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Freelander problems are infinite



  • OK. Will do. I did not solicit however. I posted what happened with our Landrover Freelander and then other members began asking me for help.
  • I have a Land Rover Freelander 2003 SUV. I have never owned a car as unreliable and troublesome as this car. I had the engine replaced at a mere 41,000 miles at a cost of over $6,000. Last Monday, I broke down on the side of the road. The car was towed to the dealership as the service engine light was illuminated. I was informed by the dealership that I needed another new engine! I could not believe what I was hearing. The service department said they would call Land Rover customer service who offered to pay for 50% of the new engine cost which was $8,000. When we informed them that we would pay nothing towards another new engine, they told us to write a letter to customer service. We have written a letter and are currently waiting to hear although it does not sound hopeful. The customer service representative was quite unhelpful and very short on the phone.
    The service dept. informed us that Land Rover has been buying back Freelanders as they were known to have engine defects. We have yet to hear the final decision regarding the car and I will follow up with another post as soon as I hear.
    DO NOT buy this car. It is the worst car I have EVER owned and I don't want others to make the same mistake I made.
  • As a follow up to my previous post, my car only had 66,000 miles when the second engine blew up! So the second engine only made it for 25000 miles!
  • I have the same vehicle....just barely turned 100,000kms which is approx 62,000mi. Took out a loan to fix engine #1 for $6500 Cdn. Now just about 62,000 miles and my transmission is doing some weird thing not recognizing the gear its in etc and 3 transmission shops have told me they can't fix it! So basically I have a very expensive driveway ornament.
    03 Freelander S - Victoria, BC CANADA :sick:
  • The car is still sitting at the dealership. Nobody is calling us back from Land Rover corporate. The car has been at the dealership with a dead engine since November 2nd and I'm still having to pay insurance on a car I, unfortunately, still own but cannot drive. We went to the dealership to empty our belongings out of the car last week realizing that we are probably going to nave to donate the car. Unbelievable!
  • i totally agree ,but ,the fault is simple just replace the expansion tank and cap . problem sorted ,to explain a bit moreabout my problem , when the car cools down at night you will hear hissing air noises from cap and spillage signs from around cooling bottle, during driving its a pressurize system that expans and contracts coolant and if its not air tight coolant will escape when hot
  • sorry to hear about all the land rover problems here.
    i have had my truck for 10 years now starting to have problems with my truck one after the other fixing them myself saves labor cost but still sucks,
    i have an s10 no room in it and figured its time for a new car, looking for a new car i found the freelander which seemed to be a good value for the price. me and my friends talk about how we always find land rovers at great prices like the range rovers and now the freelander.
    after reading this page i will stay away from this troubled car looks can be deceiving.
    Thanks for websites like this one and good luck with making land rover pay
  • Hi Ventana,

    I am just about ready to buy a kit of solenoids 9pcs all.Its called JF506E/vw09A solenoid kit-Jaguar , Land Rover Freelander.I know you told the vw its not good ,but this guy selling this kit with this descreption.And also I would like to know if it possible to get a step by step help hot to replace them.
    Best Regards, Newbeetle
  • bruinladbruinlad Posts: 1
    I've had my '02 Freelander in the garage for the past 8 months now. Mine has not had any problems until after it hit the 100k miles mark. On a trip from LA to San Francisco, the car wouldn't start. The autoclub guy tried every possible solution but to no avail. I had it towed to the dealership in Marin who then informed me that the engine is dead. The service manager explained what caused the problem and without admitting it, his explanation basically made it seem that its a manufacturer defect. Since then I've done some research on this particular issue and I've come across literally hundreds of cases worldwide with the same engine problem. I also found out that the same engine is being used on the KIA Carnival which is marketed in the US as the KIA Sedona but with a different engine. As with the Freelander, the Carnival too has the same problems with the engine. The engine is designated as KV6. link title

    The unfortunate thing is that this problem is not a secret. In fact all the engine breakdowns are caused by the same issue. Here's another link about the findings of the ACCC, Australia's version of our own Consumer Affairs about complaints that LR knowingly sold to the public a factory defective product. link title
  • d1952cd1952c Posts: 1
    I believe I may be experiencing the same F 4 problem with my 02 Freelander SE. A few days ago I was driving at low speeds and felt a "thunk" in the tranny. The amber HDC warning light came on, F4 started flashing and of course the car drives like the brakes are being applied. After sitting for 3 days the lights and F4 cleared on there own but returned after ddriving about 10 miles. I had it towed to the Local Aamco dealer and they say the transmission needs to be rebuilt for $3000.00. Local LR dealer (45 miles away) estimates $4000. Roverland sells rebuilts for $1950 plus shipping and I'd have to pay someone to do the install. Are you bsically describing "the rebuild" above?
  • da2da2 Posts: 4
    My 2005 Freelander was a replacement for a defective 2004 Freelander I purchased at Paul Miller Land Rover in Parsippany, NJ. The problem starts with the check engine light coming on which, when out of warranty, costs $136 for them to "diagnose" and wipe out the code. They know, meaning all LR dealers, know what the true problem is because it is consistent across all car forums, databases, etc., with these trucks. First you will hear it's coils & hoses, then the thermostat needs to be replaced (est. $990 not including labor ), then the manifold cracks (est. $1875) the cylinder liner slips, head gasket goes and your engine is now shot ($10,490). There are clear cut manufacturing defects in these trucks from 2002-2005 which explains why they re-engineered it and changed the name to the LR2. If you own one, trust me this will happen to you eventually. Be sure to log a complaint in the NHTSA's database at: and call Land Rover's NA HQ at 1-800-637-6837.
  • da2da2 Posts: 4
    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my 2005 Freelander! I just put a new lemon scented air freshener in it because it is now sitting in my driveway with a blown engine.
  • ricolricol Posts: 1
    I've had my Freelander for about two years now, the past year it has been a headache, last week the transmission stopped working, will need at least $3,000 to replace it. Anyone selling a working transmission, please let me know.
  • glorygirlglorygirl Posts: 1
    Purchased my Freelander in Sept of 2008, with 40K and not two weeks later was it back to the dealer for the first repair to the coolant, thermostat overheating problem. in Nov 2010 the same overheating, coolant loss problem was allegedly repaired (again). After 15 visits to the dealer for various other extended warranty repairs in less than 28 months, in late Feb of 2011, just 7 days after the 60K maintenance service was performed wherein all fluids were topped off, the car overheated and the coolant reservoir was totally empty. Upon delivering it yet again to the dealer, I was told there was oil found in the coolant and the engine had failed due to the overheating! Upon going through the LRNA Admin process patiently and courteously, they made me an offer to pay off the existing car loan. This was on April 6, 2011. On April 15 I counteroffered requesting out of pocket repair costs and a portion of the equity in the vehicle, graciously accepting the loan pay off as well. It is now May 13, 4 weeks since my counteroffer and they refuse to contact me.
    I was wondering if the threat of going public with a local consumer affairs televsion spot or lawsuit would get their attention and my money!?!
  • Same issue with my Freelander! I see many things out there on lawsuits in NJ & NY but I live in PA. can anyone help guide me in the right direction?
  • I have a 2003 Freelander with major motor issues and less than 60,000 miles on it. I took it to the Land Rover dealer I bought it from because It was using antifreeze and we never saw any on the ground. Long story short antifreeze was in the oil. They dropped it off saying if you drive it will blow the motor. So I now have a ticking time bomb in my yard that cant be driven. I have had the car for just over 3 years. I still have a loan on it. The car has depreciated over $14,000.00 since I bought it and that is only if it runs. I bought a warranty from Land Rover (third party) which is another waste of money. Now I am being told they cant repair it and Land Rover Corp says repair is not a option. I love this car and there is nothing wrong outside or inside except the motor I just cant believe the only option is to junk the car. I live in PA and I have not seen and lawsuits or and legal action against Land Rover in my state, please help!!!
  • I wrote an email to LR usa customer service, and heard back from them promptly. Unfortunately for me, is that when I had the LR dealer tell me the same thing, I didn't have it in writing. I didn't have the cash to tow it 100 miles to a lr dealer, and in addition pay the hourly rate for them to tell me what I already knew.

    I would suggest you contact LR before an attorney to see what they would offer you. My plan was to ask them to buy back my vehicle. They wouldn't talk to me because I didn't have anything in writing that the engine was blown and was not even worth repairing.
    Another problem is that even blue book prices have gone down so low -- I think it's down to $3900 for that vehicle -- I just traded my 2003 and they offered $2500, and I took it -- just to get that lawn ornament out of my drive. The car is worth nothing-- it costs about $5 for every mile you put on it.
  • I am so sorry to hear of your situation! I cant believe how many people are affected by this engine issue.
    I am so glad form the start I documented every person I spoke with what they said and the date and time. I have pages and pages of typed notes just dealing with this motor problem in my car.

    I talked to LR Corp. they are no help they don’t think this is a problem with this practical model. Lol! Right!
    They offered to buy back this car for $2500.00 which less then I owe on the car right now. I just cant believe the way I have been treated by the LR dealer and LR corp. I spent more money on the car then I should have thinking that LR makes reliable cars and it would be worth every penny but I was sadly mistaken!!
  • da277da277 Posts: 2
    Tell LRNA you want them to buy the car back. Have your repair receipts and documents well organized. Send letters via certified mail. Keep calling them. Join every car forum you can and post about your issue. Annoy the hell out of them on all their FaceBook pages. You don't need an attorney to get resolution for this!!!!!
  • They did offer to buy it back for much less then what I still have a loan for. I am not going to give up and I will try anything to make this right! Thanks for the comment!
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