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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Never heard of the loose rattling, but my 1.8T has a diesel-ish sound when starting cold. I have automatic, so can't tell you anything about the stick shift. I have heard that gear oil takes time to warm up, so that's probably what's causing your 'stiff' shifting when cold. You may try changing the gear oil and putting something synthetic in.

    If the cold starting becomes too much of a problem, I would suggest an engine block heater. I would also talk to the dealer about your rattle though, that doesn't sound natural. Leave the car overnight with the dealer, come and start it in the morning while they listen. That'll be the only way they will catch it.

    Glad they fixed up the alignment problem for you. It scares me to hear that you had to go to the dealer though, as I am about to get my first alignment on my VW and don't wanna pay dealer prices (I saw $89)for it.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Thanks for the accolades. :)

    I see you're getting it down how to use the bold typing. I've been on Town Hall for almost 3 yrs., and still don't know how to do that.. :(
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (mishima8105) You have your priories... others have their own priorities.

    To me (and MANY others) reliability=boring... we desire more out of a vehicle than just megar transportation. An occasional 'glitch' is just part of the ownership experience. For the price, the driving-experience, quality-materials and other qualities found ONLY in a German road car make the Jetta quite desirable.

    There is Honda, Toyota and Nissan that meet the 'booring' criteria quite well. (Which,BTW are Acura, Lexus and Infiniti )

    It sounds as if your dealer is a bonehead.... The on-board computer stores all failure codes and they should be able to tell you SOMETHING about the CEL coming on. (you didn't leave your gascap loose...did you?)
  • r2s2r2s2 Posts: 93
    I've had a 90 Corrado (and Sciroccos before it); 95 and 96 Jettas; 99 and 00 New Beetles; 98 and 01.5 Passats. They all rattle. And squeak. And creak. And groan. And snap, crackle and pop. 'Specially in cold weather. Tired of it now, and looking elsewhere.
  • Got the car back from the dealer and it is now perfectly aligned... and they are only charging $69 for it, so the price is pretty comparable to those other places that couldn't get the alignment right the first and second times.

    I've been looking on other forums and it seems that a lot of people experience cold start shifting probs... and I also found out that the stock transmission fluid is synthetic, but thanks for the suggestion.

    Now a question about interior care... what do you use to clean your dash? I noticed that the dash has somewhat of a matte finish, so I wasn't sure about using the ultra shiny cleaning products. Any recommendations? Also, have you ever noticed in the summer that the inside of your windows get scummed up very quickly? I noticed they get a bit foggy, like they need to be defrosted or something, and I need to clean them pretty often.
  • somebody was mentioning about odd electrical glitches earlier on...My '86 Westfalia used to stall out on one set of highway..misfiring, poor power etc.the dealer went mad trying to find out the probem. The short story: I was betweeen two microwave towers which created a signal that screwed up the engine computer ship for a short distance!! Apparently common, especially with using certain cellphone types in 90 VWs. Your dealer wil never solve this be aware yourself!
  • A friend of mine recently purchased a 2003 Jetta; the car in cold weather will not start. The dealer can't fix or offer any kind of reasonable explanation as to why this is happening and have been unable to fix the problem. I was wondering if anyone here has had similar difficulties with their Jetta?
  • I have a 2002 tdi diesel jeta and just recently went north to cochrane ontario canada, the temp. was 35f below 0 and the jeta was not pluged in and it started right away. If your driving in wheather that cold make shure to add deisel aditive to your fuel,because the fuel thickens at that temp. and wo,nt flow and you,ll find yourself along the rd. I have 5oks on car and no problems yet
  • Well, I took my car (03 jetta wagon GLS 1.8T) in again with the strange electrical problems (windshield wipers turnning on by themselves, trunk releasing). This time they think the problem was a faulty ground in the steering column.

    Cross my fingers... I hope the fix solved the problem.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I just use a damp cloth with warm water to clean my dash top. Don't use Armor All, I was told by a dealer that it will ruin the finish of the dash.

    I noticed the window thing as well. Do you smoke in your car? Maybe that could be it. I don't know though, since I don't smoke in mine and it does it. I also have leather seats, do you? Maybe something to do with the leather and heat...
  • cards28cards28 Posts: 145
    Some time ago, I was talking to a guy about that and he said it was the plastic material that makes up the interior of cars. He said that it emits a invisible vapor, of some kind, that is attracted by the glass windows and builds up over time. Harmful to breath? I don't know, I don't like it, so I just keep it clean. That's a story I heard.
    I was about to ask the same question about cleaning the dash, it's beginning to accumulate some dust.
  • I've been using Armor All cleaning wipes, which I think is just a cleaner and not a shine and protect product. I thought shiny stuff wouldn't agree too well with the finish of the dash.

    I don't smoke, and have velour seats. Cards, my guess also was going to be the combination of the heat and the dash material. Hopefully the effect will lessen as the car sees more summers. It got to a point in the where I had to clean it weekly! I hardly notice it in the winter though.

    Thanks again, glad to hear other people are experiencing the same things.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have film on the inside of my windows now, and dust on the dashboard a half-inch thick! It's been a chore just trying to dig the car out here in MD, let alone clean it. I should take some time this weekend to clean the inside at least, but they're calling for thunderstorms all weekend...

    God, what did we in the NE do to honk Mother Nature off??? :)
  • El nino lives!!!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am sooo tired of the snow! I would love to live in Chicago, but there you expect cold and snow all winter long. Not here in MD, this is one of the worst winters I ever remember in my 24 years. I am really sick of it though. I might as well move to Chicago and call it a day..

    My (white) car is so dirty, it looks more like french vanilla with chocolate... :)
  • Just down the road from me in Lexington, Ky. over 50,000 people were without electricity and below freeziing temps at the start of this storm. 10,000 still don't have it. Just remember, things could be worse. If I had a choice btw snow or no electricity and freezing temps give me snow. I'll just hunker down in my nice warm house until it melts.
  • I can't remember a winter when it was consistently as cold as it has been this winter. It seemed like for a month straight the high never got out of 20, and then there's all the precip to go along with it... this winter has seriously made me consider getting a dedicated pair of winter tires!

    Anyhow, anybody in here drive a MkIV 2.0 manual? When I first got my car in December of '01 I took it back in a couple of times to the dealer because of a whining noise when I went through a sharp turn at a slow speed... after a few times of talking to the dealer, they said that it was typical for the differential for this engine and transmission to make this noise. After thinking about it it made sense... I realized that it only happened when the clutch was engaged and I was applying the gas... the noise would disappear if I released the gas or depressed the clutch. At first maybe I thought it was the brakes, but then this noise would be made all the time. I just wanted to check on this forum to see if anybody else has experienced this noise also... I can only describe it as a slight resonant whine, like when you rub a wet finger around the rim of a wine glass... ?
  • 2000 Jetta GL, 2.0L, 5 speed, 50K miles. A/C button lights up, A/C compressor doesn't cycle. Take to my mechanic (not dealer), works perfect for him, everything in the A/C system appears fine. Works for me that day. Today, not working again. Weather has been cold and wet. Anyone have this issue? Obviously the compressor is fine, seems like a switch/electrical issue to me. My mechanic said that sometimes the evaporator freezes which will shut the system down. 3 years old...POS!
  • I have a 2000 Jettal GLX with the black matte interior. I have a couple of items that seem to keep teh interior looking very good.

  • Well, this is my attempt to complete my message before sending it in.

    As for interior care:
    1. Lexol makes a vinyl cleaner that works well
    2. The cleaner that you can buy through your local VW dealer also works very well.
    3. Definitely avoid armor-all.

    I suggest that you apply the cleaner to a soft cloth rather than directly to your interior. It's a little easier to keep from getting the cleaner all over the car.

    I also keep a "Swiffer" cloth in the car. These are normally for dusting and cleaning hard floors around a house, but they also work great at picking up the dust on the dash and in some of the nooks that are present (say around the radio buttons, by the windows, and on the turn stalk). The dry cloths also do not bother the dash finish at all.

    Good Luck!
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