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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • cathy2cathy2 Posts: 8
    OK, a little more research shows there WAS a recall on this, apparently last April. VW is not good @ sending recall letters (I never got one), and the dealership I called yesterday said there was NOT a recall when I asked about this.
    Lessons learned.....
    There is info on the NTSB web site (clearly NOT on VW website) for those interested.
    Am I correct in assuming a brake switch and brake light switch are the same thing??
    I don't think I can get rid of this car fast enough.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,653
    Getting rid of may be jumping gun. I usually find other than buying a new car, selling one is the worst financial decision you can make (unless you're spending more repairing it than paying for a new car!!)

    I think most VW warranty repairs are for 12K miles and 1 year. I had a thermostat switch go on a 97 A4 and it failed again a year later. I had gone 18K so they told me too bad.

    I think there are various web site where you can 'sign up' and get informed of recalls for your vehicle...and reminders to do regular maintenance.

    Maybe try shop around for another VW dealer to get your work done (if you like dealers to perform your maintenance).
  • juanfjuanf Posts: 2
    Hello All, I have a 99 GLS Jetta, and yesterday I was informed that the AC compressor is not working and tehrefore I do not hace AC. I would like to know two things:
    1) How much is to reapir the AC compressor
    2) Do you think that there is any relation between having my serpentine belt cracked and this problem with the AC compressor? Or what could have caused the damage to the AC compressor?
    Thank you for your help. I bought this car three months ago and I have already spent about $1,000 in repairs.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Did the car not come with a used car warranty? Most caome with at least a 30 day warranty.
  • juanfjuanf Posts: 2
    Nope. I bought it from a friend, and He is gone. I just received a quote from the dealr and the compressor is $680!! + $370 of labor. Un believable, Could anyone tell me what couls happen if I dont change the compressor? (besides being warm all day)

  • 71,000 miles. Bought July 1999.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    A lot of folks with an "older car" choose to not fix the AC when in craps out. Have you asked any other fix-it shops what they would charge? Perhaps the problem is NOT the compressor.

     It is really your personal choice...what is it worth to you to have AC?

    BTW the AC compressor at - =72#part8987 is $375
  • We have had numerous non-engine problems with this vehicle, but the largest problem is the engine oil consumption. It burns 1/2 quart per 1,000 miles (since new).

    It has had "deglazed" cylinder walls and new rings installed and it still burns oil at the same rate.
  • I can relate with some of the jetta problems that have been posted...especially to those with headlight problems. But here's my new problem:
        Last night I had to drive home from a friend's house without any headlights. I turned the switch to turn them on, and only my park lights would come on. Also, the indicator light saying my bright lights are on wouldn't go off...even though they weren't on at all. I couldn't get it to go off.
    I'm wondering if this is a fuse. I plan on taking it to the dealership on monday, but until then I'm hoping to get a simple solution. Can someone help?
  • mrjettemrjette Posts: 122
    I posted In TDI forum (Fuses #1293) about fuse #14 blowing in my '02 Jette GLS TDI. It controls the locks, interior lights, power windows, trunk motor, and supposedly the heated seats and mirrors and wiper nozzles (I don't really need those items in August). First, the dealer replaced the Comfort Control Module. It worked OK for 24 hours, then blew again. Next, they applied a wiring harness overlay under the driver's seat. This time, I got 3 days out of it and it has all blown again.

    Any ideas on the best way to solve the problem? I am discouraged that I will be back for a third trip (actually the 5th warranty issue since August 3rd - 1 wheel bearing replaced; 1 set of rear brakes overhauled, 3rd trip on the electrical gremlin).
  • Hello - I own a 2003 Jetta GLS. It currently has abt 14,500 miles on it and I have regularly serviced it. I have noticed lately that the car jerks while driving, when I accelerate. This happens only until the engine heats up to normal temperatures. The car jerks when the gear shifts to a higher one, like going from a speed of 10 to 30 and so on. It seems like there is a problem in the fuel injection flow or something. I haven't taken it to a dealer yet. Just want to know if someone else has also experienced this problem and what the possible resolutions can be. Thanks.
  • Ijustread your message regarding the wheel bearing. Did that make a sound when it was going?I have 2002 Jetta and I started having a screehing sound coming from the rear of my car. I'm just driving, not applying brakes.
  • mrjettemrjette Posts: 122
    Mine made more of a grumble or growl. It was a front wheel bearing, and it seemed to change with speed. At first, I thought I had a hole in the exhaust system! Your problem sounds more like the brakes are stuck (a problem I also had but there was not a sound associated with it).

    Good luck.
  • Just purchased a new 2004 GLS Jetta. After 10 miles MIL went on; dealer replaced ignition coil pack. On way home from dealer, turned on AC for first time. AC not working. Dealer has car for two days and is replacing compressor. Suspect headlights are not functioning right. Headlights seem to be almost same brightness as the daytime running lights. On my sister's Jetta (2002) there is a substantial difference. Does anyone know if VW has made changes in this area. What is the power ratio between DRL and regular low beam. Usually it is about 30 per cent.

  • Back from dealer, and I have to say I am very impressed with dealer service quality. They couldn't have been more accomodative. Everything is working well, now. Asked about the difference in power for daytime running lights and regular low beam, and service person said that they are almost as bright -- very little difference. On 2002 Jetta, I found greater difference which prompted my question. Am looking forward to next four years of VW ownership at which time I will evaluate lease. This will probably be influenced by what new technology will make an appearance in next four years in VW product. If there is enough new technology, I may not keep this car.

  • 2 Door 4 Cylinder 32, 000 miles. This light has come one. Can someone explain what the difference is between this and a check engine light, and is it serious, or one of the lights, as I have read, that has a mind of it's own. No problems with car at all except that. Is is safe to drive.
  • The manuel does not offer much guidance. Does anybody know what this indicator light really means, and how important is the indicator.
  • MIL is the same as the check engine light. This can come on for things as simple as not tightening your gas cap enough.

    Did it come on shortly after a recent fill-up? If so, make sure that you give your gas cap at least 3 clicks when securing it. The light will eventually shut off if this is the cause.
  • Yes, there had not been a need to open the gas gauge for over a month. I will try that. Thank you very much.
  • I went outside and readjusted the gas cap. Turned the car on, and the light was still on. COuld this be a matter of just driving it a few miles . Had the car for 3000 miles, no problems, but I read that there were problems with lights, so I did no freak out too much. And for what it's worth, I am in the Texas heat.
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