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Hyundai Veracruz Initial Quality



  • dbdadbda Posts: 9
    I would love to get a recall, who knows where to begin?
  • dbdadbda Posts: 9
    The dealer reminded me of the folks you would meet if you live in Mayberry. Nobody is in a rush to get anything done, nor did they seem motivated. The service guy gave me a ride to the airport but it seemed that it was a big deal.

    Ultimately your right, I can't do anything, it's not apart of the warranty.

    Does anyone know what a reasonable time would be for them to replace the engine if necessary?
  • cjw4cjw4 Posts: 1
    So sorry you had to go through that nightmare. We also had a nightmare last week with our 2009 Veracruz. Driving late at night from Ocean City, NJ to Philadelphia, the check engine light and all wheel drive lights came on, the car shook and slowed down to a stop on a major highway. We waited a few minutes, restarted the car, and the shaking and slowing happened again, but luckily we made it into a Wawa parking lot. WE HAD THE CAR AT HYUNDAI'S SERVICE THE WEEK BEFORE BECAUSE THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT WAS ON, AND HYUNDAI SAID THE CAR WAS FINE!!! THEY SAID THEIR COMPUTER COULDN'T FIND ANY CODES!
    While stranded, we called AAA AND Hyundai Roadside Assistance. Hyundai said they'd tow our car, but couldn't help the 6 OF US get home. AAA, on the other hand, came with a huge tow truck which transported all 6 of us (and our car) home for a fee. The next day, I called Hyundai to tell them what happened. They said they wouldn't reimburse us for towing, wouldn't give us a rental car, and wouldn't tow our car to their shop free of charge. So, I again called AAA to (again) tow our car to the Hyundai shop (since I wouldn't dare drive it not knowing when it would just slow and stop). AAA towed the car to Hyundai, and Hyundai told me hours later that "they didn't have the car." They finally "found the car" in their parking lot and determined that four switches were faulty and replaced them. I continued to argue with them that they should have fixed the problem the week before when I first noticed the check engine light. They argued that they didn't see anything wrong with the car then, since the check engine light had not been on at the time they were checking the car!
    I am now driving in fear that this problem will occur again. Hyundai service is absolutely disappointing and downright rude. I wish the car would have been recalled rather than experience the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere late at night.Additionally, we emailed the main Hyundai headquarters explaining our disappointment with both the car and the service, and NO ONE REPLIED TO US!
  • xfiveohhxxfiveohhx Posts: 1
    I am new to the Hyundai family and am not liking it too much.
    I lease a2011 Veracruz appx 17000 mi on it. On a recent family outing upon my return my car the TPMS light and check engine lights went on. I brought it to the dealer where i am leasing from. They did a diagnostic and determined i needed a new transmission. I was shocked to say the least, even more when the told me there are none available in the ENTIRE United State. They said its on back order. I said ok I need a loaner car. You would have thought in was asking for a brand new 2012 Mercedes !!!!They said they don't give loaners. Im sitting and listening to a service assoc tell a customer i have a loaner available. Well i wasn't so nice I got the loaner...
    I went to pick up my car after 3 weeks only to have the TPMS light flicker and tease me AND NO BACKUP SENSORS!!!! COME ON HYUNDAI get it right I am bringing the car back tomm
  • Check out your state's lemon laws. I am going through the BBB Autoline process right now with my 2011 Veracruz. We have had several different issues, but one was a serious safety violation and it has occurred three times. I have found that HMA is not exactly easy to deal with, but I refuse to drive a car that I think is unsafe. :lemon:
  • Document everything and don't be shy about calling the Hyundai headquarters in California. Ask for the factory rep to ride in the car and document, document, document. I had a 2007 Hyundai Veracruz POS with transmission problems--it took a year but finally Hyundai replaced it with a 2008. I wanted my money back but that is not what they offered so I took it...the 2008 is a POS too--but it has multiple other problems, not one major problem that they can't fix. I am about ready to trade the piece of crap off and get out from under it once and for all. I will never, EVER buy another Hyundai--as much for the way they treated me and fought with me for a year before doing what was right--as because they do not sell a quality product. Good luck!
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