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Toyota Yaris Accessories & Modifications



  • azyarisazyaris Posts: 5
    I am working on upgrading my sound system in my 2007 yaris, and while I know that the front speakers are 6.5" I am not sure about the rear ones, they look like 6x9 but I can't verify this without removing the back covers. Has anybody else upgraded the rear speakers in the S coupe?
  • Does anyone know if the armrest on the Liftback can be "uninstalled". I ordered a Liftback automatic without an armrest and I was told by the dealer that it was installed at the port and can't be uninstalled. I don't want to lose out on the cupholder. Does anyone know if the dealer can "uninstall" the armrest? Those that have the armrest, do you think its worth keeping it?

    Those that don't have an armrest, do you like the Liftback without it or do you think its worth installing.

    Thanks and I look forward to the replies. I have enjoyed reading all the comments in the various sections. It convinced me to buy the Liftback so I am excited. It has taken about 2 months and will be here in a few weeks. I will report how it drives, etc. and write a review.
  • lucynethellucynethel Posts: 81
    Iam adjusting to NO armrest. It just slips into the cupholder. YOUR dealer is nuts! I forsee problem with setting the parking brake and NEED that cupholder so I may live without it myself? STOOPID of Toyota to destroy all the storage potential setting up the Emergency brake like they did. Sad........ :sick:
  • Thanks. that is what I thought since I don't want a problem with the emergency brake and also I don't want to lose the cupholder. I tried the yaris specialist online and they were no help and two different reps. give me conflicting information. I am calling the dealer manager in the morning (he didn't know much when I first spoke to him.) I just don't want the armrest and its annoying at this point. The salesperson says I have to take it if it comes with it. I say bull. I will let you know how I make out.
  • rodnreelrodnreel Posts: 13

    My automatic Liftback came without an armrest..and I wanted one! I bought one on E-BAY (Factory from Toyota) and installed it myself. If just fits into the cupholder, with a little wire for support that runs down to the seat rails. One screw holds it in place. It also lifts up, so you can get to the parking brake and has another cup holder built onto the back end, so you don't loose the cup holder space! I think you should give the armrest a is comfy. BTW I only paid $50 on E-Bay, plus $13 for shipping.

    Best of luck, I love my Lift! :P
  • rodnreel,

    thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. It is good to know that you don't lose the cupholder. I am a coffee drinker and travel a lot for work (I am also right handed so the left handed cup holder by the a/c heating vent on the driver side is awkward to me)

    Do you find that with the armrest that you have easy access to the cupholder for coffee and other beverages? Just wondering.

    I can't believe you found one at less then half the price on ebay and the arm rest is a $129.00 accessory....amazes me!

    thanks again for your help..that means a lot to me. I have stressed about the armrest because I was afraid it would be a loss of the cupholder and loss of decent access to the emergeny brake....I will let you know what happens. Also, I am glad to hear that you love your Liftback..that is music to my ears!!
  • violinviolin Posts: 20
    My liftback came with an armrest installed. I didn’t really want one but was just happy to find a liftback otherwise equipped how I wanted it. I had a similar armrest in my 1985 Mazda RX-7 and it eventually broke off and I’m afraid this one will one day too. I find that I really like having it though.

    Like rodnreel says, it is just attached with a screw and a couple little wire supports. It would be easy to remove.

    I don’t know how useful the cupholder would be there anyway. The way it is now, the piggybacked cupholder is really only useful for back seat occupants. The left-handed cupholder is not that convenient for us ‘normal’ people (right-handed) but it works OK.

    They really do mark-up those port installed accessories. You can order most through your dealer for much less and install them yourself.
  • Violin,

    Thanks for your help. I hope that the left handed cup holder works out ok (like you, I am right handed) I will let everyone know when I get my Liftback. It is supposed to be here in a few weeks. I hope sooner. The wait is killing me.
  • rodnreelrodnreel Posts: 13
    rocketman: I am right handed too and a morning coffee drinker. I sometimes reach around to the back cup holder and put my drink in there. It is a little awkward, but once you know where it is, you can feel for it...or use your right hand and go across the steering wheel. :sick: Neither is a great option. It is my one complaint about my Liftback. Oh, and it was not any better without the was still awkward to reach.

    Drop a line when you get your Lift. Mine will hit 3000 miles tomorrow. I bought it on 5/19. My last tank I got 37.1 mpg, about 25% city and 75% HWY. Who needs a cup holder? :D
  • Rodnreel,

    Thanks for the insights and for the report. I was going to get my vehicle the same weekend you did (except it was a demo and I had a bad feeling about it....sorta looked used too much....turns out someone bought it after I test drove..silly me thought they would have more then one in...but I am glad that I ordered the Liftback. I am still waiting to find out if it did or didn't come with an armrest (the sales person says no, the internet manager says would think its an easy question to answer????/grrrr!!! Congrats on the 3000 miles and great mileage..I will let you know. I am supposed to hear within the week about approximate arrival time.....I hope sooner then later...I feel like a kid waiting to open up his Christmas present and very anxious for it to arrive!
  • rodnreelrodnreel Posts: 13
    Oh, and I forgot to mention I've been driving 75-80 mph on the HWY with the AC on. I could get better MPG if I were to slow down. :shades:
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    There's one thing the Yaris lacks, especially the Liftback model (which is the version I'm VERY much interested in :D ):
    a power sunroof. I wonder why Toyota doesn't offer a sunroof option with the Yaris. Excuse my ignorance, but is it possible to have a power sunroof installed, either through dealer or aftermarket, WITHOUT voiding the warranty? Can someone please inform? I sure would appreciate it.

    Many thanx. . .

    Peace! :)
  • I am sure you can get a sunroof installed. Just google to find someone in your area. The Yaris is an economy car and made to have a low price. Toyota did not put many accessories on this car in order to keep the price down.


    PS. We are lucky they made an automatice for the Yaris. HA
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    Most dealers will have someone they use to put in sunroofs that won't void the car's warranty. In fact, if you are financing you can usually get them to include it in the financing, and to have the sunroof put in before you take delivery.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • violinviolin Posts: 20
    Most dealers work with Classic Soft Trim for leather seats and sunroofs. They have installers all over.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I have seen this on Ebay and was wondering about it. It appears to be an aftermarket item rather than the Toyota Factory Model (TFM). Does it fit into the cup holder or does it have to be installed with screws, etc? How much trouble would it be to take it in and out once it is installed? Does this come with the two cup holders for back seat riders like the TFM?
  • lucynethellucynethel Posts: 81
    Seems to have 3 screws and "covers" that rear cupholder. Since it offers FAR more storage of the type I need, losing the cupholder didn't matter. It's also wider and more supportive. It will ship to me tomorrow and I imagine will take a week from Canada to California?
    Has NO cupholder options you refer to that I know of?
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I will expect a follow up report after you install it. Thanks.
  • lucynethellucynethel Posts: 81
    WHAT a differance! NOW this chap stero is ALIVE when I turn it on. Just so happy with the improvement. Total of $124.00 INSTALLED at my local shop. Bought from my shop but info on what I got at: =113KFCT207#Tab

    Mike (armrest enroute!)
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