air, i can bring them here if you own a farm or a mine or if you don't mind, Panama licence plates. they will be about $26,000. Contact me at LOOK FOR THE RODEO VIDEO
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    There is the American looking Isuzu p/u, and the Asian looking Isuzu p/u which has been out at the beginning as well. They are both sharing the same bodies with the Americans, accept the Asian version has the best front end of the four including Canyon & Colorado. It looks somewhat Toyota like. The Isuzu Asian one is called I/Max or something like that.

    This truck is probably not legal here emission wise to get legally licensed not to mention the warranty would probably be void.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Here is the Japanese version. It's actually called D-Max. The Canyon/Colorado version will supposedly be restyle for 2010.
  • lglezlglez Posts: 5
    you seem to know a lot I love chevy colorado but dont have a clue!!! do you know when is the colorado version or model going to change?,some people say that every 5 years the models change and the colorado got out in 2004 so in 2009 will be 5 years. please is you know answer, because I am plannig to buy one nexte year but if its going to change in 2009 I will wait!!! thanks...
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Because of your post etiquette, I will no longer comment on your questions.
  • I didn't see a reply that would warrant your reply. The guy is asking a question and you get all huffy..! Maybe you better read again what he said. Either you missed something, or I did...
    Chill out, the guy wants to know, and asked a question....
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