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Oldsmobile Intrigue Coolant System Problems



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    It may be at the start of a head gasket failure. Before I traded my 2000 Intrigue last year, I was losing coolant and my mechanic thought the head gasket was going.

    I haven't heard of any leaks in the manifold on this engine. Try searching on this forum:
  • Thanks, dtownfb, I'll check that out.
  • trcjmtrcjm Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    I have 2 intrigues, one with a 3.5 and one with a 3.8. If you saw something below your spark plugs, you are most likely looking at a head gasket issue. The 3.8's are known for having intake issues. On mine I was using a little anti-freeze every month and my temp gauge was running a little higher. Then I started to have starting issues. It would always start but you would have to crank it a little longer than I used to have to. I ended up having to replace the intake gaskets and Intake Manifold. When I pulled the old intake off, I found anti-freeze between the top and the lower intake. The car has never run better. The temp gauge is right where it was when I bought the car new. My 3.5 I did have to replace the head gaskets around 200k on the engine. I did use some Bars Stop Leak and that did give me about another 35k before having to fix it right.
  • Well with 260K on it, I'm thinking head gasket, so will go that route. Thanks.
  • Hi, someone please tell me the name of the part that is located above the water pump. My mechanic says that I have a leak coming from it so it has to be replaced, but I can't locate the part because I don't know the name. Also, do you know whether this part snaps into place when it is repaired or would I need to buy something else for it. Thank you so much!
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    This discussion describes the location of the engine coolant temperature sensor: ant+temperature+sensor+location

    good luck.
  • oldcardaveoldcardave Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Car doesn't overheat - runs good. However shortly after reaching normal operating temperature it will drip coolant from the passenger side, near the front. Problem then diappears after driving a short distance. No overheating and doesn't seem to be losing any significant volume of coolant. Also, does anyone know why the radiator will overflow when removing the cap even when the car is stone cold?
    1999 with 3800 V6. I bought this car used about 3 years ago from the original owner, has about 120000 on the clock. Good car, my wife even took it off the highway into a ditch at speed. Except for a ruined wheel and tire we were able to drive away! It needs new brakes and a set of tires...don't want to put the money in if I can't diagnose this coolant proble,
  • there is a plastic elbow shaped tube above the water's part of the in take system ....after the car is hot... fluid will bubble out...but only when the car is hot. discovered this leak after replacing EVERYTHING....
  • same problem here,
    what is with all the tightlipped mechanics.
    what is it and how do i fix it?
  • close to the same problem, My coolant light stay on on the dash, I have smelled coolant before shortly after starting but I dont loose any visible level of fluid. Christmas time I drove 700 miles round trip and didnt loose any fluid but still would occasionaly smell antifreeze and my light would still come on. I've been told the sensor in the overflow might be bad and causing the light to come on but that doesnt explain the coolant smell
  • check the oil in the car .. look for moisture if so you may need an intake the 3800 is bad for burning a hole at the egr valve and sucking the antifreeze out or into the intake ... other than that look at the airdam undeer the car the springs break or wear out and fold the airdam back causing overheating.. but when filling with antifreeze turn heat on high and open bleed valve but one thing helps is to have a funnel that sits higher than the car ... once full and hot ... put cap on and check it in the morn... if the water is low in radiator but not in reservoir change cap.. a bad cap will also let water back into reservoir cause it is not holding pressure...
  • Don't know the name of it, but it does snap into place. I removed
    and took to dealer. Cost was approx $15.
  • loosenutloosenut Posts: 165
    mom's -01 intriuge ,w 180k on th clock,has been a good car.. trans started acting goofy..
    noticed fluid level was OVER full.. may have been water beads on dipstick,and a oily film in th reserve tank..
    mabee trans cooler in the radiator??? and can i save it by flusing and refilling trans? and coolant? anyone else encounter similar problems? thanks! :sick:
  • wfo72wfo72 Posts: 1
    I just got a 2000 3.5 Intrigue with 155.000 miles, very clean well maintained car. The timing jumped due to a mechanic not torqueing the balancer correctly on the old motor and the timing chain jumped bending the valve train. Anyhow I had a very good shop install a 2001 3.5 Alero motor with 78.000 miles in it. This engine appears very well maintained after removing the valve covers and inspecting visually. My problem is only at 70 mph and up with the AC system on the engine overheats into the red. I can turn off the AC and the tempature gauge drops 1/4 way down. I have pulled over and had no coolant leaking from the car or it even smelling like it overheats. Idles fine and doesn't stumble at all. As soon as I get back up to hwy speeds and turn the ac on the temp rises again. I live in Florida and the outside is about 98 degree's now. I have noticed the air deflector under the radiator support is missing and am wondering if it's a lack of air flow into the radiator causing the issue as there's no air ports in the front bumper fascia to assist in cooling, it just comes from under the car. It has a new Discount thermostat in it as well. Could this be a PCM/BCM issue. I heard something about a Engine Tempature sending unit but can't find it as it maybe in the PCM? I also heard the coolant sensor sends a signal to the PCM the the BCM and to the instrument cluster gauge. I did just use a hand held digital temp gauge and the outside radiator read 244 degree's, with I assume is too hot. Any thoughts on this matter?
  • hey buddy!
    i have the same problem with my oldsmobile intrigue 2000,
    it overheats and i pull over the car for couple of minutes and start all over again.

    any solution upto know?

    response would be appreciated.

  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,674
    edited December 2011
    Well, what have you checked? Are the belts intact and in working order? Do you have the proper level of coolant? It could also be a fan belt or fan motor that's broken.

    If you can't check these things yourself, you really need to have a mechanic take a look at the car and figure out what's causing the overheating. As much as you may not want to spend money on a diagnosis, if you continue driving a vehicle that's regularly overheating, you will soon not have an engine and you'll have to replace it, or get a new vehicle altogether - either of which is more expensive than a diagnosis.

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  • Had the same overheating problem on my 2002 Intrigue, Final 500 #474, 49,000 miles.
    Changed thermostat, no help, still running hot, cooling after bringing engine over 2000 rpm's.
    Took it to local mechanic who reversed flushed the heater core by reversing the heater hoses, never had to remove any parts from the engine, no cutting hoses, etc. Don't know how he did this, as I think the heater hoses are two different diameters? He said that using the hot water from the engine would work much better than flushing with a tee using cold garden hose water.
    Afer driving over 2000 miles since he did this the temp. needle goes to a little below the half way mark and stays there! Also don't know what happens to the junk that's broken loose by doing it this way, all I know is that it worked !!
  • keyonnakeyonna Posts: 1
    I just bought an oldsmobile intrigue a 2000 and I drove it for about two weeks before I noticed it started to overheat I have not driven it to overheat to the red but it has gotten close. I have not went through all of what you ahve either but do you think it could be a manufaturer's mistake because this is not the only website or time I have put in this problem and a lot of people have the same problem with the same car? I will do what I can to save my car or I also feel like I have been robbed as well! I need help finding a solution and I have ttried some of the things you have and I know that it is not something we are doing if it has happened to a number if the same model cars!
  • chuck24mchuck24m Posts: 6
    Keyonna, this problem can be solved by reversing the heater hoses.
    Go to Auto Zone and get two heater hose connectors 5/8 x 3/4, two short pieces of heater hose,one 5/8 and one 3/4 diameter, and four hose clamps.
    Remove the heater hoses from the top of the engine, you will lose about a pint of coolant, no need to drain the radiator.
    Cut the short pieces of hose to fit and attach the hose connectors with the hose clamps.
    Connect the hose connectors to the existing hoses, reversing them from the original positions. Add a little coolant to the fill line and your good to go.
    Drive the car like this for a thousand miles or so and put the hoses back in their original positions and you should not have any more problems.
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