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VW Jetta Sportwagen



  • Can anyone talk about prices paid and leasing information for oregon?
  • I don't know about in Oregon - but in CA, I just ordered a SEL sportswagon for $200 over invoice. I liked the SEL model and they don't seem to have any with navigation and the sun roof, so I had to order. Put $1000 down and negotiated the price at $29,516. (I know it's a lot for a Jetta but the added features of the SEL are worth it to me: 2.0 turbo engine, 17" tires, power/memory seats, real leather and dual air.) I test drove both the SE and SEL (w/o nav and sunroof) and really just preferred the SEL. I was also quoted the same $200 over invoice on the SE which would have been $25,200 with navigation and sunroof.
    I hope to have the car for a long time so the features make a big difference and well worth the extra $$$.
  • First you guys getting the gasser are crazy when there is now a clean diesel kick back that almost makes the diesel the same price as the equivalent gasser.

    The TDI simply blew me away - fantastic engine great milege the 6spd manual was pure joy. I have hated VW's for a long time but the new Jetta TDI has really changed my mind. The sport wagon is very high on my shopping list even though I really - really want AWD. I might just spring for the sport wagon TDI seems like a fantastic value for the money.
  • I agree the TDI has also sparked my interest - but it still lacks: power seats, controls on the steering wheel, dual air, real leather (correct me if I'm wrong, that's my understanding). Also, considered the difference in regular gas vs. diesel??? It's much closer these days (approx. .30 more....but at times has been almost $1.00 more.) Did you drive both the SEL and the TDI? I'd be interested in hearing how the engines compared? The SEL has 200/hp over the 140/hp on the TDI. I completely noticed the difference driving experience between the SE and SEL, figured it was the horse power. ??? Have to admit, I didn't test drive the TDI. By the way, has anyone ordered from VW and received their car? I'm curious what the real time is vs. the standard 2-3 months quoted.
  • All I can say is go drive the TDI the experience is completely different than the 2.5.
    Granted the leather thing is a big of a snag for me also the leatheret isn't really cutting it.

    But for the price its really hard to beat. What 6spd car exists thats sub 30K price tag? Let alone a snappy TDI option etc.

    The gas price vs diesel price argument doesn't fly even with a fairly large spread in the price per gallon - do the math!

    I still can't believe I'm all excited about a VW - I vowed never to own one again after my last experience. The TDI is the only reason I'd get the Jetta.
  • I hesitate to ask what your past experience is? I am new to VW myself. I've been driving a big, luxury, gas consuming, V8, SUV. Almost went with a Prius - but got swept away when I drove the sportswagon. The driving experience is just much better; just wish I didn't have to wait soooo long.
  • Also the manual seats are horrible......especially when you often share the car.
  • I currently own a 1994 Land Cruiser - our 3rd car used for hauling crap - people - boats etc.
    2001 Subaru GT Sedan 5spd - 150,000 miles on it its been flawless dispite towing sailboats all over the country - crazy back country camping trips on miles of less than ideal dirt roads - big snow weekends in Tahoe etc.
    2001 Jetta 1.8T - 5spd 50,000 miles looks new - Ok car but not comfortable - terrible back seat - quality issues etc. Power delivery has the effect of a rubber band which is quite annoying even in a 5spd manual.

    Past cars 4runner - Ford Truck - VW Dasher - Peugot 505TD 5spd - slow but not as slow as the 300TD mercedes. Pulled like a tractor probably because it had a tractor engine in it.

    Test drove a few toyotas last week including a Mini Cooper and the Subaru Impreza. The Jetta TDI for the price is pretty impressive. Fantastic 6spd manual I liked the feel etc. Shoot I freaking hate our 1.8T not fun to drive - not fun to ride in not even close to the same car the 09 Jetta is.
  • I test drove the mini cooper too. It would be great if it was just me. Fun to drive but I have two kids and the back seat would be a nightmare - and once again the manual drivers seat would get old quick. Like your Land Cruiser, I drive a Lexus GX470; everything is power, so I'm a bit spoiled.
    The TDI is suppose to get 30MPG's in the city, right? At today's gas prices that would save $30/month vs. the SEL model. hmmm I guess I would just have to ask myself if power/memory, leather seats, 17" tires, dual air, and steering wheel controls are worth the extra $$$. (By the way, the steering wheel controls are a pretty weak feature on the SEL. It has a blue tooth button that the dealer told me isn't compatible in the US. The radio buttons that change the channel basically just scan to the next station - not your pre-programmed stations. So it's certainly nothing special.) I think I'd just hate to give up the power/memory leather seats...
    Anyway, thanks for your input on the TDI, you've definitely given me more to think about.
  • ordered mine w/ dsg on july 12 was told 12 weeks..

    Now dealer tells me before the end of the year ..but probably late November 08

    Seems like production of sportswagon diesels for the year will not meet demand

    price@ msrp only with no other dealer installed garbage
  • I ended up getting a SEL yesterday. Funny enough, I happened to be looking on and noticed another dealership in the area had the exact color and options for the one I ordered. I had to press the dealership where I placed the order to call and do a trade, but after a few days, the trade finally went through and my wait was over after just 3 weeks!!!
    I highly recommend keeping tabs on all your local dealerships to see if one of them gets a color like the one you ordered. You would think after placing an order, the dealership would be checking this out for you....but it's not the case. They just move on and don't think about the order again until it comes in.
    Anyway - I never had a chance to test drive the TDI after-all (non of the local dealerships had one), but the SEL is pretty fun. Good luck!
  • New to VW's and fascinated with new 2009 Jetta Sportwagen but have two concerns:

    Have always had sunroof on past cars and am looking at one with new Panoramic sunroof. Any help on noise concerns besides the usual vacuum related issues that are often alleviated by cracking a window? Plus concerned over only mesh cover for two reasons: (1) heat and (2) noise. Have only had harder cover that provides significant noise and heat reduction when closed versus just the sunroof closed - noise reduction from just driving down highway and especially when have skis, bike or cargo box on top, heat (and glare) reduction when parked or very sunny out.

    Navigation system:
    Have had OEM systems and portable GPS units. Like both, obviously portable is easy to take from vehicle to vehicle. Am looking at new Jetta Sportwagen with DVD/nav system. How hard is it to do firmware upgrades?? Cost?? And, specs state DVD only works when car is in Park, which makes sense except that presumably passengers could be watching when car is in motion. Seems crazy to only work when in park and burning up fuel or battery. Does this make sense??

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Just got a call from my dealer. My wagon (ordered in early July) is not coming in before November, but is now in production in Mexico (if I am not mistaken) and should be here around Turkey Day. He couldn't find anything that had shipped since July with my specs (color, options, etc. - a bit unusual, to say the least) that he could have grabbed for me.

    Their deliveries had been snapped up within a few hours of arrival at the dealership, but supply situation should improve down the road. I hope the demand would still be there when they figure out what to do about it.

    He was telling me about a customer who drove up from Virginia (to N.E. PA) to pick up his TDI wagon as it was being unloaded from the truck.

    Not in a big hurry, but you as you can imagine, I'm getting tired of waiting sometimes. Patience, my child. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    This new nav system is called the RNS-510 and it's a nice system. You can add music to the hard drive. Music can be added via audio CD, pre ripped MP3's from SD card, MP3/WMA CD or DVD. You get about 18.6 GB of storage for Music. The unit has a 30 GB HDD which a portion is allocated for the maps and music storage system. It only supports up to 2 GB SD cards. No 4 GB or SDHC cards.

    Well for nav updates you update via DVD. The RNS-510 isn't that hard to update. It does take 1 to 2 hours to update. However you should get the latest version of map from navteq. Updating can be daunting but thats how it works. It has to download the DVD data to the hard drive. Once it's done loading you never have to use the DVD again.

    As for DVD while driving there are TV free adaptors. The TV free adaptor works with the new RNS-510. I can't post links to them but there are some german sites that sell them. The RNS-510 supports high end DVD Audio Discs that are more expensive but selection is limited. DVD's filled with MP3's can be played and ripped with this system.

    Lots of good technical information which may be daunting, but should help you in your decision.
  • I received a email asking if I received my SEL and if I like it but can't seem to find the person who wrote or asked, so am posting my reply here:

    I ended up finding the exact SEL that I ordered 3 weeks later at another dealership and requested that my dealer have the car dealer swapped, so I wouldn't need to wait. So I was lucky and received the car the end of October.

    The SEL is great!!! I went back and forth re-thinking if I should get the TDI, but the features of the SEL are hard to pass up. Only the SEL has: all power + memory drivers seat (which really makes a big difference; especially if you valet or ever share the car with another driver), real leather interior (not such a big difference), 17inch alloy tires, turbo engine (a ton more power that what I need), dual air (which works better than the standard air - not sure why but test it and you'll see for yourself) and radio controls on the steering wheel (a safety feature I appreciate).

    Sometimes I still question if at 29k, I should have considered the Passat wagon or the Audie A4 - but I would have had to spend a lot more to have the exact same engine and features I have with the SEL. So I still think I made the right decision.
  • Did you ever get your TDI sportwagon? We just got our deposit back from the dealer; they had absolutely no idea when they would get one with a manual and nav system. We got tired of them not returning phone calls or when we could get them on the blower, they would just be going into a meeting to get a delivery update and would call us back and we then we'd never hear from them. Guess we'll let the dust settle and try again the spring ;)
  • ezshift5ezshift5 Posts: 852
    Did you ever get your TDI sportwagon? We just got our deposit back from the dealer; they had absolutely no idea when they would get one with a manual and nav system. We got tired of them not returning phone calls or when we could get them on the blower, they would just be going into a meeting to get a delivery update and would call us back and we then we'd never hear from them. Guess we'll let the dust settle and try again the spring

    ......that last sentence is a keeper!!

    Replacing my venerated 1982 Rabbit Diesel Pickup with a nice 50-states legal TDI JSW seemed like a good idea. Still does.

    The IRS rebate is good until 12/2010 (or until VOA sells 60k TDI units).
    The pickup still runs great.
    Local dealers are charging a premium here in the great central valley.

    Again, waiting until the dust settles sounds like a plan.

    best, ez....
  • Stay away from the big city dealers. The small city dealers don't try to gouge you like those of the big cities.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    Apparently the RNS-510 the unit found in the Jetta SportWagen has been updated. New Hardware revision and software revision. They changed the Mute button to Phone. Phone is apparently the button to access the bluetooth menu. The Mute button on the older versions of the RNS-510 would also access the phone menu if a compatible Bluetooth module is installed. No the Volk-L doesn't count. The phone button is in preparation for a new factory installed BT module that can be retrofitted.
  • Colammy, thanks for the update! I asked about your SEL purchase a couple weeks ago. I think I am definitely leaning towards the SEL w/Navigation and have seriously considered the TDI as well as the A3. Thanks again for your valuable input.
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