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Nissan Murano Reliability



  • Mike, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but look at the posts on the CVT transmission. The transmission itself is not the problem, it is the pressure sensor that has been failing in the earlier models. I really enjoyed mine until a few weeks ago when I found out I was looking at a $4200-5000. repair bill. Check it out....Nissan will Lie to you and well as the dealers. No one is admitting there actually is a problem. I've even reported it to the NTSB as a safety defect. Nissan probably won't do anything until someone is killed because of it. I came close several times pulling into traffic and the vehicle just hesitated for 10-15 seconds. Beware! ;)
  • Hi Everyone,
    I need some advice/help/insight, whatever anyone can offer.

    I leased a 2007 Murano SL at the end of August 07. My first problem came as a result of a fuel sensor. It was no longer reading properly. After the dealership finally figured out how to put the sensor in (not upside down) so it would read correctly, I went on my way. That was the 19th of December. On the 21st, as I entering into a very busy intersection, the vehicle started to "buck" and hesitate like I was driving a standard and going to stall it. Then it lost power. I was able to get the vehicle home (after it did the same thing again on a side street) and the dealership towed the vehicle from my house. They called me on Christmas Eve Day to tell me that my transmission was shot and they had ordered me a new one. Mind you, this vehicle had 6200 miles on it. They had the vehicle from the 22nd until January 8th. I picked the vehicle up (may I add they did an awesome detailing job to it) and drove away. I noticed a slight hesitation as I entered onto the on ramp, but thought it was all in my head. Today, I started out for an appointment a hour away from my house. About 30 mintues into my trip I found that I could not go faster than 70mph and the tac was going up and down. I tried to give it some gas and it began to buck and stall-just like before. I lost power, to the point that I could not go faster than 25mph. The interior lights started to dim, the radio went out and then they all surged on and stayed on. The vehicle was towed back to the dealership (an hour away again) and they have no idea what is wrong! They've already yanked the tranny out and replaced it and that appears that was never the problem! The general manager says that they want to get me out of this lease and into another Murano, but did say that Nissan is very hard to deal with in these situations! PLEASE, has anyone had an issues like this?? I am in a lease for 39 months and a high mileage lease at that. I purchased 22k a year. I am paying a lot of money a month for this vehicle and it's spent almost a month being ripped apart or on the back of a tow truck. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP! :sick: :sick:
    Oh yeah, my last vehicle was a jetta and that thing had just as many problems as this one, but not nearly as severe. As you can tell by my posting name!
  • I previously owned a Nissan Altima. Drove it to 150,000 miles before I traded it in. Never spent more than the regular checkup. Never replaced anything major. I couldn't kill that car! It was great! I got an 05 Murano SL. I am 1,000 miles out of warrenty (76,200). I did not buy the extension because I have never had a problem with any Nissan, and the car runs perfect! In December I notice a slight hesitation when I accellerate. Not all the time. Just every now and then. I thought it was due to the weather and cold fluids. It has progressivly gotten worse. I am devistated to now know I will be spending 6,000 dollars for a problem that should have been fixed already on the previous models.
    I am upset. I am dissapointed. I filed a complaint. What can I do?
    I am trading in the car, taking a huge hit on the trade in, and I am no longer (and never will be again) a Nissan Customer.
  • I purchased a Murano SL in February of 2007. Everything has been fine to this point but, after reading so many negative posts, I feel like something could happen at any time. It is not a stretch to say that the Murano seems to be a flawed automobile. I can't believe NIssan has been able to sidestep the transmission issue (pressure sensor) and act like there is no problem. Like someone said earlier, maybe it will take a fatality to wake someone up. Hey Nissan, if you screwed up, admit it. I was always under the impression that the car had a good reputation. Based on that and its looks I made the purchase. Maybe I won't encounter the same problems, maybe I will. But that doesn't make up for all the other owners and leasers who have had headaches and big bills.
  • 70,000 miles and nothing. No problems with my '03 Murano.Finally replaced the tires recently,still driving with original brakes. I haven't even replaced a lightbulb. Go figure.... Oh wait, I just replaced my windshield wipers also....It's a good car.
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    Steve: Afew months back posters wrote about replacement tires for M O s. I will need to buy a new set soon. Can you tell me the posting numbers on this subject. Mr Baldwin had done a lot of research on this. Thanks.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Is this the one you're asking about? baldwin3, "Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair" #1789, 12 Mar 2007 5:26 pm

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Dear Sliceopizza,
    Start saving your money now! My tranny did not go until 89K miles. Beware that there is a serious problem with the tranny and get ready for that BIG bill. It's a coming!!! :cry: When you start getting that "hesitation" it is ready to go. Nissan dealers are well aware of this problem although they act like this is the first time they have heard about it with each complaint. See what they will give you for a trade in and look at Edmunds wholesale and retail price then compare, they know about the problem....... :lemon:
  • As others have posted, those who have a complaint are a lot more likely to be heard from than those who are happy. As a quality manager I know this to be true. With that said:

    Just got home after spending my Friday night picking up my wife on the side of the road and having her Murano towed to the dealership. '04 SL AWD with 67k miles. The AWD is apparently toast. $3900 to fix that. They won't know until they fix that if the transmission is also bad, which she was told would cost roughtly another $3000 (based on everything else I've read this sounds like a lowball initial estimate). Potentially $7000+ in repairs on a vehicle with 67k miles? She's also had smaller irritations like the sun visor wearing out and having to be replaced (although kudos to the dealership for doing the labor for free even though it was out of warranty) and now the lift gate latch is going bad (she very seldom uses that). And she still loves driving the thing so much she wonders what they'll give her if she trades its carcass in on a new one......

    In the short term that is life changing money for us. You won't see me on the Nissan lot again. :lemon:
  • To be fair to Nissan I should give an update on our experience that I posted on 3/7/08. The AWD system did have to be replaced. However, Nissan agreed to cover the full cost of this. We were roughly 8k miles out of the warranty period, so I commend them for that decision. There was nothing wrong with the CVT. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will last until the fall when we'll seriously consider getting something else.
  • new6new6 Posts: 3
    I had a 2004 and just replaced with 4 new tires, all the jobs are done by tire dealer, not from Nissan dealer. After the ride on Highway about 1hour at 120km/hr, the low tire pressure indicator turn on. I had to park and check all the tires, and they are in the good condition. That indicator turned off after i turn off and turn the engine back on. Any one have any ideal why this happen? Do i need to bring the truck to Dealer to check it out? Thanks for your help
  • RRACRRAC Posts: 1
    I rwad your posting and it seems I have the same issue after doing wheel alignmnet on my MURANO. Just want to ask if you got any responce on the matter.
    thank you
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    The owners book says that it takes a few miles for the monitors to recalibrate. Relax, all is well.
  • I've begun the lemon law process for my '07 Murano. Here's a link to the first time the problem popped up,!keywords=#77 ,with 1,400 miles on it it sputtered off the freeway. Crank sensor replaced. Six months later with 6,000 miles same thing, it started chugging on the freeway and stalled out, crank sensor again. The part was replaced and the car returned. Monday with 12,500 miles it did the same thing while I was on the freeway overpass, and I coasted to the shoulder. Crankshaft position sensor replaced. The service advisor swears they fixed it this time, but I'm not having it. I should have a call back from the regional specialist tomorrow, we'll see what they say, but nothing they say is going to make me keep this car... :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • 75,000 miles and now the tranny is going bad. The code says it needs a new valve body but the service folks say that it really needs a new tranny from Nissan at the small cost of $5000.00 I suspect if the valve body were replaced and everything worked out fine, we would never know and still hear the line, "you need a new tranny". Any input or help would be appreciated very much. I knew better than to buy a first year model and heck am I gonna pay for it.
  • It may be just a few people as you say who are having tranny issues but I'm facing a $5000.00 repair because my tranny is deciding to go out at 75,000 miles. This is inexcusable and Nissan is taking the "old Detroit addage" of, #@#$%^%$#$ YOU!
    You bought it and it's not our problem. I won't shut down Nissan but I can guarantee you I'll trash the NIssan to anyone that listens.
  • Murano 04 .78K review: Nothing but.....

    I have an 04 murano with 78k miles. I thought it might be nice to let you know my experience. I dont come to this site regulary or follow any threads; I should have done that. Any way here is my 5 year and 78k murano owing experience.
    I had nothing but problems with this from the beginning. Around 20K check engine light came on and the throttle body had to be replaced. The mechanic who replaced it screwed it up so badly i had to leave the car with the dealer for two days. After may be another 5k miles, around 25-30k miles the engine mount had to be replaced and under warranty that was replaced; convincing the the mechanic there was problem with the engine mount wasnt an easy task. From the beginning it used make the zzz zzz noise when back up or slowing come to a stop. I was always told by the mechanics, nissan certified ones that is, it was cvt making that noise and considerd to normal. After about a year i was able to get them to check it out and they finally figured that out; bad engine mount was making the noise and it was replaced under warranty.

    Most of miles are highway miles, I used to commute around 100 miles back and forth from work and that is why i have 78k miles. Most of these miles were from the first two years. I dont drive the car a lot now days because i work about 2 miles from home. I dod a 62 k (dont remeber exaclty when) service and there was no problems wih the car , that was may be a 1-1/2 years ago. Few days I was driving on the higway i started hearing a noise coming from the front passenger side, like that of race car or like the sports car kind of noise. I took it some local mechanics and they all gave different reason for the noise. Finally, I took the car to the dealer and the service advisor there, great guy, said it was the hub bearing that is making the noise and it had to be replaced and I told him I will be back the following day. I went back in there the following day and the service advisor said, lets take look at the car and he will call me once a machanic takes a look at the car. I got a call from him after 1-2 horus, I was really shocked by what he told me. Following things has to be replaced/fixed.

    Hub Assembly right side
    Drive Belts(this is normal wear and tear)
    Axle seal is leaking cvt fluid and cvt fluid is low
    Front Control Arms
    Front Engine Mount(was replaced around 25k)
    Inner Tire Rods.

    I dont know whole lot about cars, but is it normal to have these kinds of problems after 5 years. I dont know any one who has replaced bearings, engine mount or contorls arms on there cars. Is that normal? My sisters altima had a whole lot porblems but nothing like this. From reading the different posts, it seems like bearing related issue is common? Replacing engine mount twice in 4 years?. I dont think I will ever by a nissan again in my life time. The only reason I went for it because my friends and family’s maximma never had any problems and it was depenedable and reliable. I think i will equivate murano to the late 90’s and early 2000’s ford and other manufactures in terms of reliablity and quality.After all these problems i dont think i will ever buy nissan ever again. I didnt hit anything, like curbe or anything like that and I dont abuse my car.

    From these forums i see people are really enjoying their car, i was like this too and wait untill 4-5yrs and 60-80K miles and then you will regret buying this. From reading all the comments in the forums and my experience murano is not a reliable car by any stretch of the imagination. The sad part about it is, nissan claiming these are normal tear and wear. Comon two engine mounts in 5yrs is normal?
    Let me know if any one of you had any problems like this. I would really appreciate your feed back.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    If you check the acura mdx/lexus rx350/audi Q7 posts you find plenty of disaster stories posted. Along with those posts there are folks who say they have zero problems. It appears that for whatever reason within any model there are problem vehicles. No way to tell what percentage they represent. Of course if you have a bad one then it might as well be 100%. I'm leasing -- costs more but no repair costs so if I bought a lemon -- would only have to keep it 3 years and say good-bye.
  • Just sold my 03 with 135,000 miles on it and after spending ooodles of money. I had to replace every control arm possible. Even though I had the factory extended gold plus whatever warranty and even though it happened before 100,000 (end of warranty). After 2.5 years the car needed an amazing amount of work. The dealer said that the control arms were "bent" so that they had to have been in an accident or towed wrong. If the car was towed, it was before their bazillion point certified check BS! I never had the car towed. yet, if the control arms were already bent, I had not detected it because I had counted on the dealer's word about the warranty and had not had an independent chk. I also had replaced wheel bearings and ball bearings and spent another 3k on various things. In the end, the money was not worth it. I loved the car but it should never have cost in repairs what it did--and the maintenance was over the top--prevention did not prevent anything. Ugh.
  • pro7pro7 Posts: 5
    My wife's murano has more problems than that freaky deaky family that lives on the other side of the tracks. Hubs replaced. Front control arms replaced. Car stalled - just plain died at 76k. People like muranos like they like a young Latino chick (or Irish, etc ...) it looks good for a few years than it kinda goes downhill pretty quick. This car is brain dead when it comes to reliability in my circumstance. I have the thickest stack of repair invoices.
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