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Chevrolet Cavalier Check Engine Light



  • Don't listen to whoever replied to ur question I has the same problem it's the tempature control censor sum people call it coolant control censor and it's about 25
  • It's about $20 try that I'm almost positive
  • so i have 1998 chevy cavalier, the problem is when the weather its cold, when i turn on my car it won't start, so i decided to just turn to run position. And after a while (depend how cold the weather is, sometime it took 10minute,somtime 30minute,sometime 1hour, sometime i need to wait for the sun to sunrise first) then the all lights on the dashboard will on (they are blinking for a while, and needle it was like shaking). So after all the light on, and completely stop blinking, i start to turn on the engine. But it won't start, because the THEFT system light is blinking. And i wait about 10 minute, then the THEFT SYSTEM lights stop blinking. on that time it will start right away. But it's totally diffrent if the weather is warm. if the weather was warm, i just turn on to run position and all the lights on right away and i just turn on the engine and its working. I already change the iginition key for 200$ and 40$ for ignition starter switch . But i still have this problem. PLease kinda help me to fix this problem. i do really appreciated it.
  • fortyfordfortyford Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    the engine light is off until a few miles down the road and over 40 miles an hour , but when you shut off the motor , and turn back on the light is gone until you are over 40 , does this over and over , the car seems to run just fine with no other issues , anyone have any ideas , taken to autozone , but when the go to check the code the light is gone and they get nothing :confuse:
  • mserymsery Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 cav 2.4 and all three lights were on when i bought it. I found out one of my abs sensors was getting a bad connection. got another plug in and spliced it on. all 3 lights turned off. not saying this is your problem for sure but is pretty easy and cheap solution worth taking a look at
  • loislane999loislane999 Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    I had the same problem. just got the fuel pump fixed... it will go and sometimes when it stops it wil not hold and it will die. have to restart again. it has 130 miles... is somtehint wrong with it or does this particular vehicle have probs. its either a 1999 or 2000 cavalier..also my ets lights and chk engine lights are on. did not chk if gas cap was tightend
  • for a blown headgasket, try steal seel first at
    its like $90 bucks.

    its worth it. will repair a headgasket that is blown ( not fully blown but worth a try since theres a money bak guarantee. have a mechanic put it in. I did to mine. thanks
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