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Oldsmobile Intrigue Coolant System Problems



  • jamesimjamesim Posts: 1
    have a 2000 intrigue with 70000 miles
    overheats but when i speed the engine at neutral or park
    the temp drops very fast.
    mechanic changed the thermosta...he wants to start replacing the pump then
    the radiator....very scared.

    any ideas.
  • chuck24mchuck24m Posts: 6
    edited August 2012
    James, read message 103, this is the exact problem I had.

    Reverse the heater hoses and drive it for 1000 miles or so and your problems will be solved !!

    By the way until you do this you can control the overheating by droping the trans into a lower gear to keep the rpms above 2000, this will quickly bring the temp down to normal range.
  • Hey I have a INTRIGUE that is doing the same thing. It runs hot by the gauge but the eng does not seam to be hot. I can put my hand on the hoses and the rev bottle and they are not hot. Do you think this will fix my can as well
  • when switching the heater hoses are you still able to get heat? or is this something you would want to avoid in a Minnesota winter
  • I got more heat than I had before reversing the hoses. Heater core doesn't care which way coolant is running. Been running with the hoses reversed for the last six months or so.
    Temp needle started creeping up a little. about two months ago, (slightly past half way). I added a bottle of RMI 25 cooling system treatment (available on Amazon for about $15.00) and its been holding steady since then,
  • I changed thermostat and have been bleeding the system but It still wants to run hot. down shifting brings temp down to normal but climbs again back in drive. the guy at autozone said he would not do that to his car because that loose crap from back flush will come back into the system what are your thoughts? I really need to get to the bottom of this
  • I've been running with the hoses reversed for the last six months, every once in while I skim a little junk off the top of the coolant in the plastic recovery tank with an old anti-freeze tester (old turkey baster will work), don't get very much.
    The first time I reversed the hoses it was only for a short time, it worked for awhile, then it started to run warm, so I just decided to reverse the hoses and left them that way, since I added the RMI 25 it hasn't gone past the half way mark.
  • THREE HOURS OF BLEEDING AIR OUT AND STILL HAVE SAME PROBLEM I have noticed that when the fan motor kicks on the temp goes up? turn heat on temp goes up when bleeding air at 2000 rpm it holds steady soon as i close it up and start driving the temp goes up I guess I will give it a try cant drive it like this
  • just had my water pump replaced and the engine runs mid range on the dial but if I turn on heat the temp goes up. Makes no sense cause heat is taking heat from engine I talked to a mechanic and he said there could be a crack in the head gasket if therer is someone out there that has heard the same thing please shout out need to make a decision here about trading or fixing this
  • chuck24mchuck24m Posts: 6
    Sounds like you need to reverse the heater hoses, only cost about ten dollars for parts, won't hurt anything, been running mine reversed for close to a year now, runs cooler than ever! Throw in a bottle of RMI25 for about $15 and you'll be good to go.
  • I ran into this same problem when I changed my water pump. If they replaced your water pump with an aftermarket water pump then the car will run hot. And your heater will not blow hot air at idle. When replacing the water pump make sure it is replaced with a genuine AC Delco water pump. After I replaced the aftermarket pump with the AC Delco pump the car ran fine.
  • I have just recently replaced my thermostat, due to the temp riding at about 3/4 temp toward the red, but not overheating. When driving down highway or at decent speed temp goes down but rises when idle.

    At the time, I also had my oil changed the tech did not mention anything about my oil being bad indicating a blown head gasket. Any thoughts as to what may be the cause?

    With past experience on other car mainly my Saturn, temp sensors are what come to mind. but any other solutions are welcome.

    question #2: Is it necessary to perform a coolant flush, even after a thermostat has been replaced?
  • Hey Guys, Honestly i'm not familiar with the coolant level and so I browsed the net and I found this article about Car's coolant level and I find it very helpful. Hope you enjoy it too.
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