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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • joker55joker55 Posts: 49
    there is also this, apparently lots of people have the same problem :S
  • prooferproofer Posts: 6
    Thanks, joker55, for those 2 links. We were going to try to open up the door panel ourselves, but it sounds pretty involved and time consuming (plus, that first link you sent that was to show opening up the door panel no longer was active and I just got an error message).

    I know that my problem is definitely not a speaker problem (no buzzing or problems with the stereo). But whatever's loose inside the door panel sounds pretty big, by the sound of the noise inside.

    Thanks again.
  • AHH! So it's me again. I posted in June regarding the cooling system going in my new style, 2005, 2.5 automatic jetta. Well, things haven't gotten better since I got this hump of metal back. On Saturday I was driving into town and all of the sudden the vehicle started to smell like burning rubber. The smell was very strong and coming thru the vents with force since I had my fan on high. So I turned the AC off and rolled down the windwos to see if the smell was maybe being pulled from a fire outside-it was not. I stopped at an intersection and a plume of black smoke came out from under the closed hood. I checked the temp and it was right dead center. It had spiked quickly once, but returned to normal and did not waiver. I drove it to the dealership (which was about 1 mintue away) and left it there as instructed. My husband went to the dealership today and was told that the service mngr looked at it after I dropped it off and could smell the smell, but has not been able to determine where it came from and everything looks normal. They cannot find any evidence of burned wires or a fire. They are going to take it out again this evening and first thing in the a.m., but they have no idea. HELP!!! I want out of this constant headache. I have gotten VW involved, but I don't think I am going to get very far. :mad:
  • Oh it's me again. The original poster. I spoke to VW customer care this afternoon and they say there is nothing they can do for me b/c it's "running to manufacturer specifications" and that's all they can do under the terms of the warranty. I didn't realize that black smoke and a burning smell were manufacturers specs. That car has been in the shop no less than ten times!!!!! :mad: :mad:
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 14,489
    I am sorry to hear of your experiences. It seems the lemon law count down, should have stated many visits back. :(
  • Here is where my trouble state says it has to be a sever mechanical defect which occurred prior to 18k miles and has not been corrected. The first mechanical defect was with the gas gauge and they fixed that. All other defects occurred after 18k...I live in Maine. Does anyone have any experiences in this state they can help with?
  • Somehow today I think I managed to disable some of the power door lock features on my 2001 Jetta. The switch on either of the front doors won't lock the doors any longer. Even though the unlock feature still works. Also the doors don't autolock any more when I accelerate past 10mph. The fob still locks/unlocks the doors and turns on the alarm as normal by remote or by sticking the key in the lock.

    I was filling the tank this evening and I did the windows down feature using the key in the lock while the gas was pumping. When I got back in and started the engine the doors suddenly unlocked themselves and now it's in the state I described above. I don't remember pressing or toggling anything in particular.

    I've experienced something similar before when the automatic down/up on the front windows switches stopped working. The dealer did some magic sequence of events with the key and the door lock to re-enable the functionality. So I'm thinking it's a similar 'config' or software setting and not a hardware fault.

    Anyone familiar with this or know the procedure? And why on earth is none of this documented in the owners manual?

    All help is appreciated. Thx.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    The answer is (as usual)...VagCom
  • I don't think anything is actually wrong with the car. The power switches will lock with the fob after all. So I'm unsure why you think a fault code reader would help. I think a setting has been inadvertently triggered by my unsuspecting sequence of actions with the key/lock/ignition. This is what I'm asking about.
  • prooferproofer Posts: 6
    Can anyone send a link on how to take apart a 2002 Jetta door panel? There's a loud rattle coming from the inside of my back door behind the driver's seat. It's definitely not the speaker. It sounds like something big is loose inside that door. Thanks.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    You must be confused about what VagCom can do.

    The VagCom is SOOOOO much more than a "fault reader" as you suggest. The VagCom also allows you to tweak, adjust, set, configure and alter the settings which are not available to the mortal VW owner.

    Everything from the idle speed to the how the door locks react is all tweakable.
  • Hmmm. Interesting.

    Well fortunately the issue seems to have reset itself. I repeated the steps I thought I had done at the gas station with the key in the door lock etc. and it is operating normally now. Appreciate the tip though.
  • dome625dome625 Posts: 5
    I posted about faulty turn signals/hazard lights last year and someone gave me a good place to start looking, but I have not found the problem yet.

    It was mentioned that a relay was the cause, can someone tell me which one and how to replace?
  • prooferproofer Posts: 6
    OK. I'm still trying to look into this problem in case I can fix it myself. When I slam the door shut, I don't hear the rattling at all. But when I put my hand on the door while riding in the back seat and traveling over bumps, it sure feels like the heavy rattling is coming from that door. Any ideas? Can anyone direct me to a link to take apart this back door panel?
  • Hey there.
    I think I might be having a similar issue as spinfit may be having. My '06 has the Check Engine Light and apparently the engine will not allow itself to rev up faster than 300 RPM's regardless of what gear it is in (standard tranny).
    I'm sure its gonna have to get plugged up to a reader, like a VagCom that bpeeples recommends.
    btw, I appreciated that thread to the VAG tool locator!
    I havent seen anyone else discuss this type of limiting of HP. Dunno if its just me or what. Darn cars are too smart for their own good.
    anyhoo. thanks!
  • oops! 3,000 rpms, I said
  • lazyteelazytee Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 jetta 2.5l. How often or have many miles should I go between oil changes?
  • fpjdpfpjdp Posts: 10
    Ok I turn the key and nothing happens. I wiggle the key and sometimes it starts. I took the cover off the ignition and I see their is a cable that goes to ?????. When I pull the cable and turn the key the car starts (sometimes). Now it doesn't do anything. Where does the cable go to or what do you think the problem might be. I am still having tranny issues see message #47 in the transmission forum. Help, my kid goes to college next week and I need the car fixed. Thanks
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Owners manual (an interesting and useful thing to read :)) says 10,000 mi or 12 mo. for oil change interval. You must use oil that meets VW specs and all VW approved oils are synthetics.
  • Recently, my girlfriend and I have been having trouble with our 2002 Jetta's brakes. After driving for a little while the brake pedal will begin to press down on it's own as the brakes clamp down. Then, with a "ttssp" sound similar to that of steam leaking out of a tube/pipe, the brake pedal pops back out on its own. We have circumnavigated the problem by pulling out on the brake pedal with our left feet, but I am still concerned. What usually causes this problem? How can it be fixed? The dealership has already replaced the calipers... but they never recognized the problem either.
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