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Toyota RAV4 Cruise Control Problems



  • Further to my post No.290 of 2 February I had my engine computer memory re-flashed with the latest software by Toyota Australia today. I understand this software update is available specifically to correct the "gearbox hunting" when using cruise control.
    After the s/w update I traveled several kilometers only but took the opportunity to drive uphill in the location where I experienced the gearbox hunting so often in the past. My initial impression is that the s/w update has solved the problem. The engine feels stronger and seems to deliver more power. When going uphill the engine speed does not drop below 3000 RPM in the 3rd gear and road speed of 80 km per hour is maintained even with the air-conditioning on. Hence, there is no need for the gearbox to change to 2nd gear and the "gearbox hunting" is avoided.
    I tried in vain to find out the new software version number or any Toyota identification number of this modification. Toyota is tight-lipped about this and there is no modification label on my vehicle and no entry in my service book, even if I specially requested it at the dealership.
    My educated guess is that the software update probably involved selection of engine power mode and this may lead to slightly increased fuel consumption, of course depending on usage. I can live with that. I am hopeful the "gearbox hunting" is gone for good but this can only be checked by driving the car for several weeks/months.
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