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Rondo accessories



  • flipbflipb Posts: 18
    I went through the same dilemma for my 2007 Rondo LX.

    Eventually, I found an FM transmitter that works reasonably well - iRiver's AFT100. I keep it plugged in at all times in the outlet inside the storage bin. When using it, I run the wire out the provided gap to my mp3 player, with a big, loose loop around the gear shift. I've found this improves the signal a bit.

    If you haven't already tried one, I highly recommend getting an FM transmitter that lets you select any frequency, rather than the ones that only have 2-3 preset frequencies. I admit that my setup is not perfect. It's much clearer on long highway trips than for city driving. Another thing that helps is to turn up the volume of the mp3 player (rather than the Kia's radio). Turning up the radio volume amplifies the music and the static, while turning up the mp3 player's volume amplifies the music only. This does, however, use up your mp3's battery quicker.

    I've still considered getting a hardwired Aux port installed, but I just can't justify the expense since the FM Transmitter works reasonably well for me.
  • Just bought a used 2008 Rondo LX. Got a deal, partly due to dirty and damaged covers for the under-floor cargo space. Anyone know of a source of replacements for these? I can hide them with the cargo liner, but that doesn't address the problem of the broken handles...very hard to open the storage area using the handles as they currently are.

    btw, I am enjoying the car. Had to buy it to replace a 2003 PT Cruiser GT which was totaled when a DUI (who was also texting) hit me and ran me off the Interstate. My PT GT spun and rolled over, but kept me alive!
  • tsm280ztsm280z Posts: 29
    Does anybody know of a supplier for a cold air intake for the Rondo?
  • 93949394 Posts: 67
    l'm not sure about the purpose of the hood deflector, but it does make the car look better.

    any side effects like noise at highway speed, does it affect the fuel economy?

  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    Because I got the hood deflector installed on the Rondo when I first purchased it its hard to answer your question, but to my knowledge I can't see it creating any noise (there is rubber buttons mounted on the hood behind the deflector, if it ever bent enough to hit the surface) or affect on fuel economy - if it did it would be so small that it wouldn't even be worth considering - that's like saying that dirt on your hood affects fuel economy!

    Both the hood deflector and the side window visors I have considered very worthwhile accessories after two years ownership of my Rondo and close to 50,000 km. Some hood deflectors go above the lights (like mine) and some only fit the front hood edge between the lights.
    I got it based on experiense in past vehicles that always seems to get pitted on the front edge of the hood. It does help to a certain extent in keeping bugs from hitting the hood, but not all the time.
  • Over in the other forum, I saw the un-encouraging results on retrofitting an EX steering wheel to get the audio controls on an LX -- but how about other possibilities? Some aftermarket stereo/NAV units have their own wireless remotes. Is there any good place to mount those in the interior of a Rondo?
  • 93949394 Posts: 67

    when you have time,
    could you post a few more photos of the hood deflector, from various angles, straight on, 45 degree, side, high and low, and perhaps zoom out a bit to get more of the car.

    i've never seen 1 here with the hood deflector, and i'm seriously thinking about getting it.

  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    I don't know how to post pictures on this forum (not very user friendly like other forums), but if you go to the Kia Canada website and under Rondo accessories check out the hood deflector photo and its a good shot of what mine looks like - with it over the top of the headlights. Its held on by clips and there is also rubber bumpers mounted behind the deflector on the hood. I had it installed when I bought the car, but its not difficult to do.
  • ofionnachtaofionnachta Posts: 36
    For many years I have dealt with parked cars getting hot in summer by opening the doors wide, and also the back hatch if it is a wagon or minivan, to let the heated air escape. I also attempt, when parking, to position the car so the rear is facing the wind (not hard to do in a mall or grocery lot). This way, when I return & open everything, the breeze comes into the car from the open gate and blows out again via the front doors.

    It doesn't take the heat from the seats, if they got warm, but it removes the heated air very fast! Much faster than an AC can.
  • Hello,

    I'm re-installing my Rondo hood deflector but no longer have the instructions tht show the positioning of the rubber bumpers and would appreciate knowing the approximate dimensions.

    Thank you!
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    probably too late for a reply, however, I no longer own the Rondo, I now have a Soul.
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