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Volkswagen Beetle Steering and Suspension Problems

I am rebuilding a '68 beetle for a "kit-car".

I have removed, checked and replaced the rear transaxles. I have also checked the spring plate angle. With full load on the rear axles, the rear wheels are still at an extreme angle. Any suggestions on obtaining the proper wheel alignment would be greatly appreciated.


  • larsenlarsen Posts: 3
    I'm looking for a car with great gas mileage. We're comparing the 2006 Scion XA with the 2007 Toyota Yaris.

    We'll want the automatic. Haven't tested either. Like that the Yaris has the Cruise Control option, but the XA is available now and has been on sale for a few years. Otherwise, both seem about the same in terms of price, approx. mpg., safety, etc.

    What would you choose?

    Also, approximately how many miles do Toyota engines get before they die? (100k? 200k? 300K?)

  • Not sure if this needs a new forum, but I am assuming you are comparing the Yaris hatchback (not the sedan) to the xA.

    First: They have the same engine, but the Yaris will get better gas mileage (around 5-8 mpg) because of the higher gearing.

    Second: You will get more standard equipment in the Scion, but that is not to say that you cannot get most of it as mostly being optional on the Yaris.

    Third: The xA is larger (about 5 inches). However, the Yaris has a reclining back seat. I have sat in the rear seat of a xA, and its SMALL.

    Fourth: Both cars have center guages. Only the xA has the buttons on the steering wheel for the radio.

    Fifth: This is matter of opinion, but the Yaris is more attractive.

    Sixth: Scion gives you 3 free oil changes.

    Seventh: The Scion will have a rougher ride than the Yaris. However, the Scion handles great especially with the front strut tie bar.

    Eighth: The Scion is sold at MSRP only. You should be able to dicker on the price on the Yaris even though it won't be much.

    I have not driven or seen a yaris in public, but I drove a regular xA and a 1.0 xA. However, I have read a lot about a Yaris and I give advice based on what I have read. I currently own a xB.

    In conclusion, the Scion comes with more stuff, its very comfortable, but its not as attractive or does not get the gas mileage of the Yaris. I believe saftey is nill, meaning they are both safe for that size car. Any Scion or Yaris will be on the wrong end with a Suburban.

    Toyota engines (with few exceptions like 99 Corollas I hear) last forever if you take care of them. My 95 Corolla has 184,000 on it now. I expect to get at least 300K before I sell it.

    I would choose the Yaris because the extra gas mileage (to me) is more attractive because I live in a state that has higher gas prices than all the states around it. It comes down to what is more important. A better handling, more power, more features, cool radio, and I would guess a cheaper price (comparing apples to apples or features to features)is the Scion. While the Yaris is better styled, gets better gas mileage, can be cheaper (if options are carefully chosen), rides softer, and you can be the first one on your block to have it.

    Personally, if it was me, I would get a Yaris S Sedan before either the xA or the Yaris HB just because its more practical. Having said that, I am leaving my xB out of the discussion since it wasn't listed.
  • cherpcherp Posts: 1
    Liked your comparsions between the Yaris and xA. Your impressions of the Yaris sedan vs. xB.
  • larsenlarsen Posts: 3
    Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts.

    We'd be more interested in the sedan rather than the coupe.

    We testdrove the XA over the weekend. It was a nice ride, but we had an awkward experience. (We were kept waiting over an hour, then told that the XA falls apart on the highway at speeds of 70 mph. What? Is that even true?)

    I guess we thought no haggle price also meant attentive customer service. We're a little soured on the car buying experience, so are going to wait until Feb./March to testdrive the Yaris.

  • Before I start, all Yaris Sedan experience is from reading and pictures.

    First: Same engine, but the Yaris is still more efficient because of the lower gearing in the xB.

    Second: The xB not only comes standard with all the power stuff, radio, tach, but it comes with ABS and traction control. With the exception of the latter, the Yaris has it as a option.

    Third: The Yaris sedan is 14 inches longer than the xB. Therefore, you get a real trunk in the Yaris. You can keep your stuff hidden from view. The xB's trunk is all vertical in cargo capacity. However, if you lower (the standard) rear seats, there is lots of room for about anything you would normally carry. The Yaris sedan has optional 60/40 rear seats for additonal space. You could put a huge TV in the xB, but not the Yaris. Otherwise, its a tradeoff.

    Fourth: Both have center guages. The xB single tri-guage is left of center and it is angled toward the driver. I have had no problems of having to change my eyes to see it, like you would in the Yaris or xA.

    Fifth: Both are attractive cars. The xB is screaming "I am a box". Its kind of like a old VW thing. EIther you like it of hate it. The Yaris Sedan is an attractive little car, but it does look like a smaller 2006 Camry. Look at the new Camry pictures.

    Sixth: Scion still gives 3 free oil changes.

    Seventh: The xB will still ride tougher than the Yaris. Having said that, the xB rides higher than the xA, so there is no equal comparison there. The xB is much better riding than the xA. I still believe the Yaris sedan will be smoother, expecially being 14 inches longer.

    Eighth: The Scion is MSRP. You can dicker on the Yaris. If you option the Yaris up to the Scion, I would believe that the Yaris would be moe expensive before haggling. However, the Yaris starts out about $1000 (estimated)(S model) cheaper. The other two would probably be around $2000.

    Ninth: AC is standard on both.

    Tenth: The seats in the xB are extremely comfortable. The back seats are just huge, bigger than an Avalon. The rear center is also flat for extra seating. Even though the Yaris is 14 inches longer, I belive the front seat room would be around the same, with an advantage for the rear to the xB.

    Eleventh: Performance would go the xB for about a second to 60 mainly attributed to the lower gearing. Both cars should not race a Celica. LOL

    Final Decison: The new Yaris sedan is quite impressive. I believe its a very attractive car (especially the S). This car is only 3 inches shorter than my 95 Corolla. I believe that the Yaris Sedan is the more practical of the two. The xB is a great commuter car and it the rear seat is huge. If you have tall friends, they will love the xB. The xB also comes with lots of standard stuff. I personally added 838.00 worth of options to my xB which included fog lights and the front strut tie bar that makes handling way above the Yaris. The biggest tradeoff is the cargo area or the rear seat room. The xB, even though not as practical as the Yaris, is for 9/10 of all situations. I would rather have a Yaris for a trip to Disney.

    Since I already own a 95 Corolla for my trip car, I chose the xB. However, if this would be my only car, I would pick the Yaris Sedan for the long run because its more practical plus it does (supposed to) get 5 more mpg. Although, if heavy trips are usually not done, it would come down to the real trunk in the Yaris vs the back seat in the xB. This would come down to personal preference.
  • Honestly, between these two, its Yaris Sedan.

    "We testdrove the XA over the weekend. It was a nice ride, but we had an awkward experience. (We were kept waiting over an hour, then told that the XA falls apart on the highway at speeds of 70 mph. What? Is that even true?)"

    Both the xA and the XB will accelerate until you run out of 103. I know from experience that 80 comes up quicker than you would expect (like getting on the interstate). I would expect that the Yaris (sedan or HB) would be more sluggish.

    "I guess we thought no haggle price also meant attentive customer service. We're a little soured on the car buying experience, so are going to wait until Feb./March to testdrive the Yaris."

    Unfortunately, there is some real crappy Toyota dealers out there. When Lexus was started, you went to its own dealership and they Toyota decided that those customers should be treated like humans. Lexus has had wonderful customer service in the past almost 16 years. Since Scion is added to the existing Toyota dealers, it is hit and miss. There were supposed to be Scion only salesman at each of the selected Toyota dealerships that can carry Scion. However, as time passed, anyone will show you the Scions. When I test drove a Scion at one local dealership, the car salesman turned off the engine while I was driving to show that the car would not lock up. Needless to say, I went somewhere else to buy my xB. Hopefully, if its a Yaris Sedan, you want, you can find a decent Toyota/Scion dealership in a close proximity.

    Don't forget, just because the sales department are jerks, that doesn't mean that the same service department won't be extremely nice to deal with. Its kinda like the right brain not communciating with the left brain.
  • One to add, the xA and the 2006.5 xB has steering wheel controls for the radio.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    I drive 75-80 mph in a Scion xA all the time. It's a little loud but not bad at all, and with the stereo on you don't even notice. So no, that statement is totally untrue. Don't expect 38 mpg at 80 mph though in either an xA or a Yaris.


  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    on a Yaris liftback with just the convenience package is $12,300 in a manual, and I guess about $13,100 in an automatic. Sounds like it is close to your price criteria.

    There is a $700 gap between invoice and MSRP on the Yaris, according to Consumer Guide.

    An xA manual shift with no options is $13,300 in the stick. I would say if you want the power package, then it's a wash between the two, pricewise. These two drive pretty similarly. So it would come down to whether you want 3 doors or 5, what you think of the looks, and how much you value the Toyota badge vs the Scion one.

    Oh yeah, it's not totally apples to apples, because the Scion's stereo is better and it has ABS at that price, whereas the Yaris has slightly better fuel economy and a sliding/reclining rear seat at that price. And the Scion has a TACH!!!!!!!

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • cdoccdoc Posts: 41
    Does anyone know why the Yaris isn't offered as a 5-door (4 door + liftback) here? It's available in Europe and Canada, and probably everywhere else. Could it be so that it doesn't compete with the xA, which is available only in the US?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,687
    Bingo! You hit it right on the head. Too much in-fighting if they try to sell a 5-door Yaris at the same dealership as the xA.

    Besides, Toyota is the sedan-and-truck company. Of all the Yarii brought to the U.S., only 20% will be the hatch, while 80% will be the sedan.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • cdoccdoc Posts: 41
    Yarii. I love it.
    I'm looking forward to testdriving a Yaris and a Honda Fit, but I'll be going into it biased. I love my new xA.
  • waksterwakster Posts: 1
    I have been having a hard time looking for a Yaris Liftback, here in the Allentown, PA area, they only have sedans, and that already cost 1400+.
    I'm now thinking of going with the Scion xA, they are the same engine right? why the difference in mileage though, I drive 80 miles 1 way so these 2 are my only choices right now, and my budget only allows me to go with xA or the liftback.

    I need your help in finding a 3 door Yaris in the NY/NJ/PA area, or xA it is.
  • rxbrxb Posts: 6
    If you're willing to wait a couple months you should be able to find a dealer who will find or order a liftback for you - but probably not with a manual shift. I was thinking of an Xa, but I'm holding out for a Yaris because it sounds like the ride and handling are better (though I'm curious if anyone here can verify that), the space configuration inside is more flexible, and I prefer the way it looks. Also considering what it means, it sounds weird to say "I drive a Scion". Good luck.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Considering Scion means "a descendant of" you should be proud to say you drive one.

  • I tested the Xa and both the sedan and liftback Yaris models, and found the Xa had a demonstrably superior ride and handling. The Yaris liftback had an especially bumpy ride to me. The Xa turned corners beautifully, and was rather peppy on acceleration. In fact, the ride was far more pleasant than my 2006 Corolla, which I have found tediously rough. I am close to trading it in for the Xa.
  • reddroverrreddroverr Posts: 509
    micweb seems to think that the 2007 xa might be styled as the yaris, I assume it woud have the scion features you like still intact. you might want to wait for that and check it out. you can always get a 2006 at that time if you want...might even get a discount despite the no haggle policy.

    ouch, trading in so fast takes the economy out of economy cars...unless the famous toyota resale value comes through in spades.
  • kato1kato1 Posts: 64
    In fact, the ride was far more pleasant than my 2006 Corolla, which I have found tediously rough. I am close to trading it in for the Xa.

    hmmm, thats interesting. my buddy from chitown drives an xa. when i visit him i always insist on driving my corolla when we go out, as it is infinitely quieter than his xa and takes bumps much more softly. both our cars are fairly new, and there is no doubt that his car takes bumps like a go cart, while the corolla is much softer. every review i read before getting the corolla considered it a quiet highway cruiser. the xa engine is at 3000 rpm's at 60 mph :surprise:(versus 2350 for the corolla) , so no wonder its so loud on the highway. he agrees wholeheartedly with this assessment. his like of the xa is geared toward its looks. the corolla also beats his xa in the mileage department, and its most pronounced the more highway driving thats done (back to the excessive rpms of the xa). at least the yaris will do a little better than the xa in this regard.
  • Hmmm...would you know when the '07 Xa might be coming out?

    And as for the smoother ride of the '06 Corolla: some of them perform better than others. After my purchase, I tried out a couple more. One had a better ride, and another was even worse than mine. Also, there's an MSN car survey site, and about 1 in 5 respondents mentioned the bumpy ride. A Toyota rep rode with me and acknowledged no two production models are alike, but mine fell within spec and could not be modified without voiding the warranty.
  • The Corolla feels fine on the freeways here in SoCal, which are kept in good shape. It's the street roads where I feel the jolts, far more pronounced than my old 1999 Corolla. Otherwise, the ride is fairly quiet to me. The car would be a dream if not for the bumpiness.
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