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Freelander problems are infinite



  • I have an 03 Freelander with about 78k on it. I have to admit that other than a few minor problems it has been fairly reliable. Two nights ago, whilr sitting and idling I noticed that the decline and traction lights had come on. Then I noticed that the shift indicater lights, dome lights, clock lights did not work. The transmission shited out of Park and into Reverse but the only forward gear was 4th.

    It turns out that the fuse f4 in the engine fuse compartment and another fuse in the inside fuse box had both blown at the same time. Turns out f4 is for the transmission. Replaced the fuses and all was well.......for about an hour when they both blew again. I have no idea what is blowing the fuses. Can anyone help?
  • I have a 2004 Freelander SE, bought brand new off the lot in 04. I currently have about 54k miles on it and in the last week have noticed coolant leaking, causing the over heating light to come on. I have read this forum about the 2002 and 2003 problems, but I'm not reading much about the 04 model having the same problems. I have it in the shop now being looked at and waiting to hear what the verdict is. My question is... can any one tell me if the 04 model is doomed to what appears to be a major quality issue with the earlier models? While I'm here... is it common for the rear differential to go bad at 52k miles? I had that fixed about 2 months ago. I want to figure out how much more $$ to put into this thing or if I should off load it sooner than later. Thanks!
  • Yes, all Freelander models from 2002-2005 (year was discontinued) have the same design-flawed engine (specifically the Series K engine which I researched and found primary components were manufactured in China). If your coolant leakage is found inside the engine it is absolutely the Head Gasket Failure widely reported. If the leakage is attributed to a cracked hose or visible drip/coolant evidence on the ground, could be non-gasket related.

    I would recommend trading in or unloading the vehicle no matter what, the problem cannot be repaired and the dealer service department will only say engine replacement (for which there are no replacement engines available and all refurbished engines will have the same defect).

    Save every dollar you can towards purchase of a different vehicle, Freelanders are doomed for inevitable failure and it is extremely unfortunate Land Rover is not more liable for the travesty it sold so many SUV buyers. Do not waste money on trying to repair the problem or dealer tactics to extract money from you in a purposeless effort, you should use every cent towards the next vehicle.

    Good Luck.
  • Thank you!

    I was told today that it was the thermostat that was bad... $500 bill with a suggested coolant flush bringing the total bill to $630. They did the pressurized test and found no leaks. I'm going to have it fixed seeing as I can't trade it in with them knowing there's a problem and then actively look for another vehicle. It's too bad because I really do love the Landy! It's the perfect size and I love the AWD which isn't easy to find in an SUV.

    It definitely sounds like this means it's on the way out and only a matter of time... :cry:
  • mpw3mpw3 Posts: 2
    I took my 2004 freelander hse in for a parking light issue and was told there is a recall on the fuel pump. Apparently the recall is very hush hush because I never received a notification from land rover and can find any mention of it anywhere.
  • driver68driver68 Posts: 3
    I need some help, someone had posted an idea about getting together some kind of list in regards to the freelander & the problems, we the owners have had. So I just kind of threw this together & Im definitely open for ideas. You can copy and paste and add whatever you think will make it simple, for us to fill out. Also, I need input on whom we should send this too. Im not sure if this will help or if anyone is interested in the idea. I just turned my 03 flander over to the bank. My credit is ruined & I still owe $8000.00. I am without a vehicle as of now and unsure of what is going to happen in the near future. Read over it & let me know what you think.

    Dear Freelander owner, please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire. In an effort to compile evidence based on owning a freelander and your experience.

    What year did you purchase your Freelander

    What year was your Freelander

    Did you purchase your Freelander from a Land Rover dealership?

    If you did Purchase your Freelander from a Land Rover dealership what was the location?

    How many miles were on your Freelander, at the time of purchase?

    Did you lease your Freelander?

    What was the purchase price on your freelander?

    Was your Freelander under the original factory warranty, when purchased?

    Who financed you Freelander?


    Timing belt
    head gasket
    coolant leaking
    brake light
    head light
    brake light switch

    Did you purchase an extended warranty thru another company?

    If yes, which comapny.

    Did you contact land Rover North America

    Number of times your vehicle was taken to the LR dealership, due to engine light coming on?

    Do you have documented proof of the times your car was at the dealership?

    Did they fix the problem on the first visit?

    If not how many visits?

    Did you contact the NHTSA?

    Did you replace the engine in your Freelander?

    If yes, what was the mileage?

    what was the dollar amount quoted to you to repair the engine?

    Was your Freelander under original factory Warranty?

    How long did you have to wait for an engine?

    Did they provide you with a rental car?
  • ventanaventana Posts: 3
    hi i have a 2002 freelander s.
    yup i bought one .
    now i have the freelander transmission problem the F4 from hell.
    and i have been studing all these manuals and i have got my parts on order,but first i'm going to explain why the replacement of these transmissions is a huge waste of time.
    first the transmission as a whole has a alot good points and the faults with them are small.
    9 outta 10 times the f4 error is nothing more then a simple replacement of the 9 solennoids in the trans valve body.
    the cost of the for a , b and c with a case of 12 one liter bottles lrn402 texaco fluid with O-rings comes to $421.54 cad cause i'm from canada, and these parts can be orderd from any landrover dealer.i will list part numbers the end of this post along with the names of the jatco service repair manuals and updates.
    this job takes 4 hours to complete and thats with the brake and timing solenoids aswell.
    the total cost for this with all 9 solennoids is about $850 cad there is no need to pay 3000 to 5000 to replace or repair this transaxle unit what so ever.
    if your not a do it your selfer buy the parts and take them to a transmission repair center and the cost with labor shouldn't be over 1200. still alot better then 3000 to 5000 for a rebuilt that could still have this problem.
    if that dosen't fix your problem
    and in very rare cares the tranny needs to be replace ,but befor the last resort step check and make sure that the * tcu * (timming control unit) isn't faulty.
    sometimes if your lucky it's just the solenoid wire harness inside the valve body 2 hour job and can be done right in your drive way. cost for part 55.37 and can be gotten from any LR dealer.
    the cost for this type of repair is with the lrn402 atf (thats a case of 12. trust me buy the case and your next fluid service will alot cheaper )is 244.25 befor tax.
    land rover can not do tranny repairs because there techs are not trained to do them .
    thats why the just pull and replace only...
    but jatco who makes this transaxle unit has said that the problems with the returns more than 80% are this solenoid problem.
    i myself have done this repair on many 2002 s se hse and 2003 s se hse ,jag ,vw golf, mazda 6 and mpv and it's always the solenoid or wire harness.
    don't be fooled buy the fancy gibberish spouted buy unwise landrover techs they have not clue about this transaxle cause land rover did build it in the first place.
    this list is the parts number of the commen solenoids that fail including the price from the landrover dealer.

    1.tht500010 (shift a solenoid price 67.26

    2.tht500030 (shift b solenoid price 36.70

    3.tht500020 (shift c solenoid price 68.66

    4.tht500040 (2nd & 4th brake timming solenoid price 68.25

    5.tht500050 (2nd & 4th brake duty solenoid price 89.97

    6.cal500050 (O-ring price 2.82

    7.cal500060 (O-ring sealed 8.73

    8.lrn02 (tranny fluid price 15.74 x 12 = 188.88

    these prices are in canadian and the part numbers from landrover
    there is a fluid control solenoid too but out of all the jatco JF506HB transaxle unit i have repaired i never found a bad one .
    the service manual i use for my repairs is the ATSG techtran maunal wich is for the
    JF506e (thats the name of your transmission)thats found in the vw golf, jag x type ,landrover freelander ,mazda 6 and mpv.


    if you choose to got at this your self the only solenoids that will work in a freelander transaxle are either for the freelander or the jaguar....mazda 6 and mpv and vw golf parts WILL NOT WORK IN THE FREELANDER...

    i will be watching the forum and if anyone here has any questions
    i would be happy to awnser them..
    i hope this help ease the pain of freelander ownership and stops people from spending money on replacement transmissions.

    my next post will be about the cost of timming belts,cam belts and idler pullers how to and how much my cost vs the dealer cost. and how much the rip off really is and i will also talk abit about the fun of head gasket replacment cost and dealer ripp offs.

    Don't get taken! learn how to fix your vehicles yourself. you will save alot of money in the long run.
    it's just a car and it dosen't hate you ;)
  • shamfamshamfam Posts: 10
    I have an 05 Freelander and have all the same problems. The car is a heaping pile and needs to be burned and pushed off a cliff. That's just my opinion. I'm going through arbitration with it on the 30th. I'm sure I will post will my results.
  • ventanaventana Posts: 3
    did you read my post or just the first few lines?
  • cwoolnercwoolner Posts: 16
    That's correct. Mine is in the shop currently for diagnosis... was told more than likely a head gasket problem but could not fully determine that until the engine is ripped apart. It could be something worse but they won't know...until the engine is torn apart. Well then what do I do if it's worse - pay them to rip it apart and put it back together again, with nothing resolved? The estimate for me was $1937 which includes 10 hours of labor @ $117/hour. Also mentioned was the heater core leaking... which goes hand in hand with the head gaskets so I would need to get that fixed too unless I want the same thing to go wrong again. I've been trying to save up money for a down payment so I can get rid of this POS but looks like that will be going towards fixing it first. I can't trade it in with the problems it has...
  • Hi,
    I was just informed by Mr. Gutman the attorney handling the class action lawsuit, that he had talked to the Ford attorney and they were willing to give me $3000. I refused. I had an 03 freelander SE, still under original warranty, had to replace the engine at 32,000 miles. LR states it was customer neglect. I had all of the paper work stating that I had the proper oil changes. My FL sat at the LR dealership for 9 months and then they found a rebuilt engine. During this time I was driving a rental car, SUV which was supposedly covered under the warranty. When all was said and done LR charged me $7000 for a rebuilt engine. I paid my car note & insurance for my car to sit on thier lot. They also refused to pay the rental car bill and my credit card was charged $6,000. I'm going to fight this to the bitter end, I have nothing to lose. I turned the car back into the bank last month. My credit is ruined & I don't have a vehicle. If you or anyone can help me please let me know. I am in the process of writing a formal complaint letter to Ford. So any input would help.
    Thanks :lemon:
  • shamfamshamfam Posts: 10
    I did read your entire post. That is great that you have gone above and beyond to take care of your freelander. My husband and I have done the same. My husband is a contractor and does all the work himself on his equipment along with his work truck and our cars. In my opinion, I think this car will always have the problems it does no matter who or where the parts are coming from. I'm just very unsatisified with it. I did however love the car just not the problems that came along with it. ;)
  • ventanaventana Posts: 3
    there not as commen as the transmisson problems but they do occur and as for your heater core leaking and being related to the head gasket problem ,is it just coolent coming out or when you let it run is the exaust white ?
    head gasket arn't costly to repair if you know how to tackle it right.
    i would make sure befor you do the repairs make sure that your service shop is familar with the truck cause sometimes people who really don't understand this truck do the repairs and cause more damage then they fix .
    so get a second opinion about your heater core befor your have the truck worked on .
    i have relpaced me a b and c solidnoids and the tranny work like new again and the next problem i'm repairing is the top end of the motor head gaskets spark plugs timming belt and cam belts idler pullys and so on . it's sounding a bit rough and the a loud clicking sound coming from the engine but that just means that the cam belts are stretched and need to be replaced this happends about every 30.000 km but i keep on it and i never have to replace my motor .
    my freelander has 170.000 k and it's got the same motor and tranny it came with from the factory, so it is a bit fiddly to own a freelander and just like any britsh car there rubbish but off road you are hard pressed to find something that can do the same job as this truck. so for an allrounder this works great! you just have to be skilled with a wrench to keep it running strong.
    good luck and after i tackle the problem i'll post part number and cost and where to get these parts from and whom ever it was that said heat gaskets are like 1700 buck uhhh no there not there about 165.00 from LR dealership... there is to much bitterness about the vehicle and the dealership mainly ford motor company cause thats who owned LR when this truck was made didn't give a crap about there consumers but since landrover changed hands alot of new and better polices have come out you can now get any part for this truck and there is no blacked out parts and the price of the parts have become affordable so owning one of these is just a little less pain full
    i'll update later with all info about the repair .
  • cwoolnercwoolner Posts: 16

    The head gasket repair quote was from a LR dealer and included 10 hours of labor and fixing the gaskets, assuming that's what the problem was. I'm not sure about the heater core. The service dept rep told me that it was leaking "a little". I asked if he could show me where and didn't really want to do that, but said it was in the foam under the carpet. I have never noticed any smells in my truck such as the sweet smell people refer to.
    Geez if all this happened under Ford's makes me wonder what kind of quality vehicle they are producing right now... especially given the financial concerns... are they cutting corners to save money?

    Unfortuately for LR, I will never buy or lease one again. This thing has been a nightmare after the warranty was up. And you better believe I'll be telling everyone I know not to own one either!

  • sunnie2sunnie2 Posts: 1
    My daughter bought this heap in Sept 06 Told the salesman she needed a reliable car, single mom, needed something safe.What a joke! After she bought it it was in the shop for almost 6 to 7 weeks and she had a rental. They said it was all fixed. Well it wasnt. NOt to mention it cost about $100.00 just to change the oil. They really saw her coming. So it"s been in the shop more than it has been on the road transmission, coolant problems (which they keep saying that they fixed) I was in her car the other day and it smells like antifreeze so bad it made me sick! The Right Axel went out on the highway so she pulled over as soon as it was safe and they claimed that she drove it, so the warranty would not cover it. It ended up costing ME $3000.00 to fix. (she is still paying me back) Everytime something goes wrong they say it is not covered and they sold her the top of the line warranty, not worth the paper it is written on, because they find every way to get out of not paying for it. So now that I look at her warranty papers it does say that the radiator is not covered, and her radiator has a crack in it and since they told her it would cost $1000.00 to fix it which she cannot afford, she has had no heater or Air now and just keeps putting water in it, which they told her as long as she kept water in it, it should be OK. So now I'm really mad as I told her to let me see her warranty papers. Under Cooling on the warranty covered parts are: Radiator, engine cooling fan motor,radiator fan,and fan clutch. Under A/C HEATING is condenser; compressor clutch, pulley: evaporator; and tempature control programmer. Sounds like radiator to me! She has had this problem ever since she bought it, that is why it was in the shop after she bought it, and they told her it had a new transmission when she bought it,then they said they never said that. Problem; the car is in my name I was a co-signer but somehow when the paper work all came it was just in my name not as a co-signer as the owner. Her name is not on it at all! She has tried to bring it in, to the only dealer for Landrover around here and they always tell her well it has had this problem and you havent done anything about it so it is not covered now. When in the first palce they would tell her, it was not covered. But when she goes back they act like it would of been had she brought it in right away. So now I'm bring it in as my car which it is. And we will see what they tell me since I have taken ownership if it. She owes $15,500.00 on it, buried in the loan and cannot even trade it in, they will only give her $2500 to $3500 on a trade and $3500 is pushing it. Long story how she got so buried, poor kid has no luck, the car she traded in she had been in a wreck, a nissan ultima great car, she was a tiny bit buried about $2000. At they first totaled it, after the wreck, then they changed their mind and said it was not totaled! It had nothing but problems, thats how she ended up in the Landrover! Anyway there is not a lemon law for these terrible cars, if anybody has any ideas how to help please respond Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  • wat1954wat1954 Posts: 2
    Have you had any luck with a class action?

  • beckyjacbeckyjac Posts: 1
    You seem to know a lot about this model, so Ithought perhaps you might be able to give me some guidance. I have a 2002 FL, with 97K miles on it now. I have already had all of the heating/cooling issues taken care of, but now I am having problems with my brakes. In the past month I have had the brake pads replaced twice. They not only continue to squeal, but now the TC light has begun coming on in the dash. This is the little TC surrounded by a dotted circle, a picture of a FL going downhill and an exclamation point. What does this mean? Do I need an Excorcist? Can it be fixed? :sick:

  • maureen18maureen18 Posts: 2
    Dear Nightmare, it doesnot end. There is a lemon law and to make a long story short. I have been trying to get my Freelander 2002 engine fixed since December of 08'. By going thru the Better Business Bureau, Land Rover Canada, Land Rover Corporate. Global TV news, the dealership, a Lawyer from the United States Mr. Gutman and also added my name to a list that is trying to sue Land Rover if they can get 50 names It has come down to, Land Rover will not take any responsibilty for there faulty engines and I am not prepared to pay 11000.00 for a new engine that has no quarantee, that if I repair it, it will even last past the 50,000km again. The end result is the consumer is taking the financial burden. Even if we hand, our Land Rovers back to the financial institutions and ruin our credit that doesn't stop the banks from trying to sue for the remaining amount of the loan, once they sell the vehicle at Auction. I wish that the financial institutions could get together and go after Land Rover to recoupe the lost revenue because they are a much bigger player. And that might be the only way that the government would step into help. Right now I'm trying to take the negative equity of my loan of 14000.00 onto another vehicle loan. My payment will be much higher, but hopefully I will find a reliable vehicle that will last the length of the loan.
  • will1970will1970 Posts: 1
    I agree with everyone here I have a 04 Landrover that I freaking purchase in 2007, I work for company that I am bless to have a company car at my disposal at all times so my Landrover has spent most of the time in my drive way parked. About a week I go to turn it on and puff a little white smoke this after 5months of sitting in my drive way during the winter months, I had the car towed to my personal mechanic of 8 years and he mentioned that he thinks the engine may need to be replace here is a Freelander that rarely saw the road and only has 54000 miles on it. I feel having conversation with the Landrover con-men will produce nothing. What other steps has anyone else has taken to be more agressive about this matter.
  • rocky52rocky52 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 Freelander, after one day there is a message on the CD player that says enter code number...I tried about 10 dealerships for the code, but they all said that there is no code for this this radio, that I need to take it in. Then ..the fees.
    I should have read all the comments on this site before I bought that SUV.
    I own this vehicle for only 3 days
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