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Buying a Used Lincoln LS



  • I bought my 2002 LS-V8 in 2008 when it had 38K miles for ( drum roll ) ONLY $12K. I immediately put some new wheels on it ( the originals were badly corroded by PA winters) so it looks like a new car. I've had a few problems (all cars do !). I've noticed that the headlights leak moisture ( well known seal problem ). Lst summer it started running rough so after wasting $500 to get 2 COP ( coils on plugs) changed by my mechanic ( and still having some intermittent misfires ) I replaced all 8 COP units ( $125 on-line purchase for all 8 with maybe 3 hours labor ). It now runs great again. I also replaced the CD/Stereo with an aftermarket unit when the CD changer died. It's a modern car that has lots of high tech stuff in hard to reach places but so far I'd say it's been a very good purchase. I'm up to 80K miles, and since I write it off for business at .55/mile it's earning it's keep. My new license plate says MUNYMKR and it IS !
    I'll drive this to 150K miles then get a used CTS-V. If you frequent Forums like this, and treat your car right , it should be as good as most Japanese cars and probably more reliable than those over priced German rides. My last work car was a Lexus GS-300. It was good, but it had a few issues and when things broke on the Lexus they REALLY gouged me for parts . So... My LS V8 gives a good ride and is a GREAT value choice . But, I don't race around in it much ..I just set the cruise on 73 then watch the miles fly by . I use my corvette when I want to burn rubber and go fast fast fast.... :shades:
  • If you live in a cold region the engine starts with a fast idle. If you don't wait a minutes or two the first shift can clunk a bit. I had that problem but it's been better since I started paying attention to the RPMs when I shift from D or R to P, or vice versa.

    But , if it's already warm that's a different problem . :( That could be the auto transmission synchronizer going bad. I'm not a mechanic but that doesn't sound good to me. Check the transmission forum messages for related problems. You can search on clunking or shifting problems and get lots of info . Good Luck !
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    Speaking of the devil... I no longer live near Omaha. I got a bug today to check out the old forums. I hadn't been here in an eternity. I checked out the main LS page and then for fun looked around elsewhere and saw your post. While I traded in my '00 LS8 a long time ago, my mom still has her '00 LS6 (May 1999 build date). She has about 85,000 miles.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Just bought the above LS at the auction for a friend of mine. Had it a weekend before he came to pick it up and drive it home. I remember them when they were in production, and I drove Lincolns at the time. Always passed because it was too small for my needs, but it was, and I'm now reminded, an amazing driver's car. Even after 12 years of service, this LS was so impressive, I was amazed at what Lincoln had going there, and think it's a crime they gave up on that direction for Lincoln. If they had continued in that vein, I would probably be driving a Lincoln today. And Cadillac would be trying to compete instead of clocking Lincoln. What a shame, and what a wonderful car the LS was.

    It never made a profit, it was over-engineered for the price point at which a Lincoln could be sold for at the time, and it wasn't good looking enough to grab the emotional attention needed to sell an expensive car. So it was discontinued when money got tight for Ford, and Nasser was canned for the Explorer mess. Bill Ford took over, and he never did like Lincoln, so he starved the brand nearly out of existence. That's why it is what it is today. His plan was to use Jaguar, Land Rover and Aston Martin as his luxury brands, and Ford as his mainstream brand, and let Lincoln/Mercury die a slow death. He nearly succeeded. But nearly lost the entire company in the process. Bill Ford is a rabid environmentalist, and was moving the company toward "greenism", not performance. Nice idea - but never a very profitable one, especially back then. Plus he didn't execute his plan well at all. Killing the Excursion was about all he accomplished, which is now another highly sought after truck in the diesel form. Almost a cult following for it just like the LS. 10 year old Excursions still go for $15,000 with the diesel engine.

    But I digress. Mullaly has saved Ford. He is making plans to restore Lincoln to its former glory and luster, and I hope he can do so quickly enough to save the brand. In its present form, I'm not interested - but I could be again if they would make Lexus style cruisers and large cars, and LS style performers again.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,930
    I don't understand why everyone says that Lincoln must be saved immediately. The fact that Ford is comfortably profitable and most stand alone Lincoln dealers are now co-owned by Ford dealers means Ford can take its time to fix Lincoln the right way - from the ground up.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Well.....hadn't actually thought about that - you make a good point. What's the rush, really..... They don't make a bad car at all, just not world class luxury or performance, they can carry on that way indefinitely, I guess. Probably won't win me back, although I will say, I'm very happy with my 12 Explorer, if Lincoln would make a version of a vehicle like it, I would buy it. The only reason I bought the Explorer version was that Lincoln doesn't make anything in that form right now, the MkT is awfully ugly to me, and I don't care for the Flex anyway, too much a station wagon. The MKX has no 3rd seat. Not a fan of the Edge/MKX anyway. Explorer was my only Ford choice, and I strongly dislike GM. Pilot is tinny, and Honda-quirky, Like Toyota, but wife doesn't, so Explorer won. - Again.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,930
    It's been just over a year since Ford made the commitment to Lincoln. You expect them to fix everything overnight?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Of course not - but I AM worried that with Mullaly leaving, that the "comittment" to Lincoln may be forgotten again - Bill Ford does not like Lincoln, which was apparent when Nasser was fired, and the direction of Lincoln being part of the PAG, and going in the pathway of the LS was immediately reversed. Will the guy tapped to replace Mullaly stretch to rebuild Lincoln? What do you think? You're much closer.....
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,930
    Mulally isn't leaving anytime soon. I don't think Bill dislikes Lincoln - I just think the priorities were different in the past with PAG. Now it's just Ford and Lincoln.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Reassuring. You'd wonder why I care so much, since I now drive a Lexus (although I always keep a Ford SUV around, used to be Lincoln or Mercury), but for some reason, after 16 good years in Lincolns, I am still attached. For several reasons, I'm rooting for Lincoln to make a comeback to the glory of 1961 - 2005.
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