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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Your dealer is mistaken.

    For the 2003 TDI, I beleive the Timing-belt replacment is 100,000 miles.

    To be fair to your dealer, Previous years of TDIs had some different TB-replacement intervals. (automatic xmission =40,000 miles and manual xmission=60,000 miles)


    BTW --- A gasoline engine has a timing belt too and that cost would be simular... thus your assertion that this is a diesel-only cost is mistaken.

    The VW TDI has LESS PM COSTS (Preventive maintainance) than its gasoline stablemates. If you ignore all the costs that are simular (Timing belt, filters, oil changes), the gasoline engine still has sparkplugs and ignition wires which the diesel simply does not have.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,478
    My 2003 VW Jetta TDI is due a timing belt and water pump change at 100k. As a comparison, my 2004 Honda Civic VP (considered one of the best of breed in the class) has a timing belt and water pump change due at app 110k. Prices are also comparable app 605 vs 550.

    Plugs also needed to be changed on the Civic since spark plug are key to the running of this gasser. These plugs are more like the 26 dollar per set variety and not the not the 8 dollar or less variety.
  • That was caused by the cheap plastic window guide. Jetta has a recall for that. I had a similar problem on my 2000 Jetta. The dealer should replace it for free.
  • Can anyone tell me when should I put the feon for the 2000 Jetta 2.0? I couldn't find where is the value.
  • Hello, I have not run into that yet...hopefully I won't...I have owned my 2002 vr6 for about 1.5 months. maybe someone will know I sure hope so. Two lights have come on recently and was wondering if anyone knows what they might be. One is the EPC light and the other is a triangle with circular arrow going counter clock wise around it. I anyone has any idea's I would sure appreciate it. Otherwise it is prolly the best car I have purchased in sometime.

    Thanks for any thought.

    Fat Rick
  • 2002 Jetta. There is a coil spring, approx. 0.5in dia., 10in. long under each front seat. My wife found the one under the driver's seat on the floor. I checked the other side to see how/where it attaches, only to find that one on the floor also. Of course, there is nothing in the Shop Manual that covers this. The manual does tell you about all the special tools you need to remove the seat, and about disarming the air-bag! I am interested in finding out:
    1) Where does the spring attach?
    2) Do you have to remove the seat?
    3) What does it (the spring) do? (I know about the seat!)
    4) If I re-attach it, as is, how likely is it to come off again? Is there a real 'fix', or do I have to check the seat spring at every oil change? German engineering, indeed.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    If you do some research about these springs that are found underneath the front seats, you will find that it is VERY common for them to be found laying there.

    Apparently, they are originally used to "assist" when adjusting the seat. Most people stash them in the trunk with the spare tire and forget about them. Unless you are having issues adjusting the seats, it is not worth your time to fuss with them.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Does your car have ESP feature? (triangle with circular arrow going counter clock wise around it sounds like ESP)

    The EPC lamp can come on for many different reasons. The only way to tell why is to "pull the code" from the computer. Do some reasearch about VAG-COM to see if there is somone in your area that can help. Alternately, you can check with some auto-parts stores, some of them will "pull the code" for no charge.
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    If a malfunction in the engine electronics should occur, the EPC indicator light will blink. The engine control automatically switches to a back-up program. You will notice, however a reduction in engine power. Pl. contact VW dealer as soon as possible.
    The second one is the ASR/ESP light, this light will start flashing when the vehicle is moving if the Anti-slip regulation or the electronic stabilization program is activated. The warning light will light up continuously if the system is switched off manually, or if a malfunction should occur. Since the ASR/ESP operates together with the ABS, this light will also comes on if a fault should occur in the ABS.
  • I have a 2005.5 Jetta purchased in May and the engine is very loud and rattling. It goes for about 10-15 seconds and then stops. I have asked the dealership about this and they say it's "normal" ... caused by a safety feature. Is this normal? Is anyone else having this issue?

    :confuse: ">
  • Hello there everyone,
    I have recently purchased a VW Jetta VR6 and have had it approx. 1.5 months. Just the other day The EPC Light has come on as well as a triangle with an exclamation point in it and a circle going around it counter clockwise with an arrow on the end. Just curious if anyone may have experience.

    Thanks for your help
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    The Triangle is the ASR/ESP warning light. if you manually shut down this control by pressing a button with a triangle saying ESP or ASR above the A/C. This light will come on continuously. When the computer sensed your car is not going in the same track of your steering wheel, it will also come on for a few seconds. I have experienced this quite frequent when I make a quick turn. My EPC light only come on when I start the car and it will disappear very soon.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Yes, it is true that the loud rattling engine sound is normal for 10-15 seconds, until it warms up. Ours does that too. Apparently this has been a feature of other VW engines also.

    I have read a number of theories as to the cause, but no idea which is the correct one. The important thing is it is nothing to worry about.
  • What is the symptoms of an ecu going bad and if it is dead where should i get one?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    It is EXTREMLY unlikely that an ECU would be "going bad". Like most other electronic device, it either WORKS or it does NOT WORK...there is no in-between.

    If you are having symptoms that are incosistant, look twards bad sensors or poor connections.,,,NOT the ECU.

    HINT: the MAF sensor and the engine temp sensor are both known to get "flakey" and exibit strange running symproms.
  • WOW! I can't believe yours lasted that long. Our 2002 window clips broke the first year. You can probably get these fixed for free because it has been a well documented problem. There may have been a recall or at the very least a TSB. I'd argue fiercely with the dealer if they won't cover the costs. Get the other door fixed, too.
  • I just picked up my 2003 Jetta Wagon 1.8T with manual transmission from the dealer. It was 723 dollars. The dealer made a grave mistake and never gave me the cost BEFORE they did the 40K service. I denied some extra work that I could do -- bulbs, wiper inserts -- but allowed them to clean the sun-roof drains ($66), but had never known the possible cost. What should I do here? I was so astonished and frustrated that all I could do was take my car and get out of there (I had to write them a postdated check because it was way more than I thought). I am going to call/write to them to complain, especially because they never pre-approved this work, and because, in my opinion some of this work is extraneous -- the BG 44K, perhaps. Thanks for the help.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    That does sound pricey, but did YOU ever ask for the price of the 40K service?
  • No, I did not. Based on my past experiences, It was 615 for the 40K work and when they called me about the extraneous work, I only okayed the cleaning of the sunroof drains. I simply did not think it would be this much. This is first new car -- I am 25 -- and forgot to look at the work they were doing and whether it would be expensive.
  • Sorry. I meant "based on my past experiences, I did not think it would be this much."
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