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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Since you said that it "has to be jumped 4 or 5 times a day." I am assuming that it starts OK when given a healthy supply of 12V power. This suggests that your battery is somehow DISCHARGING while your vehicle it parked.

    Now that we have established what the probable cause of not starting is.... YOU need to ascertain WHY your battery is discharging.

    To help you get started, look for things like the following;
    1) interiour lights left on
    2) Brakelights still on (this has been known to happen on VWs)
    3) Any other electrical components still drawing power while parked.

    Also, verify that the alternator is doing its job of CHARGING the battery.

    PS: If nothhing OBVIOUS is found, then one would have to use current-measuring devices to isolate what is draining the battery.

    SUGGESTION: Fully charge your battery for several hours on a trickle-charger once you find and resolve the problem.
  • jenezrowjenezrow Posts: 2
    i'm still having the jolting problem on my '04 jetta. keep us updated when you get your new transmission! thanks!
  • justadrmrjustadrmr Posts: 2
    I purchased a used 2000(acutally the plate says 99.5)Jetta TDI. I love(d) it. It has lost power.It got to were it would not accelerate even on flat ground. I have changed the MAF,cleaned the inner cooler,cleaned the egr,new garrett turbo with new intake, cleaned exhaust system and no codes come up on the computer. Now the car will accelerate a litte. You have to get it up to 3k rmps, let off the gas pedal for it to shift and so on. So pulling out into traffic or freeway driving is non existant.The tranny has been check and is working correctly. Now the mechanic is telling MAYBE it's the injection pump. I am really getting sick of this process of elimination game. Does anyone have any ideas? I really do love the car.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    If you do not want to be guessing - try
  • aaron6aaron6 Posts: 1
    I just had my rear brake pads and front rotors replaced on my 2001 Jetta VR6, when I went to pick up my car the "mechanic" asked me why the window wouldn't roll up, I told him I have no idea because I have never had a problem with the windows rolling up or down. He said he took it for a test drive this morning to test the brakes and he rolled down the window, and now it will not roll up, none of the windows will roll down and the one he rolled down is stuck. He does not know what happened, nor can he fix it. Does anyone know if there could be any kind of link between the brake job and the windows??
  • mpc170mpc170 Posts: 1
    Made a sad attempt to change the oil in my 2002 jetta and turned a plug on the bottom (used allen wrench) to empty the bin. Turned out it wasnt the oil pan. The oil pan was to the right (looking up at the chassis from underneath) which I later realized and emptied. But whatever I emptied looked like oil but not exactly sure what it is or how to replace it. Car engine runs but transmission doesnt seem to catch and make car go. I dont think it trans. fluid since its not redish. Any ideas. Appreciate it.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Well.... how much fluid did you remove? Seems like it has to be transmission fluid if the car doesn't "catch". Did you check the transmission dipstick level? If it is showing no fluid, then pour it back in. Be sure you filter out any dirt that may have gotten mixed in.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    I may have posted too apologies... apparently the Jetta doesn't have a dipstick for the auto transmission. You will likely need to visit the dealer for service. :cry: Apparently they don't think the consumer has any reason to service the transmission. Unbelieveable.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    They use synthetic trans fluid, supposed to be good for the "life of the vehicle".

    "Apparently they don't think the consumer has any reason to service the transmission"

    I guess if you know what you are doing you can service your own transmission, same as with any other car. :)
  • eguilbeaueguilbeau Posts: 1
    the same thing JUST happened to was a faulty brake light switch. When it would act up the brake lights wouldnt work when I pressed on the pedal, but would stay on all night long. It drained my battery and I had to jump it every time I got in it but the battery kept registering 12v. I havent had any problems with it since.
  • I bought my car a year ago. I am the second owner. I purchased an extended warranty -just in case. I have experienced absolutely no problems with it until a month ago.

    The driver tail light switch was recalled because it was faulty causing the auto gear shifter to not function properly. I discovered this only after taking it to the dealership to determine this was the issue, the problem was fixed.

    Four days later the battery needed to be replaced, as it had not been replaced since the original purchase prior. Or so I thought. Prior to replacing the battery, the car just clicked and wouldn't start. Once the battery was replaced, it worked great. I drove it 1200 miles for a family trip over Memorial Day weekend. During which, no issues surfaced.

    Upon driving it home, I turned the car off to unload it. Twenty minutes later I attempted to start the car only to find it clicking and not starting again. After 2 more failed attempts at starting it, and a failed jump, I called triple A.

    The triple A tow truck service arrives and inquires about the issues, tells me the car is hot, and needed to cool, and starts the car promptly. Meanwhile the check engine light turns on and won't turn off.

    I drive the car 10 minutes away. Turn off car, go to start again, won't start. Again, check engine light comes on. For two days the car has had issues starting and the check engine light turns off and on.

    I took my car to Shucks - where I bought the battery - to run some tests. Battery is 7 days old at this point. It is supposed to run at 600 amps and is down to 427 amps. Alternator looks fine, tested fine.

    Here is what's been suggested to me the source of the issue might be; the alternator, the starter, or could be a short caused by the driver taillight issue.

    The dealership tells me they can't get me in until end of next week. When I explained to them the situation, they were admanent that I wasn't a mechanic and it wasn't their error for the taillight replacement.

    My question to you is this: what is your best guess at what this issue might be?

    Might you have any suggestions on what to say to the dealership for better service or intelligent sounding information to provide them? I feel it is important to learn all I can about my car and how to diagnose the issue.

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  • It is my understanding that the motors in the electric window and even moon/sun roof do eventually burn out and need replacement. So, that is an area to start. Otherwise, it might be an electrical issue.

    I had a driver tail light replaced due to a short causing the auto transmission not to shift. Apparently, the tail light switch was a recall from vw jettas 1997-2001.

    I hope this helps.
  • rsenger1rsenger1 Posts: 4
    Recently I have encountered a number of annoying problems. For one my doors will lock occasionally on there own. I have removed the batteries from my remote but that didn't solve the problem. When this happens I can not exit the car without setting off the alarm. Anyone have any suggestions.
  • betovenbetoven Posts: 3
    Follow up. I had my transsion changed after out of nowhere an internal object ejected-out making a hole in the engine. I was wishing the jerking on my Jetta 2k vr6 would stop but no it didn't.

    So, here i am in the elimination process trying to figure out what the problem is. I am surely not taking it to the same vw dealership after all the money spent and for nothing, so I could really appreciate your imput on this issue to resolve my problem.

    So far these items have been replaced: Coil-Pack, spark plug wires, Mass Flow Air sensor (2 times), Spark Plugs, Oil Filter, Synthetic Oil, Gas Filter, Transmission, Batery, Brake Light switch.

    By the way, the cruise control and the clutch feature(car starts without pushing the clutch in) stopped working after a visit to the dealership. I really hope you could help.

    For anyone with the same jerking problem you might want to hold before changing the parts I changed unless your maintenance tells you so.

    Again, your imput will be SO very much appreciated!

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    going the VAGCOM route sounds like a good idea.

    what about a clogged catalytic convertor? would that show up on VAGCOM diagnostics?
  • babyjet1babyjet1 Posts: 2
    Thanks! Unfortunately I am not able to identify anything "staying on".... and it doesn't do it every time... **sigh**.... am still trying to figure this one out. Any other ideas?
  • mikelsumikelsu Posts: 1
    I am the not-so-pleased owner of a 2002 Jetta 1.5. Been a pain, and expesnive since the warranty expired. Had the a sunroof drain problem fixed by getting dealership instructions to trim the rubber hose by the doors with scissors. High tech, eh? Now I have water in my trunk. Is something plugged up that I can readily find and repair?
  • justadrmrjustadrmr Posts: 2
    The cat has been checked and is clear. I have been informed that maybe it could be the break switch. Has anyone had any experience with this. It appears to be a free part from the dealer and I have told my mech to check it out. Of course I want to get any info from you guys since my experience with mechs and dealers is that they want to charge as much as possible. I dont want them telling me it's not the switch just so they can charge more for an injection pump. :sick:
  • rwatsonrwatson Posts: 82
    Please, take the car to Autozone, or Advanced, or wherever and have them test the alternator. That was the culprit for me once. After your car acts up, you jump it and it seems to work for a while. Then it acts up again. Mine did the same with me, and it was the alternator slowly dying. Then one day: :sick: No ammount of jumping would get it going.

    Have fun ;)
  • kingiscmnkingiscmn Posts: 1
    I have an 01 TDI with 155,000 miles. Recently the brake lights stopped working and it wouldn't shift into gear. After hearing they had a recall, I called VW here and mine is not in the recall. They told me that the Brake Light Switch was bad. I bought a new one (it is a 4 pole brake light switch) and it doesn't seem to work either. I can bypass the switch and the lights and the shifting into gear works so it doesn't seem to be in the wiring. NOW my glow plug light is flashing...and I still can't get the brake light switch to work...what is going on?
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