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Honda Pilot Noises and Sounds



  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29
    Wow...that's not good to hear at all. Thanks for posting though! Did they provide any kind of timeline? I'm curious as to what kind of recourse this leaves us with the problem. I'm not real keen on making payments for something that annoying.
  • My wife drives our '08 Pilot and she recently began complaining about a random beep/ creeking noises when the AC is on. She thought it might be a vent or something, but couldn't get it nailed down.

    While driving it this weekend together I heard what she was talking about. It almost sounds like a vent creeking open or something. It is very quick and could almost be a loud beep for a second. Has anyone heard something like this? I see there have been reports of a humming noise. Very confusing.
  • So I've documented all too well on here about my ANC problem. I have been able to confirm with several better Honda shops and Honda techs they are seeing the issue and are changing a part of the ANC behind the radio when diagnosed. Now, mine rarely does it so I have to wait and catch it in the act for diagnosis. Nice not to have it but would like to make sure it stays that way if I can. I'd just love to assume it's past it's problem so the radio doesn't have to come out and get the trim scratched up.

    New rattle developed with the panel covering the subwoofer on the passenger side of the cargo area. I kind fo half expected it. I'm very nervous of the techs tearing it up for investigation and fix but the rattle is not something to live with...even does it without the radio on now. Just one of those things...I'll take it if it's the worst thing that can happen! Rest of vehicle continues its sterling performance.
  • caugncaugn Posts: 29
    I have an '03 pilot with 108,000 miles. In the past year I've been experiencing a whine coming from it seems the subwoofer. This noise is most obvious when the radio volume is low. Also, it over rides all sound from either the wireless headphones or headphones plugged directly into the jacks. I thought to disconnect the subwoofer but getting the panel off is more of a chore than it seems it should be. Any thoughts before I spend an entire day taking the interior appart would be appreciated.
  • caugncaugn Posts: 29
    My 03 pilot with 108,000 miles has recently started making a rubbing or vibrating noise while driving. It sounds like it's coming from the rear end and maybe from the rear right wheel. It happens when I'm driving anywhere between 30-60 mph and comes and goes. Also, when I accelorate or decelorate while the sound is present it goes away but if I maintain speed it lasts for quite a while. I've seen other posts mentioning a sound that is related to the drive shaft bearing. Would this be consistent with that or might this be something different? I'm just not sure.
  • My 05 Pilot (53K miles) has an abnormally lound air conditioning fan. Once I get past the 3rd power setting on the air conditioning it sounds like a prop plane engine. Anyone know what this might be and the approx. cost to fix it? Thank you.
  • That is probably the "Leaf in the Blower" problem.

    Costs about $50 to get the leaf removed.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,078
    That rattle could be a loose Sub or even a blown one. Check, because it should be covered under warrenty.

    Odie's Carspace
  • we just purchased an 05 pilot. we get the same booming sound when the kids have the 2nd row windows down. almost sounds like air flow around the vehicle gets trapped and cant get in or out causing a resonating in the cab. very annoying, almost makes your ears pop. any solution to the problem would be great.
  • my 2005 only 'booms' when the second row windows are down at speeds over 40mph. haven 't seen any threads with the same complaint, but i'm going to check the anc unit anyways.
  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29

    The booming you describe with windows down doesn't have anything to do with the ANC and isn't an electronically manufactured sound. It's the aerodynamics playing with the air pressure of the cabin. I have been in numerous vehicles that do this with different combinations of windows down...especially the rear windows only scenario. In fact, I once used a 4 door Ford Pickup that made people almost pass out from the pressure "booms" with the same scenario...weird stuff.

    The ANC problem described in the bulletin and by several in the posts is an improperly working ANC system. It is fixed by replacing the portion of the unit located behind the radio head unit. It was confirmed by a couple of Honda techs I have spoken with and indeed, I can control it by disabling the system as described in the bulletin.

    So...don't roll down just the rear windows!
  • Stavro - I have the same thing happen when my dog wants to hang his head out the window. Its a function of the internal volume of the car, the size of the opening, and the speed. Just crack your front window a couple inches and it goes away.

    Pablo - I have the low frequency resonance also. Thanks for the post and tracking down the TSB, I'll print that out when I bring it to the dealer.
  • It sounds like I am having an issue similar to the "Buzzing Sound" described elsewhere in this forum with my 03 Pilot EX. At about 110K miles I began to hear a transient buzzing noise similar to a 'snorting' (or semi-truck compression breaking) that lasted just a second or two, occurring between 25 and 45 mph. Not sure if it is the same noise, and it sounds funny but the best way I can describe it is as a snort.

    I am a pilot so I am particularly aware of new and different noises in the vehicles I operate. After a few months of trying different things to make it occur, I can induce it by accelerating slowly to 40mph and adjusting RPM to get it to shift at the earliest opportunity. It seems to occur when the transmission shifts into 4th gear and RPM drops to approx 1200. When the engine struggles at the lower RPM for that gear the sound occurs, and I can actually watch the RPM needle rise when the sound goes away.

    It I am going to check the underside of the vehicle for a loose heat shield around the exhaust system and also for loose fuel lines that may just happen to vibrate at that frequency. The Pilot engine is so quiet that it is really hard to isolate if it is an exhause manifold or transmission related issue, so I will continue to troubleshoot. I may have to take a technician for a ride to make it happen for them. Anyway, any :confuse: ideas would be great.
  • pablo9pablo9 Posts: 29

    Did you get the ANC worked out per the TSB? I was planning on doing such last week...had the Pilot all week with the wife out of town...but dang if the thing didn't do it once so no chance to replicate for a tech to diagnose.

    Hope repairs have gone well.
  • I now have the same problem as you 03pilotguy mine cuts in at around 45 to 50 mph and some times lasts for as long as 2 or 3 minutes and sometimes it goes away in 10 secs. or so. I have an 03 LX with 56,250 miles on it!! Let me know if you have any success after crawling around under the BEAST!!
  • Try opening the front windows a smidgeon. That should take care of it.
  • wow4helpwow4help Posts: 3
    I recently read up on the Honda Pilot recalls as well as technical service bulletin. Should I have a mechanic @Honda look at this car prior to purchase? What scares me is the reliability of a Honda but then to read ATF leaks, ect. in recall and tech.;also electrical problems? Anyone care to steer me in the right direction before this purchase @10K? (after 1500 trade-in, 1k cash coupon, 1k cash down).

    Letting go of unreliable LR98 for a reliable Honda-hopefully! :confuse:
  • infonurseinfonurse Posts: 2
    I have owned Hondas for the past 21 yrs and have owned both Accords and Civics. I sold my 1997 Civic and purchased my 2003 Pilot EX in May 2003 and have not experienced any problems with it, short of replacing the security key fobs. All I have had to do with it was the general maintenance. However, last month, at about 90k miles, I started noticing oil drops on the driveway. I took the vehicle in to a mechanic who thought that the leak was the main seal. After changing out the seal, the leak was still present. The mechanic researched and found Service Bulletin 01-009 which addresses V6 Engine Oil Leaks on all 1998-03 Accord V6, 1999-03 Odyssey, and 2003 Pilot. Apparently the probable cause is "the cast aluminum engine block may be porous in spots." Since my mechanic does not work in a Honda repair shop, he doesn't have the VTEC System Test Tool needed to perform a pressure-check test on the engine block for oil leaks. I have since been hunting all over the internet to find out more information related to this. This bulletin was printed 5/09/08 and, it appears that only the first year Pilot is affected.

    Personally, I love my Pilot and, if they wouldn't have recently changed the body style, I would get a new one. But, if I was looking for a used Pilot and since I can't find any more information on this and it appears that it may be limited to the 2003 Pilot, I'd probably look for a second year or newer model. Also, price it out on Kelly Blue Book website, as I checked on mine today and trade in value for it (good condition) is $7500.

    If anyone is out there who has come across the oil leak issue due to porous spots in the engine block with their Pilot (or even the 98-03 Accord V6 and 99-03 Odyssey), I'd like to hear from you. Did the repair shop just repair the leak per the bulletin, with JB Weld and/or coated bolts, or did the engine need to be replaced?

  • wow4helpwow4help Posts: 3
    Thank you for the info. We bought a Toyota Sienna instead of the Pilot:)
  • I have an 03 making the same noise you describe. Did you have any luck finding a cause or solution?
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