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Honda Pilot Noises and Sounds



  • Hi
    I have 07 Honda Pilot EXL. Recently I did find sound from my car same as you. I just thought it is coming from brake but it has only 20k miles on it and not yet replace brake pad ( I guess ).

    Oakland CA
  • I too have an '03 Pilot with 84.5K and have been experiencing this intermittent wind gust/roar coming from the vehicle. I used to think it was a cross wind. You can actually see the RPMs move when you hear the 'gusts'.

    Has anyone experienced this issue and have a remedy??

    Thanks for sharing any insights or recommendations on handling.
  • tacoma50tacoma50 Posts: 9
    My Honda dealer has not been able to reproduce the sound as of yet, but they did not drive it while it was raining and above 50 mph.

    I did discover something new. The other day my pilot sat in the driveway during a heavy rain. About 10 minutes after it stopped raining, I drove on the interstate at 55mph (it was still not raining) and I heard the gurgling sound again, it continued for 10 minutes, then I pulled over to look around, found nothing. When I drove away there was no more gurgling sound.

    So on a sunny day, I will soak my pilot with a garden hose and then try to reproduce the sound at 55mph, if I can then I will have a way to reproduce the problem at the dealership.

    I will try to report back in a few weeks.
  • I have the same 03 with 119k. Any answers yet??
  • No responses as yet. I cannot believe someone else hasn't experienced and (hopefully) resolved this issue.
  • I just bought my friend's 2003 honda pilot exl. he put near 160k mikes on it but knowing how well hondas run and their reliablility, I didnt think it would cause many problems. But, 2 weeks ago, I noticed a rattling sound coming from the undercarriage of the vehicle when I am running the AC and idling at the same time. I am going to the Honda dealer today to get another problem fixed - the "d" light blinks on occasion. Not to mention the CD player stopped working 5 days after i got it. I have a feeling my buddy didnt take care of the vehicle since he wasnt able to give me any service records when i got it. Any idea on what the rattling sound is? I'd like to know before I go to Honda.
  • willazwillaz Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    I'm writing this message to warn others regarding '03 Honda Pilot a/c problem and the very very expensive cost to repair it.
    My 2003 Pilot (86,000 miles) is at the dealer for service now. When idling, there's a loud fan noise and no cold air coming out on all vents. When the suv is running, the noise is substantially lessened and cold air comes out nicely.
    It was diagnosed to have a failing a/c compressor that is spreading metal fragments to the entire a/c system. The service adviser told me that the entire a/c system has to be replaced and it will cost $5,100.00+tax. I was also told that if I had it fix much earlier, the damage would have been much less. I told him that I follow the maintenance schedule religiously and take it for service exclusively at their dealership. They should have noticed the problem and made the appropriate repair. But they did not. He also told me that this is a known problem on the CRV but not on the Pilot. There goes my plan for buying a CRV.
    I called Honda customer service and the guy that I talked was very pleasant but could not offer any assistance. He will not even transfer me to his manager because he said that nobody can help me even if I talk to an executive. I think I have no choice but to have the repair done at a Honda dealership otherwise we cannot use the car or sell it in it's current condition.
    With this experience, I don't think I'll buy another Honda ever again. I won't even recommend it to anybody. I'm very very very disappointed with Honda for using cheap parts.
    Do any of you know someone or a number that I can call at Honda to try to get financial assistance like a discount on parts, etc.?
    Thank you in advance for any advice/help. Good luck to all of us Honda owners.
  • Well! My problem is solved!!! It took a car to run a red light and hit two cars and come across the intersection and hit my front end! Not that much body damage, dented hood and cracked grill... When I got the car back the gurgle was gone!
    Among other work, they needed to replace my windshield and they removed the passenger side mud flap. The only things I can think of are 1) the seal around the windshield was trappind water and not letting it flow out and 2) the drainage for the mud flap could have been restricting some of the water flowing out.
    So, try removing the mud flap first and make sure nothing is restricting the flow. Then it could be the windshield if the mud flap does not do the trick.

    Good luck!
  • Hi illini2, Thanks for posting that info as I still have the problem. I will share your comments with my dealer and maybe that will help them find the culprit...Thanks!
  • 2004 pilot 85000 miles. at 45 to 46 mph sounds like a puff of air hitting the underside of right front. mechanic changed sway bar $175.00 but still puffing away. consistantly does this at this speed. He does not believe its creating a mechanical breakdown, but I'm concerned. Taking it back in Nov 3rd. let you know if we figure it out.
  • Hey saw your post and had to respond. '04 pilot w/ now 146k I get that noise at48 mph seems like left front in mine, though. Tried using higher octane...but not sure if my music was louder or it
  • Thx for your post and please keep us all posted. That's still the best description - a snort or a puff/blast of air hitting the front-end. And yes, it's also most noticeable between 35-45 MPH. I don't think I hear anything at higher speeds. I'm now @ 90K so will be taking my '03 Pilot into dealership by end of CY and will ask my techs @ dealership. If any results, I will be sure to report. I do hope your mechanic is correct in terms of no mechanical issues...some type of air baffle issue I think but it's very odd. And worse, my tach will move as well. Let me know if yours does as well when you hear those puffs of air. Thx again. - TNpilot
  • caugncaugn Posts: 30
    Same issue here, '03 Pilot with 140k miles. It's been going on for a couple of years now. I've fully dismantled the under side of the vehicle with the exception of pulling the transmission and found NOTHING wrong. Told my wife to turn up the stereo so she couldn't hear it. If you find anything with the dealer, please let us know.
  • Last friday had my mechanic do a trans flush and replace the fluid. changed the diff fluid, rotated the tires and replace all the plastic clips of the undercarriage. he believed it was the trans kicking in and out of overdrive at about 45 mph. good for the weekend, we'll see.
  • Interesting, esp. with respect to plastic clips. Granted, the transmission will shift into overdrive around 45-47 MPH but I'm not yet convinced that that's the issue. Something seems to just loose enough under the vehicle that at certain speeds/conditions it vibrates thus resulting in both noise (puffs/snorts) as well as enough vibration (at least in my case) to cause the tach needle to move slightly. I should be back to Honda dlrship in late Dec/early Jan to describe symptoms.

    Thx again for your response and let us know if this work has reduced/eliminated your noises. TNpilot
  • Just wondering if you have identified the problem with the car, 'cause mine has the same problem and there is nothing loose in the car, the effect is as if there is a ball hanging on a rope and swinging, the moment the car comes to an halt the ball just hits the body! Please do let me know.
  • I have a 2003 Honda Pilot. When accelerating a whining noise can be heard. When you let off the throttle the noise goes away so the noise is only heard under a load. I have made sure it is not a bad ground connection on the radio and I have also checked for diconnected vacuum lines and have found none. Not sure what to check next? Have not had the "D" light flash, the check engine light come on or any transmission slippage. Any help would be appreciated.
  • I finally took in my 03 Pilot for 90K svc at which time dealer replaced VTM-4 fluid. As of now, about 1 week since, no snorting noise. They also replaced the transmission fluid but prior to the svc I mentioned this snorting/puffing of air and they (Honda dealer in Mem) claimed they had not rec'd a similar complaint -- but thought that it was possible that the replacing the rear differential fluid could resolve. Don't know any more than that but I'll advise the group if the snorting noise returns...but for far so good. TN Pilot
  • Thanks. Will change fluids, soon.
  • My mechanic was trying to diagnose the snorting issue and discovered the Front and R Front engine mounts were failing. During replacement, He noticed the engine had shifted toward the drivers side. Parts Desk told me the life of these mounts is about 80k. (mine 77k). Ironically, the snorting isn't as loud, but it still there when changing gears, 35-45mph. Will replace Trans fluid next.
    But my advice to all is check your engine mounts. He said the torque was lifting my motor over 3".
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