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Hyundai Azera 2008



  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    The Bluetooth accessory that you show is an aftermarket product made by Johnson Controls called Blueconnect.
    It is not an OEM product and does not operate thru the Azera audio system muting the audio system automatically when the cellular phone is being used.
    It is sold my many aftermarket retailers.
  • acelinkacelink Posts: 106
    2008 Azera info. release (in Korea)

    Since Azera is manufactured in Korea and shipped to US,
    I figure American buyers will get these changes soon.

    According to the link, key changes are:

    - new grill
    - new alloy wheel
    - LED light added to the reverse light

    - leather seating in brown color (option)
    - blue Internal lighting (LED?)
    - new wood pattern
    - dashboard upper console design change

    - Dual display monitor (navigation, TV can be viewed at the same time)
    This is an option which I am guessing is splitting the screen in two in the center.
    - 3.5" rear viewing display added to the center room mirror
    - AUX, USB/IPOD added

    Other than above, no major mechanical changes.
    Rumor has it that Hyundai will release a 6-speed automatic for 6 cylinder models
    August this year.


    2008 changes
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    This is probably due for the 2009 model year in the US. Certainly I would think the Azera would receive the 2nd generation of Lambda engines as was the case for the 09 Sonata recently debuted and is arriving to showroom as we speak. The new engines with increased power (even more efficient for the displacement), yet offers better fuel efficiency.

    The only feature listed above I don't see happening is the dual display monitor, as I don't believe TV in the front is legal for the US market. So the Azera refresh should continue to carry navigation without the TV feature.

    Thanks for the info!!

    On a somewhat related note, Edmunds just finished the long-term testing of the Azera, with some 18K miles under the belt, I was most surprised to hear it had taken a 27% depreciation, which was only 1% behind the long term test of the Camry. And just to be fair, the Camry had an extra 3K on the odometer. Still, I would think this is attributed from the improvement of the brand.
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    Sounds right - for 2009 here. My 2008 Azera was manufactured in July, 2007. They were not sold anywhere in the US until after New Years Day = 6 months' lead time (and yes, I know - it should have been only 3). Even if it were moved into production today, it wouldn't show up here until about that time, anyway (that's assuming there isn't a surplus of non-Limited model vehicles in stock in September and they actually sell the 2009 by then). The earliest it could possibly show up would be mid-year, and Hyundai is not about to do that to the select few of us that recognize the value (he says as he knew the '09 Sonata was expected by the end of February even back before Christmas - by the dealers, anyway). :shades:
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    For the sharp-eyed among you:

    Did the picture of suspension parts early in the video look like a design change?
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Here is more info on the dual display monitor:


    SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- Hyundai Motor announced that it completed the development of its in-dash dual LCD monitor which can display two different pictures simultaneously based on one the viewer angle. This means the driver can see the navigation while at the same time the passenger watches a DVD movie. According to the company, the newly developed monitor will be applied to Grandeur.
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    Interesting that they're showing it off as part of the home-market Grandeur. Obviously the history of the Azera is that it doesn't get all the toys here -- I'm personally guessing this will be another example, in the short run at least.

    More generally, this looks like a much lighter MMC than the Sonata got. Just the center stack and the tones of the fake wood, basically. Personally, I have mixed feelings about this off-black stuff. Looks less conspicuous, but also less like wood. To some extent, I suppose this is change for the sake of change.
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    These pictures are more detailed. They show the wood not as off-black, but rather as a shift to a more subdued walnut-like tone that should come off better in my opinion than the bloody maroon liver tone they're using in the beige-interior car now. Good news, and I look forward to seeing it in person.
  • msazzyindcmsazzyindc Posts: 118
    My black interior doesn't get any hotter than my truck with tan interior. You just have to tint the windows, and put up a sun shade so your dash doesn't fade. ;)
  • rgb42rgb42 Posts: 40
    Hi all, new to this forum. I am contemplating the purchase of a new '08 Azera Limited. I have driven it and it seems nice, but I am now getting a little 'cold feet' in that I just don't know if it can live up to or exceed my '04 Maxima SE. Anyone have any experience with both??? Thanks for any input you might have.

  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    Welcome to the board!

    I have rather limited and indirect experience, but will try to answer your question to fill the gap until somebody smarter does likewise.

    I own an old '92 twin-cam Maxima, bought new. It has been a great car. I've always looked down on the '95 and newer Maximi because I've felt they've been somewhat cheaped out. While I haven't driven the current one, it shares an engine with the Infiniti M35x I test-drove last week, and a chassis with the previous-generation Altima I drove for weeks as a loaner. That chassis seemed to have a high roll center and some torque-steer issues, and reports say the same about the current Maxima (which is built off the previous, not current, Altima). As for the engine, it's fast as all get-out but sounds and feels coarse, even in the Infiniti. The interior is a mid-model correction that grafts some traditional luxury-sedan cues onto an overall interior that has some modernistic curves, and doesn't look very cohesive in some places as a result.

    Most people who've checked them all out feel that the Avalon and the Azera are the class of the segment. I'm shopping, I've driven both of those, and I'm not even bothering to test-drive the current Maxima. That should give you some idea.

    There is a whole new Maxima coming in less than a year from now. It's reportedly a return to the "4-door sports car" philosophy, with a low-slung sedan roof over the chassis of the current Altima. Of course, expect the price to rise accordingly.
  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    I will chime in here as well: I just sent my trusty '03 Infiniti I35 off to the wife when I bought my '08 Azera Ultimate. I looked at the Maxima just for the heck of it, but compared to the quality, look & feel of the Azzy with it pumped up to the max, there just really _is_ no comparison. If course the trusty VQ35de (3.5l V6) engine (same as in the Max/350Z/G35/M35/etc) is never going to die, it will likely run another 250,000 miles if my wife can drive that far. It's the one engine I can remember never having to add a single ounce of oil to over a 120,000 mile lifetime: basically switched to Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic (and down to 5W30 weight) at 15,000 miles and then never looked back - every 7500 miles. It looked the same coming out as it did going in, so - can't fault the engine. The Azera just jumps all over it (including my I35 model) with class, style and features for the price, though. I looked at a G37 coupe as well, but decided my money was better spent on the Azera. Frankly, didn't really think about the Avalon this time - those have gone down-hill quite a bit over the past few years while the Azera is coming to the top of the deck.
  • tonycdtonycd Posts: 223
    RQB, my apologies. Upon re-reading your post, I realize I didn't really answer your question -- which was how the Azera stacks up against the pre-changeover 2004 Maxima.

    Very well, I'd say. Time has marched on, and the Azera has a lot of enhancements your Maxima didn't. Just a partial list:

    Electronic stability control
    A better stereo with more power and a subwoofer
    That distinctive powered rear sunshade
    More horsepower from a smoother and more refined engine
    Four-wheel independent suspension
    Eight airbags
    Memory seats and mirrors
    Power tilt and telescope wheel
    Non-cargo-smashing trunk hinges
    Autostick transmission with the ability to learn the owner's driving style
    Steering-wheel-mounted audio controls

    I think you'll be all right.
  • rgb42rgb42 Posts: 40
    Tony and Mike ...

    Many thanks for your replies last week, I appreciate them. Tony ... my '04 Maxima had Traction Control, a great Bose system, side and curtain airbags, memory seats and mirrors and steering wheel, power tilt and telescoping steering wheel, steering wheel mounted audio controls, 'autostick' transmission, etc. ... so the Max had a lot of the stuff that is also on the Azera.

    I did end up trading the Max in on the new '08 Azera Limited with the Ultimate Package, which I picked up a week ago today. I only have 310 miles on it now, but so far, I am liking the new Azera very much. I will come back in and give some of my opinions very shortly. By the way, it was the first '08 Azera my local dealer got in ... was taken off the truck the day I looked at it and test drove it.

    Again, thanks for the replies from the two of you fellas.

  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    That's the first time I've seen the words "great" and "Bose" in the same sentence! Except in the ads, of course.
  • rgb42rgb42 Posts: 40
    Don't like Bose, eh? I liked it.
  • azzyfanazzyfan Posts: 1
    Hi All, just a little history, I sold Hyundai's in Yakima WA..great cars..
    I now live in CA (Merced)..just ordered my new Black/Beige 08 Limited..traded in my 07 V6 Sonata...I'm excited as a bear in a honey store...L :)
  • rgb42rgb42 Posts: 40
    Hi AzzyFan ... hmm ... seeing as you used to sell Hyundai's, I guess you are giving a good signal by buying one ... that certainly makes me feel good! I just bought an '08 Limited w/Ultimate pkg in mid March ... black/black. I only have about 1500 miles on it now, but so far I like it. Some things that I miss from my '04 Maxima however. Merced ... without looking at a map, would that be up near Yosemite? I was over there 2 years ago in that neighborhood and remember the Merced River etc. When is expected delivery of your new car?

    Bob (NY)
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