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Hyundai Veracruz Initial Quality



  • ssvcssvc Posts: 12
    I have a 2008 Veracruz FWD Limited with 3000 miles on it. I bought it on August 24. So far I have had NO problems. This car is amazing. Here is what I like:

    1. The quality is unbelievable. I did not know what to expect but I have been astonished about the quality for the price.

    2. The 605 watt sound system is first class - especially the quality of the speakers.

    3. The ride quality is perfect for me - although I did have to adjust the tire pressure as others have reported.

    4. The car is QUIET - even with the sun roof fully open.

    5. The engine and transmission are superb. I can't believe the passing power I have coupled with the gas mileage. I just took a 400 mile trip and got 23.6 MPG.

    6. The 18 inch Michelin tires coupled with the suspension components deliver a very secure feeling especially on Interstate roads when passing large trucks.

    7. I could not buy another car without a smart key feature. I love it.

    8. The car is practically automatic - auto temperature control, auto rain sensing windshield wipers, auto headlights, smart key system, auto dimming rear view and side view mirrors, etc

    9. The solar glass used in the windshield, driver and passenger windows take the edge off sunlight during a bright, sunny day. I can get by without using sun glasses most of the time.

    I was hesitant to buy a Hyundai but now I am a believer. I don't know how they were able to make such a quick transition to high quality but they did as far as I am concerned.
  • wpewpe Posts: 9
    Very well stated. I agree on all points.

    My only complaints: suspension could be feel the bumps; and wind noise at highway speeds.
  • I wonder how did you get 2008 VC in august.
    Anways I got VC SE, all good qualities except average..The trip computer shows improvement from 6 to 10.5. I hope it goes up and up. city driving and gental. I had small peanut size dent on the back bumper and discovered after delivery. Dealer fixed it. Looks as if it wasn't there. Rest no complains..Very smooth and plush.
  • elvispelvisp Posts: 5
    Hey posystm,

    What did you do about your back windows?

    I'm thinking about leaving it alone. I'm just too worried about leaky windows 6-7 years down the road.

    But, I think I should get some sort of compensation from the dealer. I'm planning on calling the dealerships G.M. about this issue. Not sure what we will be able to work out.
  • posystmposystm Posts: 34
    The dealer is waiting on the window, when I bring it in I will be very specific about what I expect like looking PERFECT like the original does (less the sctratches of course) If he tells me it will be PERFECT, then I will let them change it, other wise I'll skip it. Mine has scratches on the rubber, no one would notice unless I point it out, but hey, it's a brand new car. At that visit they also have to replace the drivers rear glass, pass headlight assy and the dome light assy so they want to do everything at once.
  • Regarding the seatbelt locking YES that happened to me

    I got New Veracruz in August and the very next day my mom was showing my car off to my aunt and my 2nd row seat middle seatbelt locked and I could not get the seat up

    I called the dealer the next day and they had me come right in, they unlocked it but it did it again

    Turns out it is a recall the retractor is too big or something and they did fix it for me.

    So yes have them fix it

    Other than that no problems with my very 1st Hyundai - I get my 1st oil change on Tuesday next week.
  • I have had the run around with the Hyunda factory rep.over a differential problem in the transaxle of my Vera Cruz, plus other problems like the thumping noise in the rear axles from the struts and the list goes on.The rear hatch likes to open when you sit down with key in pocket and your within several hundred feet of the car, the buttons on key stick out instead of being recessed same goe's for the steering wheel has a nasty habit of killing cruise control and radio while driving.I should have looked closer and test drove it longer.I spend as much as I would have for a Lexus 350 and got a pile of headaches, Their warr. is not worth the paper it's written on I had to wait 39 days for the factory engineer to give his two bits worth and then he says the noise in the differential is normal and the same as a new one.
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Rotten, I totally appreciate your frustration. I had issues with our '07 Santa Fe. After diligently working with my dealer and the local Hyundai DPSM(rep), I got no where. I felt I did my due diligence so with good documentation I decided to approach the BBB and file a complaint. Much to my surprise they contacted me and set up an arbitration hearing. There I was across the table from a Hyundai lawyer who was making a case that my car didnt fall under the lemon law. Well he was right......kinda. The arbitration lawyers verdict was a "Non-Lemon law replacement" of vehicle. The BBB system works. If you feel you have a legitimate case......There is a way.

  • Hi Guys. These forums have been invaluable in helping me decide on buying a used Veracruz GLS a week ago. I put it on the road for $25K. It had 7500 miles on it, and so far I can find no major issues with it. The dealer told me it was traded in by someone who wanted to upgrade to a Limited.

    One thing I have noticed is that when slowing down gradually to a stop, I sometimes feel a hitch in the transmission at about 15-20MPH. It feels like the transmission is not shifting properly.

    Has anyone else felt this? Is it a problem that can be fixed by reflashing the control unit?

    Any ideas/feedback would be much appreciated!
  • I've experienced the same thing but only occasionally and I'm not particularly worried about it. Overall, the transmission is the smoothest shifting automatic of any import I've owned over the years (you name the import brand, I've owned at least one of them over the years). In my opinion, the Veracruz's #1 strength is the refined nature of it's powertrain.
  • I haven't..It's smootest one. I experience it in My Honda but not in VC
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    I'm very happy with the VC, or at least I was! Today, went to wash vehicle, but never made it there.

    - Exact same thing happened to my wife last this is the 2nd & 3rd times.

    - As I slowed to a red light, just before final stop (±3mph), the VC stalled, as if the tranny never made it to first gear or disengaged for the vehicle to idle in drive.
    - Sticked in in neutral, she wouldn't go to Park, and it started right away...ok (I guess).
    - Carry on my merry way, next stop at a red light, same thing, but this time, it wouldn't start or go in Park. I had to open up the "shift unlock" access hole & push on the tab so I could put it in Park.
    - Called roadside assistance...15min. later, she fired up! WTF?

    »It acted like the computer didn't recognise my key.

  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    becyk, with luck your dealer will find a stored error code and determine fault. Please follow up and let us know end result.

  • My SE does the same thing, but at around 10 mph. I think between 2nd and 1st gear. I have not worried about it to this point.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I've had a little different tranny characteristic. I seem to feel a "wobble" or hesitation when it shifts into 4th and 5th gear, more so when cold. It almost feels like the vehicle is misfiring but when I put it in neutral and just glide it goes away and the engine runs smooth. It's going in to get checked next week. At first I thought the tires were out of round.
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    Took it in today (Nov. 19) and I remembered to call the dealer later that day to mention that everytime this happened, the ESC (electronic stability control) light was on.

    Hope it helped them, they found a sensor failing, I think they said the wheel sensor but I'm not sure, part will be in tomorrow and hopefully that was it. If they fix it the first time and that's the end of that one...I'm happy, [non-permissible content removed] happens.

    I'll be a little worried for a while and if it doesn't happen again, I'll stop worrying.
  • Hi everyone. I own a 2007 Veracruz Limited with about 7K miles on it. So far, it seems to be a terrific car. VERY stable, always feels safe to drive. Good value for the money. I love the quietness, feel, and features of this car. Great stereo system! I've listed a few of the problems I've had so far and would appreciate comments.

    Front end squeaks and rattles - seem to be coming from the struts. In to dealer twice and they're not sure how to fix this. :(

    Headlights - low beams have a sharp horizontal cutoff (don't illuminate roadsigns when close) and high beams are way too high! Extremely bright, but don't do anything to the roadway (only the trees). In to two dealers, and they both told me they are not adjustable. Under the hood, there does seem to be an elaborate adjustment mechanism. From comments I've read on this forum, they are adjustable. Any comments please? :surprise:

    Tire overinflation - same as many people had apparently. Mine were 50 psi! :)

    Lights dim and fan blower dim briefly when the transmission downshifts. Dealer tells me that all Hyundais do this and it's normal. Seems pretty chintzy for a 21st century vehicle. :confuse:

  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Sorry to hear about these problems.

    I think the Veracruz looks great and seemed to be a good value, but after these comments and the dealerships inability to resolve these problems, I am not comfortable with this car.

    All cars have problems, but these problems sound like they may be the result of poor engineering.
  • I assume Hyundai has sold over 7500 Veracruz to date. Of that I believe less that 100 have indicated issues on this board. Most owners that write to this board list issues that they are trying to find answers to. I wrote about scratched paint issues early on and they were corrected. The issues were not about the quality of the car but how the dealership handled the problem. Yes the headlights are different and yes they can be adjusted from what I read on this board. I do not have any issues with the transmission, no squeeks, or rattles, tire pressure problems. I do not agree that there is an engineering problem but a dealer issue. This is a new vehicle and with that comes new repair techniques. The dealers have to make sure that their mechanics get on board so that they know what they are talking about and that they know how to make the necessary adjustments.
    Veracruz owners have to sound off about the positives of their vehicles and demand attention from the dealer repair shops or this vehicle will fail and the value of your car will deflate like a spike in a tire.

    Proud to be a VERACRUZ owner!
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Proud Veracruz owner,

    You are committing a sample size bias logic flaw with your argument. You are making the assumption that all 7500 owners are members of this board, but only 100 have indicated there is a problem. I think you will find that the number of owners that use this board is far less that 7500 and if that is correct, then the number of members reporting initial problems is significant.

    I am not a Veracruz hater, but I find it strange that the Veracruz board has a thread totally dedicated to initial QC problems. Additionally, many of the board members are reporting the same or similar problems. More information is required before it can be determined if there problems with this car. On the other hand, the fact that board members are having this conversation is an indicator that there may be QC problems with this car.

    It is my hope that the dealerships can properly train their personnel on how to diagnose and repair these cars, it is on my short list.

    Let's wait and see how Hyundai responds to this issue.
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