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Dodge Durango Electrical System Problems



  • Like U have just bought a used 2006 and now that it is dark outside have observed the identical issue, and have read the manual cover to cover. Is / was your problem resolved and if so what was the issue in the end?
  • Nope nothing yet.
  • My electrical problems started when it was really cold. My personal mechanic had the truck 4 days and could not fix it because it was inthe computers and the software is propriatary and not available to indepedant shops. Then the Dodge dealer had it 2 days but not cold enough to make the computer 'freeze up' then the second time they found it it was the front control control module. It has now been repaired, that is the good news. the bad news? $965.00
  • Took the Durango to the dealer. Said it was the BCM (Body Control Module) timer that controls different functions including the head lights and power locks. $508 later & I had to hit the Bar. Good luck to you all.
  • I can drive my Durango first thing in the morning, during lunch, but in afternoon when I start it to go home the engine revs up to 3-400RPM and then goes back to zero power. It does this for 6-8 times and then it will rev up to about 6-700 RPM and I pump the foot-feed. The engine holds on and after a few minutes I'm able to drive it on home. Dealership put it on the computer but could find nothing wrong. I put in a new battery 3-4 months ago. Dealership thought it might be in the security system as it acts that way. But they're not sure. It has happened three times thus far. Any ideas? mgreer1
  • Hey mwatts0611, I have a similar problem with my 2000 Durango, but eventually mine will catch on and I'm able to drive it. This has happened three times so far. has anyone responded with your problem? It could be the same as mine. mgreer1.
  • Are you running a K&N air filter if you have a mass air flow sensor it may has taken it out or dieing slowly from the fine oil off the K&N , I have destroyed 2 of these so I went back to running a Hastings air filter.
  • I finally took apart the back right rear panel and I have found the blend door inside the heat and a/c Unit was broken. After opening the unit and removing the blend door I looked at it under a microscope and the material that they used is very porus and was designed for a limited use where the door attaches to the motor actuator. I boght this vehicle new and personal have used the rear system very little less then 10 times, I called the dealership and a replacement door is not available so I had to order the whole new improved version. $149.00 This should be a Factory RECALL!
  • dodger11dodger11 Posts: 1
    I have a 03 Durango with the same problem, But I think there is more to the problem then the broken door. If you operate the system with motor not attached to the door and try to hold on to the drive lug coming off the motor the is no way to stall it out, (there are no limit switches in the motor to stop the movement) I think there is a problem with the control logic in the A/C control
  • facultusfacultus Posts: 8
    I had the exact same problem. I took the 2004 Durango in and the mechanics found a corroded pin on the Front control module. They fixed it, total cost was $94.

    I hope this helps.
  • kitty65kitty65 Posts: 2
    :mad: I have the same problem in my 2002. I have had the speed sensors (both) changed and went to have my system reset and they couldn"t and no one knows why. I live is california and if the check engine light is on your car wouldn't pass smog. also I have no A/C or heater, the third windshield wiper is also out. So check that . I had the fulses check and they were fine
  • viper81viper81 Posts: 1
    Last week I notice a buzzing noise coming from the back of my 2000 Durango it only happens if I flip the right turn signal on while I'm slowing down the light in dash goes solid but dimly light. Also the buzzing noise comes out of the back drivers side taillight. If anyone has any insight please let me know as my dodge service department is closed on saturday's.
  • rick0248rick0248 Posts: 1
    Re: to mwatts0611 i allso have a 2000 Durango and it did a similer Problem, I changed the t/p/s. [throttle positioning sensor] and that cured the probiem.
  • anglergirlanglergirl Posts: 5
    My problem is with the ac and is intermittent. My mechanic suggested "watching it" and hte next time the ac quits blowing cold; to turn the ignition key slightly to see if the ac light comes back on. He also suggested trying the windows to see if they were working or not when the ac isn't. He said if either of these things happen then it's probably the "ignition switch." Sound right?
  • anglergirlanglergirl Posts: 5
    TPS??? What's that? Definately not a mechanic ... very little knowledge actually. :blush:
  • anglergirlanglergirl Posts: 5
    I had the cover that has the "hide away" in the far back "give in." I am in need of a new one; and don't want to buy it from factory. The carpet and interior color is khaki. Does anybody know where I can get one off a used Durango 2001 that's "parts" or have any suggestions for rebuilding it?
  • I have a 2002 durango and i took it to 3 mechanics today and all of them turn me away saying they could not help me, they told me it was an electrical problem and i should go to the dealer. My horn and wipers go off on their own and when i turn my lights on they filker and the beeping noise like when a door is open is on all the time as long as i am driving when i stop the beeping stops. I have no idea what is going on, does anyone know? :cry:
  • hello...i have a 99 durango..dome lights stay on...and the door ajar buzzer keeps buzzing or ding witch ever it with doors closed why?
  • The tail lights on my 2006 Durango will just turn on in the middle of the night; especially as it gets colder.If I don't catch it the battery runs down. Anyone else had a similar problem.


  • I'm having a similar situation as Shellyray. My lights, speedometer, nor my RPM work but all of my warning signal lights stay on. Can someone give me an idea of what the problem is and how to go about fixing it?
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