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Honda Pilot Noises and Sounds



  • ut13ut13 Posts: 1
    Hello -

    We purchased our 2006 EX last week and yesterday decided to take a drive with our dog in tow. We rolled down both of the 2nd row windows and YEOUCH! What a piercing noise that kicked in once we went over 40mph! Even the dog flinched and was uncomfortable --- how can we rid this noise? We HATE to use our AC, often open the sunroof, the windows, and take drives (esp with the dog!) and worry now we can't ever roll down the back windows???? Help!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I think installing the 4 window deflectors can help you to lower the windows 2-3" and not have that noise but more fresh air. Anyway it is not the window all the way down solution.
  • lep4lep4 Posts: 2
    After coming to a stop, for example, at a traffic light, after a few seconds we hear a loud thump that seems to be originating in the left rear quarter of the vehicle. It sounds as if someone has hit the outside of the car with the palm of their hand. Any idea as to what is causing it?
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I am serious and my reply is not frivolous. You may have had a bird hit your vehicle. Unfortunately birds can do damage. I have seen a horse hit a car, and the car is totalled and the horse was dead.

    Hope this helped. Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • lep4lep4 Posts: 2
    Thank you for your reply - I believe you are serious - animals have flown and run into us before - the sound has occurred many times (but not consistently) so I don't think that what's happening this time
  • Hi - when I go over uneven road or even pull into my driveway, I can hear and feel a clunk up through the steering wheel. It doesn't happen when both wheels hit the bump evenly, just when one at a time hits. And it has a slight shimmy, worse at low speeds and pulls slightly to the left (even though the alignment test says it is aligned). The Honda Dealer has had it twice now in the last 2 months, for several days and say they can't find anything - they acknowledge the shimmy and pull, and are perplexed. Here's the history:

    I had a very strong shimmy at low speeds and the car pulled to the left.
    Along with doing the 75,000 mile service, they discovered 2 engine mounts were broken and my front axle wasn't lubricating - fixed engine mounts and replaced front axle and the shimmy is still there but definitely minimized. Still pulls slightly to the left even though they've aligned it twice. Tires are 1 year old. They say they put tires from a different Pilot on it to check it and the problem was the same. I don't think it's the tires. I didn't have the clunk until after they "fixed it". They say they've checked everything and the suspension is fine. Any ideas??? The only other thing to tell is that 2 years ago I was hit at low speed by a golf cart (yes) as I was exiting the zoo - he didn't see me and ran into the metal part of my wheel, so I didn't have any body damage but I knew that at least messed up my alignment.

    Of course, the day I took it home the "Maintenance" light now blinks when I turn it on so I have to take it back anyway, but I thought maybe someone would have some ideas for these guys. Please help. I don't want to buy a new car, I just want this one to run correctly!

  • Hi, My Pilot has had the same type of noise since I bought it. The "thumping" sound went away when I finally had worn the old tires out (I found a "flat spot" on one of the tires) and put better tires on it (Michelin). Even with the new tires, I still have a clunking sound when I turn a hard right and go over a slight bump. Otherwise, the car steers straight and I haven't had any other suspension issues.

    Re: oil seepage through the engine block. I had the shop change it back to regular oil (non-synthetic) and I have not experienced any more drips since then. The shop hadn't heard anything regarding the relationship between synthetic oil and the porous aluminum block but it appears, at least to me, that there may be a relationship and I will now run regular oil in this vehicle.
  • While driving in heavy rain on the interstate last week at 65 mph, I heard what sounded like water “gurgling” in the roof area around the front or sides of the sunroof. Sort of like the sound of water running down a gutter downspout on your house. But it seems like the wind was keeping it trapped somewhere. If I slowed down, the gurgling noise stopped.

    I pulled over under an overpass; I verified that the sunroof was completely closed. Then I opened the sunroof and it looked bone dry around the side channels of the tracks and wherever I could see in there.

    When the rain stopped, so did the noise.

    Is there somewhere around the windshield or the roof rack where water could get in and make such a noise?

    The dealer said he has no idea, and they can only look at it if I can repeat the symptom, but that might be hard to do since they are not real close to an interstate, and it would have to be a heavy rain :-(
  • tacoma50, I thought I heard this same noise in my '09 EX-L yesterday when we got a car wash. There was a bunch of water piled up on top of the sun roof under the moonroof visor and then I heard that draining sound. I would also be interested in what caused it. I hope water isn't leaking in anywhere. :confuse:
  • Hello. I have this same problem on my 2006 EX that we just bought used. The "thump" sound occurs after breaking almost as if something is hanging loose below the vehicle and "swinging" and hitting the underside.

    It is sometimes very faint, but sometimes is louder if we brake harder. There is always a slight delay, for example you break and then 1 second later you hear the thump.

    The answer from Carmax (where we bought the car) is that its fuel sloshing in the tank. This seems to make sense, so my test will be to let the tank run pretty low and see if the sound disappears when there is not much fuel left.

    I'll let you know how it goes.
  • letatletat Posts: 1
    My 2006 Honda Pilot makes this fog horn like sound when the engine is running. Noise occurs at random and at various speed. The noise stops when the engine is turned off and does not resume. Took to the dealer who said it might be the brakes, but noise happens when car is not moving. Took to the mechanic at local gas station, he heard noise and was stumped. Brought car back, could not replicate noise. Said he looked at computer codes and service bulletins and could find nothing. I am getting concerned because noise is happening more frequently. Don't know what to do. Don't want to go back to dealer unless I can point to something specific. Help
  • Has the windshield on your Pilot been replaced?

    RE: I hear a similar gurgling sound while driving in the rain on my 2003 Pilot after having the windshield replaced by a Honda dealership. I suspect the windshield molding was not installed correctly. The molding has undulations that appear to have been caused by heating during the installation.
  • >Has the windshield on your Pilot been replaced?
    Hmm, good point. I am not sure. Let me contact the previous owner and find out.
    I will report back with my findings.
  • krs67krs67 Posts: 1
    My 2003 Pilot makes a very loud bang sound when I am backing up. It doesn't seem to happen backing up on flat surfaces (ie a parking lot); but if I back up my elevated driveway it happens every time.

    I have taken it in to the dealer at least three times and they can always replicate the noise but have no answers. Has anyone experienced this? Any diagnostics?
  • I have an 08 Pilot SE and every time it rains (a little or a lot) or even a car wash, the passenger side by the windshield on the bottom corner is where I hear water gurgling around when I drive. Sounds like the water is trying to move up the beam to escape. I've brought it in several times for the dealer to check and they check the drain holes and they are clear, they do not know why it is making that sound. They also have one other customer with the same issue. There are no bulletins out there as well. Any ideas on how to fix this issue??
  • I spoke with the previous owner, and the windshield was never replaced.
  • Hi Illini2,
    You will see in my post titled:
    (#75 of 83 Water gurgling sound in roof area 08 Honda Pilot EXL by tacoma50 Oct 06, 2009)
    that I am having the same problem as you. My Honda dealer was also unable to find the source of the problem. The dealer also said they called Honda Corp and they have never heard of this issue before, therefore there is nothing else they can do.
    But there is strength in numbers, so maybe if share our contact info, we could prove to Honda that this is not an isolated incident.
    I will try sending you a message thru I think if you log into your account and then go to the main page at: you will see a TOOLBOX on your right. Inside the TOOLBOX you will see a MY CARSPACE MAILBOX, see if there is a message from me. If that does not work maybe you could just post the name and town of your Honda dealer(carspace does not allow posting phone #s) and I could call them.
  • zdogszdogs Posts: 15
    I have an '09 EX and was planning to take it in yesterday for it's first dealer service (indicator came on at about 5,800 miles). When I started driving to work yesterday I noticed a faint humming sound and thought how lucky it was that I was going in for service today. They checked it out and told me that my hearing was good because indeed there was a humming sound - front right wheel bearing was going bad. They replaced it and now it's good to go. I realize even Hondas can have some things go wrong early on, but I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...
  • I have noticed when driving my 2007 EXL a lot of noise on wet roads. When the car is going over 30 miles a hour, it sounds like water is being forced into the wheel well. It is quite loud. The car does have running boards. Has anyone had this experience? I took it to the dealer, and they found nothing out of place.
  • 94acura94acura Posts: 12
    when I go over the bump, a clinking noice can be hear on the driver side, feels it is coming from the left corner fan window, the sound is like few coins shaking together. It happens on both high way and local road, and no matter which wheel hits the bump. a little sound, but really annoying.

    Recently if turn on heating in the morning, there is a rattling sound as fan is hitting something. After awhile, the sound is gone.

    I got my condensor replaced three month ago because AC leaks.

    Are they related?
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