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Freelander problems are infinite



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,975
    It's a long shot but sometimes the code is on a sticker in the glove box or even on the radio itself.

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  • buddobuddo Posts: 2

    I just purchased a 2002 FL S. I found this site because I was looking for info on the TC control. I bought the FL from a small used car dealer (who I happened to know~maybe we won't be friends now!) When I made the deal, he told me the TC sensor had to be replaced. He sent it to someone else who put the $60.00 sensor in, anc charged the dealer $350.00 for labor. Then he tells me that it has to go to LR to have the computer flashed. I sign all the paperwork, take a check from this dealer to pick up my FL at LR....the computer "flash" was $450.00 so now were just short of $1000.0 THE DEALER paid to have this done to sell me the S. I pick up the S and 2 minutes down the road, after I now LEGALLY own the does it AGAIN!! And now; Ihave found this forum and I am thinking of having someone blow it up!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    And now; Ihave found this forum and I am thinking of having someone blow it up!

    Please don't do that! We have a lot of people here who rely on this forum for advice and valuable information. :P

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • buddobuddo Posts: 2
    I wasn't talking about blowing up this site!! I should have explained that I meant having someone blow up my 02 FL S~!!!! This site is awesome...except for all the bad news; it is EXTREMELY informative~!!!!
    Bud Stevenson
  • maureen18maureen18 Posts: 2
    My night mare is over, my Land Rover is gone after 6 months of trying to get the engine repaired. I was able to move my negative equity into a 2008 Ford Escape, with no help from Calgary Land Rover, Land Rover Corporate or Land Rover Canada. I no longer have the headache of trying to get it fixed. I saved my credit that was the main thing. I wish all Freelander/Land Rover owners Good Luck. I will never own another Land Rover as long as I live.
  • I am new to the forum, but I to have a LR nightmare. I own a 2004 LR Freeland that I purchased in May of 08 and the LR dealership has had in longer than I have. It started with the check engine light, we finally got that resolved and then I started having coolant leaking problems. It is at the LR dearlership as I speak and after being there for over a month. They called me today and said that I to have a head gasket leak and they could get me another engine (used of course) for $9,000.00. My sunroof doesn't work either. My LR has less than 80,000 miles on it and I think that this should be a factory defect. I did not buy the LR from a LR dealer but I believe that the dealer I bought it from knew they had problems and did not tell me about it. If someone know the name of the attorney and telephone number that is handling the class action lawsuit, please send me the information I would like to add my name to the list.

    Thanks for any advise that I can get.
  • Add me to another Freelander po'd owner.

    Here is the situation I'm in -- my daughter drove the car ( replaced fans, temp gauge and thermostat) and continued to have an overheating issue -- she was told it needed a water pump and timing belt ( anywhere from $1200 -- $3500 replacement cost). I had it towed to my home at a cost. NOw my local shop says they can't diagnose the problem, or duplicate the overheating and don't want to replace the water pump, timing belt based upon another shop's diagnosis.

    I made the assumption after reading these posts, that the underlying problem is probably the head gasket -- she was smelling coolant in the vehicle. The overheating caused the timing belt to crack, is that reasonable?

    Anyway, I contacted the lawyer posted above, and they state they would like a copy of the repair estimate -- which my current shop WON"T give me, as they couldn't find a problem and want to charge me hundreds of dollars to investigate the problem.

    Seems like everytime I turn around, I get more confused. I'm ready to junk the vehicle, although it looks perfectly new -- what a travesity to find out that a defect in ALL the engines is known, and there is no remedy!
  • I received a letter from land rover about a recall on the fuel pump on my 03 freelander. Problem is the fuel pump went out on me in 07. Land rover says I can't get reimbursed because I didn't take it to a land rover dealership to have it replaced. How can I resolve this issue? Does anyone know? I paid $887.00 I would really like to get some money back. This car has cost me more than I like to think about.
  • Hi His name is Howard Gutman & he is in New Jersey. He is working on my case as well as others with Freelanders. My 2003 needed the new engine at 40,000 miles. It took my Freelander being towed to the LR dealership 10 times (really) before they figured that I needed a new engine-mine cost $15000-it was not under warranty anymore. After I got the new engine-I waited 6 months while my LR was outside in the rain snow & sleet-I figured that everything was fine. Not the case. 4 months after the FIRST engine (& 8 more times to the dealer) I needed ANOTHER new engine!! So I googled Land Rover lawsuits & found Mr. Gutman. As far as I know he is in contact with LR & is trying to get the class action together ( last I heard from him he still needed more people to file). Hope this info helps.
  • Good luck. Land Rover North America never helped me once. They returned my calls after I left 21 messages with them plus 2 faxes. That took 5 weeks. I just left another post with the class action info it that helps you. The LR dealership I used didn't help either. They could not even figure out the problem in the first place.
  • i freaking nightmare indeed! ; (.....i love the drive of the socalled expensive priced car but the problems i have had are endless and then some. i owe i lil bit under what you have i have all ready had the problem w/ the coolant not being where it should and causing burn off. i kept thinking the car was overheating so i kept putting coolant in it which the instruction manual says to check every now and then. the problem a mechanic found where the leak was sealed it the best he could main problem found is that alot of the parts are plastic and whoever worked on the car b4 whatever they used to seal the parts (superglue) didnt quite workout well. that was 6months after i purchased the car used. now after lil over the year intake manifold motor 2 as well as fuel injectors are bad and need to be replaced another problem you just can't go to haps are napa and order parts for these freaking cars you have to go to dealer or my latest is i have found a few folks selling parts on ebay helps. anyways about 600 for these parts does not include the labor. allready i have spent 500 taking it to a place where the company i work for takes their company vehicles they kept saying there was nothing wrong but i knew it i could feel it in the way the car drove there was something wrong. but the parts are not the only problem there is an oil leak, leaking under the engine as well in parts where there should b no oil. the mechanic i have taken my car too says he has to take the whole engine out to find where this leak is coming from great. thought i could just take my 600 and put the money down on a used vehicle something other then a freaking landrover and just allow them to take the freaking pile of mess that is still sitting at the mechanics, but because we are in such financial times banks are making it harder for that so one very informative dealer tells me - leave the keys in the car and hope or just drive it off a cliff and if i have gap insurance then i am good to go on purchasing another vehicle.
  • After (6) trips and $2400 to Land Rover Service Center the Service light on my 2002 Freelander is still coming on. Is there a fix for this problem??
  • Here is my list of problems with my first and last land rover.
    Bought the LEMON in April of 07 with 43,000 miles: First problem--sun roof stopped working in august of 2007, Thermostat housing went out in Jan 08, November 08, and July of 2009. My rear passanger window stopped working in May of 2008. My heater works randomly-started acting up in mid 2008. The check engine light came on in July of 2009 and stayed on until December 09. First check engine was a bad ignition coil, replaced. 3 weeks later the coil and injector in cylinder #3 went out again. The ignition wire had rubbed against the valve covers and shorted it self out. I have had the cooling system worked on 3 other times also.
    In December, a camshaft, vaccum hose, wet sleeve, all failed. It is at the shop waiting for a new engine--under warranty.
  • I bought my Freelander 2 years ago, problems started from day one,i bought it in winter time, never used the Ac when summer came in, 2 days later AC stopped working, Water pump, went next, then brake light. after that windshield wiper blades, one stop working that cost about 700, just for one blade that stop working had to get a motor for that!. after that passenger window motor went off.. then sunroof got stuck, stop working didnt wanna fixed it. so they closed for good, and disconeted, not to mention i need 2 tune ups, everytime is around 900 for each tune up. Engine check light keeps going on off all the time. so does the incline light. for no reason. sometimes the alarm just go off on its own. recently felt like the transmission going off. so took to the shop. they told me timing belt is going off, we're talking about 1K, and they had to change a part that stops the engine from vibrating too much, the part cost 400 alone and they told me it need a part to fix all the vibrating and kinda chocking problem the part 1400 plus labor.
    So i stopped fixing and just looking to trade it in or pray for a windy day so the tree out side of my garage falls on top of it.
    Dont get involved with Land Rover. Period!!
  • mighty_momighty_mo Posts: 2
    My Landrover freelander just landed at the Port, imported from Japan and I can't even get it home. timing belt has so far been replaced but still has no compression hence needs new valves. have spent so much on it and i still have not had use of it. I wish I had access to group class action, unfortunately am in Africa.
  • justwilljustwill Posts: 5
    The Land Rover Freelander (or as I call it the FREELOADER) is one of the worst vehicles I have ever owned and I am 60. I bought it for my youngest daughter when in her last year of college. It lasted 39000 miles and was out of warranty when the head gasket blew and probably some other motor problems. They wanted a smooth $250 to check and see what was wrong with it. Then a smooth $2300 to fix the head gasket if that was all that was wrong with it. To hell with them and their junk.
    Now I have a 2004 yard object, parked since mid 2009. The LR Company and Dealership is pure BS. Their cars are junk!!!!!!
    Ask me how I know as I also own a 2004 Disco bought new (wife just had to have one) it's also a half-assed vehicle as well. Always replacing the brake pads then the rotors. Ceiling lining falling out of it also. Plus one of the sensors almost as if on schedule goes out. As if it's regularly scheduled to do so. Never ran a drop of unleaded reg in it the whole time only premium gas but still problems.
    THEY ARE THE WORST CARS AVAILABLE ON THE CONUS, YUGOS don't have anything on them. Need to always spread the word of mouth as to how bad their cars are and see if we can't put them under. God help you if you have a Land Rover Freelander or Disco
  • justwilljustwill Posts: 5
    Nothing with the name Land Rover on it could be good. Fool me once shame on me, there will be NO fooling me twice!!!!!!!!!
    Good Luck Sucker....................
  • allan21allan21 Posts: 2
    Thanks , i am from South Africa, had 3 Freelandsh<ts :sick: , the last one a 2005 HSE, Feul pump packed up, then the transfer case packed, 3 turbos, brake pads every 20 000km (12500 miles) When i wanted to sell the vehicle Landrover didn't even want it, i lost R40000-00 (3500 p) on it. Well i am in heaven now as i got rid of it and bought my wife a Toyota Fortuner. If someone maybe read this and wants to buy a Landrover, ANY landrover DONT DONT DONT that could cause you to want to kill yourself, the only reason i didn't i had kids and they would have had to sit with the piece of sh*t, if you have one drive it down a mountain or burn it, thieves wouldn't even want to steal it even if you leave the key in................
  • allan21allan21 Posts: 2
    HI, i sincerely hope you have sold the vehicle by now. But if not get your mechanic to remove the Driveshaft to the rear wheels ASAP, this is a common problem these vehicles have endless problems with the Transfer case and the rear diff. Mine did exactly the same just the other way round, the cars transfer case packed up,(About $2500) the mechanic i took it to worked on the car for 6 years and knows the piece of sh*t, he then recommended that i emmediatly take out the driveshaft which then makes it a 2 wheel drive but at least the rear diff couldn't get damaged as this was common.

    BURN IT !!
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