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Nissan Altima Sedan 2008-2009



  • vananjvananj Posts: 7
    I have always followed the manufacturer service guide which has provided me with reliability, good gas mileage and a car that lasts for many years.

    I bought my 2009 Nissan Altima and yesterday had my first 3-month oil change. The mileage was only 2686. The service manual states 3750 miles or 3 months. I am following the service manual on my new car to the tee. It may not guarantee that I will not have problems in the future, but it is definitely a means to preventive maintenance as well as giving me a sense of safety and reliability.
  • I have an 2009 Altima SL. How do I find out the XM radio ID ??
  • I believe if you go to Channel 1 it will tell you our XM ID
  • Thanks...actually, turns out it's Channel 0 and I got the ID...
  • I have a 2008 altima sedan the power seat that moves front or back quit working is this something I need to take to the dealer or self fix it
  • It depends on what the problem is. It could be a fuse is out, simple to change out. It could be the electric motor went out, not such an easy fix.

    Did you buy it from a dealer?
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