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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • jessyjessy Posts: 4
    I posted a similar message the other day and no one has helped!
    I leased an 06 jetta, package 2, about the same time frame. I am getting around 257 miles a tank and its incrediblu frustrating!
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    I guess your engine is 2.5L, the mpg is really depends on your driving style. If you always drive aggressively, you mpg will hurt. For your reference, my 2.8L Jetta with 23,500 miles driving usually very aggressive (80 % Highway (75-95 mph) will give me only 19.8 mpg
  • bora1bora1 Posts: 42
    I received a similar runaround with the dealer when i was having problems with my 2002 VW Jetta. They could never duplicate the problem until after my factory warranty ran out. Once they fix the vehicle, put it up for sale immediately or consult a lemon law lawyer and somehow coerce VW to buy it back. You will regret keeping the car.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Does the CAI that your son added have an "oiled guaze" airfilter? If so, then the oil from the filter can be sucked into and on to the MAF (MassAirFlow) sensor causing it to self-destruct.

    One way to check for baf MAF is to disconnect the electrical connector from it and the go for a drive. If any improvement is noted, suspect bad MAF.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    There are several fuseboxes... did you check them all? It sounds as if the fuse that maintains "standby power" to the radio, clock and other items may be opened up.

    Also, it is not a good idea to remove battery connector while engine is running. With todays cars with onboard computers, it could cause SERIOUS damage.
  • I checked the fuse box by the driver side door. I can't find a fuse directly related to the radio and trip odometer, etc.

    Are there fuses in other locations besides that by the driver side door?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (Jessy) Your question was answered indirectly by several people. Your engine is still new.... The MPG will climb as the engine "loosens up" over about 20,000 miles. Also- as mentiond before... careful engine break-in is ESSENTUAL if you want it to attain maxiumum efficency.

    Also, as mentioned several times - your DRIVING STYLE may be the biggest contributor to best MPG. Basically - An efficent driver does not have to use the brakes very often. All stops are known WELL in advance and the throttle should be released. Following-distances should be sufficent that the brakes are not neede if the person in front of you is an inefficent driver. (uses the brakes often)

    A good way to think of it is this.... the BRAKE pedal is a fuel waster. It is only there to remove unwanted forward motion. Thus... if the unwanted forward motion is not there (better throttle control), the MPGs will go up.
  • I have a 2002 Jetta GLS Sedan and never received an owners manual to trouble shoot the symbol. Is there a place I can find out online or can anyone help? The illuminated symbol is yellow and is located inside my speedometer circle to the right of 20mph. It may possibly be an engine although I am not sure as I would expect a "Check Engine" type of light to appear. The symbol is somewhat square with something that looks like a cap on the top and right side and a blade at best guess on the left side. Maybe engine? Fan or belts? Any help would be most appreciated until I can call the dealer in the morning. Also need to know if I can at least get to and from work this weekend. Ugh....Thanks in advance!! GLad I found this site!!!!!
  • Hi Jaimee,
    I just bought an '07 Jetta on the 19th and I've tested my MPG twice and it's exactly 26mpg both times. I do about 80% highway, 20% city though.
  • jessyjessy Posts: 4
    Ok, mine is getting about 16 mpg. I feel very angry I was not told about the crappy mileage. I am mostly a city driver but I cant start finding out of the way highways just to save the $40.00 a week!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    What did you drive before and what mileage did you get?

    For cars of about this weight (3000 pounds+), with similar engines (eg. 4 cyl Accord, Camry, Fusion, etc.), CR typically measures about the mileage you are getting in their "city" test. Their city test is much tougher than the Government's. Perhaps your driving is just similar to that used in CR's test.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    To determine what is causing the CEL (Check Engine Light) you car needs to connected to a device that can "read" the codes out of the onboard computer.

    Here is the official OBDII (OnBoard Diagnostics- version 2) list of codes;

    Some of the auto-parts places will "read" the codes from your car for no charge.

    HOWEVER: The light you describe does not sound like the CEL... you may be able to determine what it is from reading the owners manual.
  • jettamnjettamn Posts: 4
    I have had the same problem with my 2004 Jetta as well! The problem has existed since I purchased it--brand new. I've brought the car in numerous times, they've also never been able to "duplicate" the problem, yet, they've thrown parts at it. It is very frustrating and I feel like the dealership thinks that I am just making this up. I'd be interested in comparing notes with you and maybe getting up the gumption to get something done about our situations! Thanks!
  • jettamnjettamn Posts: 4
    I may have jumped the gun in responding to your posted issue. The "chugging" caught my eye, as that would be how I would describe how my car acts in the morning. Typically, I drive it down a one mile road, stop, turn right, accelerate, and as I'm accelerating the car chugs--clunks--drops--whatever you want to call it. It feels like the engine is going to fall out. Not normal! I haven't had issues with it not starting. I've been told that I need to use a higher grade of gas, that certain valves weren't tightened, this that and the other things have been replaced. Nothing that they have done has altered my daily "chug."
  • pannellpannell Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info, it is an oil-less air filter. I will try the test on disconnecting the MAF. We did spray some carb cleaner thru the MAF last night and it helped some, Someone told me when we added the cold air intake that the computer needs adjusting since it is a turbo.
  • conessconess Posts: 15
    I have an 06 Jetta (~ 1.5 months old) and have the "chugging" noise on cold start up too. Well, my chugging noise sounds like it is coming from the gas tank (after a couple of miles it goes away). Does your noise sound like gulping or sound like gas when filling up?

    I am planning on leaving my car over night at the dealer and suggest you try to do the same. The dealer I bought the car from provides free loaners :)
  • We have an 06 Jetta 2.5 and get 26 in town and 29 to 34 on the highway at 70+ and we live in the high country so are climbing mts. all the time..

    The mileage really depends on how hard you are on the throttle.. With you mileage that low I would think you are just a bit hard on yours.. Would bet its your foot thats the problem.. Grin..

    However like others said the mileage does pick up as you get more miles on the car.. Ours is getting better but our 2002 Jetta 2.0 wagon is up to 30 to 35 mpg on the highway and started out low too.. We have about 40,000 on it now..

  • That cold start noise that sounds like all the baffles in the exhaust are loose is a common thing on those engines.. If its super bad VW has an update for the computer that they can download.. There is a service update on it.. However it makes little difference.. It last about 30 to 40 sec. and gets longer as the weather gets colder..

    I think its one of the things you will have to learn to live with on these cars.. However to make you fell better about it.. I would drop by the dealer in the early morning and ask one of the salesmen to start up a couple of the new ones to hear how much like yours the sound is.. Odds are its much the same..

  • seane79seane79 Posts: 2
    check this out, My friend "gave" me his Volkwagen Jetta III GL as a gift. The only problem was that the transmission was bad in it. I thought Ok i'll just go to the junkyard and buy one, get it thrown in for a couple of hundred bucks and drive the sucker. It only had 110k on it, ran good for about a month, then go figure the transmission started acting funny. Now you can manually shift this "automatic" transmission into 1st second and third. The transmission doesn't have this whole "automatic" thing down anymore. When you put it in drive it stays in 3rd. I'm lost, anyone think maybe another transmission, or is it possibly some module of sorts....please help.
  • jwboycejwboyce Posts: 11
    I've got a 2006 Jetta GLI with nav and XM, with three XM related problems:

    1. XM is constantly "Updating Channel Listings" (>50% of time) so you have no idea what is playing nor can you change channels.
    2. Car sometimes forgets that it has XM, cant find XM, requiring restart of car to "remember" it.
    3. Field where title and artist are displayed is only ~3 inches wide, while screen is twice that width, but all the extra space is just wasted. So instead of getting Artist, Song Title, and Album Title information, all I get is part of the artist, and part of the song title.

    Anyone know of any other occurences of issues 1 or 2, or any solutions to #3?

    as usual, any helpful comments or hilariously sarcastic replies are appreciated.
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