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Freelander problems are infinite

I have a 2003 Land Rover FREELANDER with currently 38,000 miles. I has been a total nightmare. Besides broken coolant reservoir, (3)changes of brake pads and discs, window water leaks, headlining damaged from manufacturing, sunroof motor and sliding replaced, jet washer defective, computer reconfigured, AC heater assy replaced and cooling system bled due to coolant leakeage on heater, front speaker replaced, codes P1472, p2070 intake chamber replaced, bad brake rotors replaced, fuel pump replaced, defective ignition coil #4 replaced and adjusted gaps in plugs, tail light replaced, ignition coil #2 codes p0302,p1392, replaced defective brake pedal switch code 1221, c1222, another tail light replaced, a Tech Bulletin 80/01/03 NAS were they modified the drivers lower heater duct and housing assy, faulty Plenum Chamber with VIS motors replaced, faulty brake booster switch - removed and replaced brake vaccum switch, deglazed and adjustment of rear brakes, glass door regulator assy replaced, tweeter grille replaced, lamp assy replaced due to humidity leak, deformed spacer of the power steering line -pressure hose R&R spacer of the high pressure hose power steering bleeding to system performed all due to power steering leakage, due to excesive coolant consumption they foud a leak in the R&R housing thermostat and hose R&R intake manifold gasket both sides AND my vehicle is in the shop as we speak and has been in there since june 25, 2007 for what it seems is the alternator. MY WARRANTY EXPIRES JULY 4, 2007.


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    trade for LR2 - love my new 2
  • ooomamelooomamel Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Landrover Freelander that I bought used almost 1 year ago so of course the warranty has expired. It just quit while I was driving it and left me and my 1yr old grandaughter on the side of the road. So now it is in the shop and they called to tell me that the idle pully broke which in turn hit the timing belt that jumped time and bent all the valves and broke the water pump also. All to the tune of $4,500 - $5,000. Now what do I do?? I can't afford to have it fixed but I still owe $11,000 on the car. What sucks even more I have to make my payment today on a car that I can't drive..... I am sooo frusturated!!!!!!!!!!
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    I wish you luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi I was wondering what came about with this issue. My husband and I have a 2002 Freelander, and what a mess. We have had the car for only 3 months and at 53k mile the tranny went out! Spent 5k to get it fixed and now two weeks later its back in the shop! We will obviously still owe money on the car, and I probably will have to make payments on a car I can't drive either. Have you had some ray of light in this? Any advise will help!!! :mad:
  • Does anyoneknow about the class action lawsuit going on here in California or Lawyer involved? I need help. Our car died on wedding day. They have replaced the speed starter and the original kick back problem with transmission is still there. Wee have to travel 500 miles pay 3000 dollars to pick up a broken car! Thank you...Missy
  • Hi,

    I'm new to the Freelander forum but so far I've the info here very helpful, but it would be EVEN MORE helpful if the folks who post would include the following with their posts...

    Freelander year, model (HSE, SE, SE3), and mileage.

    Also, doeas nayone know if the 05 SE3's are any better than earlier models?


    ~ Jeff
    2005 Freelander SE3
  • Nothing but mechanical, and electrical issues with this make and model. Lost trans last year for no reason at about 78K (Back on the road $3,000.00 later) . Have consistently smelled antifreeze for the past two years with the dealership never acknowledging a problem existed. Now we are told the head gasket may have a leak or it may need a new engine. So either it will cost $2500.00 for head gasket replacement or $6,100.00 for a new engine. Not to mention the dealership wants to charge over $650.00 just to diagnose which way they have to go. Land Rover NA claims car is too far beyond warranty every time you call, despite the severity of the issues and the dealerships don't want to take the hit so the consumer gets bent over if they purchase this "Premium" SUV entry vehicle. Stay away from this company unless you have the $$$$ to spend for the elite versions or you just like to spend money repairing your "premium" vehicle.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    it will cost $2500.00 for head gasket replacement ...

    $200 would be a high price for the replacement and I'm wondering why they would be charging over $2300 for labor. Did they specifically mention whether the head is warped? Fixing that would add considerably to the cost.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • The problem is that they can't determine the corrective measures to take given the situation as it exists right now (excessive cooolant mixed in the oil) without first fully diagnosing the problem which they said will cost $667 just to tell me what is wrong specifically. Don't know if they will be specific. Similar problem with my trans last year. Their diagnosis: "Bad trans", however, they did not break it down to determine what exactly is "bad". They just simply said their procedure was just to install a new trans for $4500.00 with a 90-day warranty. I found a place that tore it down, diagnosed the problem, fixed the trans, gave a three (3) year transferable warranty and free yearly inpections for the next three years for $3,100.00.

    Where are you determining the $200.00 price? Just for the gasket? They have to basically break down the entire engine to get to the problem as I undertsand it and that's why labor is so high.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Yes, that price was just for that gasket. Actually, I googled it and the most expensive gasket I could find ran about $175. At $100 per hour for labor, $2300 works out to almost a full day (three work shifts!) to make the replacement. I had no idea LR engines were that complicated! :)

    tidester, host
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  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    If you would like more information on the car's engine defective design (even Land Rover mechanics have posted in these other forums advising the Chinese Manufactured K-1 Engine is to blame for all of these over-heating & related issues), also I had the same regulator break on the passenger rear window, cost me about $450 to have dealer-service fix that, and Fuel Pump broke at about 70,000 miles, cost about $750 to fix that (and it breaks because the filter is attached to the fuel pump assembly, so it's designed to eventually clog and require this repair). I agree, the break pads wear and rotors require re-cut and then replacement at every 15,000 miles (so re-cut at 15K, then replace at 30K, and so forth)--

    This was the worst vehicle I have ever owned, including the old used car I got when I was 18yrs old. I hope and believe there will be a Freelander Class Action Lawsuit eventually, but will probably be years from now, at least that was what the attorney said. He also said you can try to sue Land Rover for the repair costs incurred, but its an uphill battle. He suggested getting rid of the vehicle quickly, as did the dealership mechanic that I spoke with in December. Everyone apparently knows this vehicle is junk, but us, or we do now.

    Land Rover Maintenance and Repair

    Land Rover Freelander
  • darriagadarriaga Posts: 4
    My daughter just bought this 2002 Freeland SE well she brought it over for me to see and I can hear like if the if it has valve lash or it sounds like if the rocker arms are ticking now the dealer where she bought it from said find out whats wrong with it and we will fix it has anyone has this problem PLEASE get back to me soon since she has to take it back to be fixed? I wish I would have gone with her I would have told her don't buy it but she wanted to do it alone plus I have read a lot of stuff stating that there is a ton of problems that go wrong with these SUV.
    Thank you! RJ
  • martman99martman99 Posts: 6
    GET RID OF IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't speak for your daughter's recent purchase, but this car was an absolute nightmare after 50K miles. Window Regulators, Heater Core replacement, electrical issues, workmanship issues, manifold issues, head gasket issues, cooling system issues (tied into the head gasket problem) and had to replace the trans ($4,000.00 - Past warranty) at about 70K. Bought it new and just paid it off (01/2008) and had to unload it for a mere $3500 or we would have had to replace the engine for $7,000.00. How many miles on this car? I don;t want to rain on her parade, but, she better start banking away some money or hope she got a powertrain and engine warranty with the deal. It is a nice riding vehicle and feels very safe. It was very unfortunate all these problems arose after we bought it and came to light over the five (5) years we owned it. Will NEVER buy another Land Rover product even though Tata Motors bought the company. Good Luck
  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    Martman is absolutely correct. think of every cent you waste on trying to repair a car that absolutely will end up not functioning as money you could be spending now on getting another vehicle. There is no way of repairing these vehicles and the inherent flaws in design, etc. Learn from the mistakes we all have made, dont waste money trying to fix something that will inevitably not work. Sell it, trade it, whatever you can do to get rid of it, as quickly as possible. Even a mechanic at my nearest Land Rover Dealership told me to trade it in as fast as possible, before the car died.
  • I noticed a 9/2007 email that asked for info on a class action lawsuit going on in there one in play? And please share the information as I too am going through an ordeal with Land Rover on a Freelander that has been serviced by them since purchase in 02. At only 51,000 miles (6 yrs) and 2 1/2 months after they 'fixed' the issue...they are telling me I need a new motor for 7300k. It seems this is a common problem with the Freelanders and makes me wonder why this has not yet become a 'recall' issue.
    Any information is greatly appreciated!
  • teriwteriw Posts: 1
    Did you ever get a reply about a class action for Freelander defective engine?
    I bought a 2003 Freelander last spring and two days later the check engine light soon came on. It was taken to the dealership and they said it check out fine and the light never came on for them. Two weeks later the same thing happened again. Finally they replaced a coil pack. Two days later it happened again. Same coil pack. Then one month later it ran hot and something was replaced then. This dealership is 60 miles away. I took it to a mechanic friend and he replaced the the head that the coil pack kept going bad and the car did well for the next several months and then the valves started clicking. Changed oil and used Lucas oil. Sound disappeared for two weeks. Started back everytime it was cranked. The one night my 16 year old daughter (whom the car was purchased for) got in it after her summer job at the local ball stadium at midnight and it wouldn't crank. Had it towed once again to a local mechanic and he tells me that ONE of the timing belts broke and warped the cam and I needed a new engine. Just like most of the postings on this site, I still owe for the car and am looking at thousands to repair it once again. I can't sell it for what I owe. I would be most interested in any class suit that may help or recommendations as to what to do. They are currently searching for a replacement engine. But if the engines were faulty then I am looking at the same problems happening again. This is and has been a nightmare from day one on what I had always heard was a good car to have. Please help...
  • I wish I would have read these stories before I purchased a 2003 Freelander for my son. Five months and 10 gallons of coolant later the engine went with 79900, just like every one said.... :sick: lots of coolant and lots of $$$$. The dealer where I bought the car for $8,000. ( not Landrover) gave my $3600 on a trade. lost about $4500 0n the deal but was happy to hand him the keys.... If you have one Sell it NOW !!!!!
  • I have a 2002 Land Rover Freelander. Last Wednesday, my windshield cracked when I put on the defroster and the a/c at the same time. My brake lights don't work and my sunroof and rear passenger window do not operate, as well. Not to mention, I can smell coolant every time I put the air on. All these problems came to light right after my warranty expired. Is there an advocacy group or someone in the Better Business Bureau that can do something about this?
  • We have been filing complaints at the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin, it would who sold you the vehicle that you would want to see if they violated any lemon laws when they sold a knowingly defective vehicle.

    I would not recommend making the repairs as based on what you said you have
    the following issues/costs:
    - Coolant Leak is part of the Head Gasket Failure issue, so new engine for $7000
    - Sunroof & Rear Window Regulator cost $700 & $450
    - Brake Light (could be the brake light switch which was the only recalled
    part on the vehicle--- No charge if is that any dealer will do that).

    Just is not a vehicle you want to keep, see if you can somehow get it back to
    who sold it to you
  • trd77trd77 Posts: 1
    I have disposed my 02 freelander S about 2 weeks ago. It was a good car but had too much problems. Guess how much I got for the trade-in? $ 2500.00 for a 7 year old car with less than 80K miles on it. The dealership even told me that they might even lose on my trade-in because they were sending it to auction right away. I am now the happy owner of an 05 X3 3.0. I finally got myself a real luxury SUV.
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