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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Fuel Pump and Fuel System



  • Could be the fuel pump relay under the hood in the fuse/relay center box. You can switch the fp relay with one of the others with the same part number to see if this helps.
  • Did you drop the tank or take the bed off to put in the new pump? It is easy to overlook the issue of having a bad ground but if you removed the bed, you will have had to disconnect the black ground wire from the rear of the bed. Make sure that is reattached and you may get your fuel pump to activate/turn on.
  • I took the 8 bolts out that hold the bed on and lifted the front part of the bed up like a dump truck and then you can access the top of the fuel tank to remove the pump. You do not have to disconnect the wires on the rear of the bed.
  • Will not get power to the pump. Truck sat for years went to start it the gauge quit working and i found out the pump pickup tube and pump where no good. Replaced them all. Still will not get power to the pump. I ran a jump wire to the positive on the fuel pump harness. Still will not activate the fuel pump. I test the pump out of the truck with a hot and ground. It works just fine. I checked the wires to the fuse box still no power, but the ignition all the wires where hot but the one that ingauges the starter, which later gets hot when cranking over the truck. Any ideas? possibly email me at zack 092091 @
  • If you jumped a hot 12vdc wire to the fuel pump connector on the truck did you also ground the the pump?
    The power to the fuse box goes through a fuel pump relay, which should energize for a few seconds when you key on. I assumed you checked the fuel pump fuse also? If the fuse is good could be the fuel pump relay or I have seen wires chewed in two by mice or chipmunks after setting for a while.
  • wny716wny716 Posts: 3
    i had my fuel pump replaced and found they did'nt reconnect the ground. It still worked fine,so that should'nt effect it.
  • wny716wny716 Posts: 3
    Will a newer zr5 tank fit in an 01 s10 crew cab? They no longer stock them for this model. Reg cab/ext cab tanks are different.
  • willo77willo77 Posts: 2
    did ya ever find out what was wrong? i'm haviong the same problem right now
  • willo77willo77 Posts: 2
    i have a 1999 sonoma 4x4 with 4.3 ltr vortec it was running fine and i shut it off for a minute and wouldn't start and had no fuel pressure and pump wasn't working i bought a new one ...2 days later ..same issue ..shut it off and hr later won't start and no pressure fuel pump is covered by warranty but i don't think it's a pump issue anymore ....anyone have any suggestions ...i have noticed this is a commom problem with these trucks so someone must have figured it out by now as i'm stumped ...fuses and relays are good wires aren't pinched and grounds good so whats left? and abviously no pressure but something causes it to shut off ...another relay?
  • duestyduesty Posts: 1
    To get started I have a 2000 GMC Sonoma, 4.3L V6. There are numerous issues with it.

    1. It has a hard time starting, have to jump it often. It turns over just fine but it seems that when I get it hooked up to another vehicle it's like magic and all of a sudden it wants to start. To me it seems that the fuel is having a hard time getting to the engine. I was told most likely the fuel pressure regulator.

    2. When it does get started it seems to chug along for the first couple of minutes, like it's not getting enough fuel. Would this be the fuel pressure regulator as well? I was told that when the fuel pump is junk that there is no in between with it, either it works or it doesn't. This is why I'm thinking fuel pressure regulator. Any thoughts?

    3. Also I've been driving along and come to a hill and all of a sudden I lose all power. I then can only go 10 mph or it will chug and bog down. To me I would guess fuel issues yet again.

    Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions or similar problems with this vehicle?
    Thanks for any help!
  • holclintholclint Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 chevy s10 2.2L. When I went to star it ,it started and then shut down. I found the ECM B fuse blown. I replaced the fuse, strted it again and it blew the fusse and shut down. Where could the short be other than the fuel pump. WHEN i replace the fuse and turn the ign. on the fuel pump runs for 2-3 seconds to prime. THE FUSE DOES NOT BLOW UNTIL i START THE ENGINE.
  • I nedd help on why the ECM B keeps blowing. what circuit is that connected to?
    I have a GMC Sonoma 2001 4 cyclinder.
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