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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • It wasn't extremely difficult to take off. It was just more of a pain. If I had a torch and a lift it would have been real easy. For a while I used a piece of metal wire, like the kind you hang pictures with, and tied it around the muffler tight to keep it from vibrating. But eventually, one end where it is attached to the muffler completely rusted itself free.

    I don't know that it is actually a cover, but more like an outer covering that is part of the muffler itself.

    Good luck.
  • joker55joker55 Posts: 49
    i took a loook under the car today and looked at where the middle muffler is, and saw that there was a cover on top of the muffler, not attached to the muffler but instead fastened to the bottom of the car.

    is this what you removed? it seems like metal but very thin, i can bend it a bit, but cant pull it off the screws which it is fastened to (i can see the screw tip and an odd looking washer on top of it there are a bunch of them) is this what u had to remove?

    sorry for all the questions i just don't want to go ripping out something i really shouldn't, and i really wanna get rid of this noise, its driving me crazy!!! lol

  • Do you have a 99.5/GenIV Jetta? I never had a cover like that. It sounds like it is similar to the shield over the cat. Can you remove the cover to get to the muffler?

    In my case, if you can picture a cross section of a muffler(minus the baffles,etc) having two layers. The outer layer is what came loose. I will try and get real pics this weekend.

    I know what you mean when you say it is annoying.
  • joker55joker55 Posts: 49
    yeah my jetta is a MKIV, the shield that i see is two pieces. the first piece starts just before the Cat and extends to where the resonator is (i think thats the "middle muffler" we've been talking about) that is where the first piece connects with the second piece and then the second piece extends over the resonator and back towards the end of the car.

    the only thing i am concerned with is will there be enough clearance if i take that out to ventilate the heat from the exhaust/resonator?

    thanks again
  • bpeebles: I know you have replied to my posts in the past which is why I'm going to ask you specifically about my car.

    I have a 2001 1.8T Jetta. Today, my AC stopped working and then about four hours later I was driving and the same light that indicates the emergency brake is on came on along with a very annoying beep. The beep sounds alot like when the car is on and the door is open.

    Earlier today, I foolishly idled with my AC on full blast for 45 minutes and my car almost overheated. Can the mistake of idling like that have caused my compressor to go out? and can I have done any electrical damage (i.e. the emergency brake light and beep)? Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  • i am almost certain that the sound is coming from the front end of the car.....
  • is it runing hot? if so i would try to flush the colent system. some cars have a shut off at a certain temp.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    The brake lamp along with the alert-tone sure sounds a lot like the warning one gets when the emergancy-brake lever is not fully in the DOWN position while driving.

    Try to re-create the lamp and sound by lifting the emergancy-brake lever a little while the vehicle is moving. I would bet money that you will get the same thing you had before.

    The the German engineers added this alarm to Volkswagens to tell you if you had not fully released the emergancy-brakes and tried to drive.

    As for your AC....have you allowd enough time for the vehicle to sit? An AC system can get "froze up" and no air will pass thru the evaperator. If the AC still does not work after sitting overnight, the next step might be to hook up some pressure guages to the AC system and see what is going on .
  • I tried to pull up the brake and let it down, but the brake is as far down as it will go.

    My AC still does not work after sitting overnight. I had a family friend who knows a bit about cars look at it. He looked at the pressure and he said my pressue wasn't too low, but he couldn't get a 'charge' to start up my compressor...? So he thinks it may be my compressor that's the problem... which he said is really expensive :(
    I'm planning on taking it in first thing tomorrow morning. If you can think of anything else please let me know! Thank you so much!
  • "SEA FOAM", SEA FOAM" SEA FOAM"!! Preventative maintenance.

    Greetings, I own a 2001 Jetta VR6. Nice car...until...
    recently, the check engine and ECP? lights came on and the car went into "limp" mode (30 mph failsafe) on the freeway.
    We took it to the dealer and after diagnostics, they reported that it needed a Mass Airflow Sensor ($250.00), a water temp sensor ($15.00) and a (Gulp) a new throttle body assembly ($1200.00). Total estimate: $1700.00. (Yikes!) I'm way to cheap for that.
    I work in a vehicle service center, so I spoke to some of the mechanics in our shops. They said between the miles on the car (77k) and not always running premium fuel, the fuel system (throttle body, sensor, etc) were probably "gunked" up. So, they highly recommended SEA FOAM fuel / engine treatment.
    Results: No lights and the car runs great!
    So, my do it yourself approach was:
    I CAREFULLY cleaned the Mass air flow sensor with "CRC" Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner (go figure). Spray the cleaner on the element, but DONT TOUCH IT.
    I also sprayed an entire can of carburator cleaner into the throttle body. Make sure to open the butterfly throttle valve and spray the crap out of it.
    I also changed the air filter.
    Finally, I poured an entire can of SEA FOAM into a full tank of premium fuel.
    The car has been running great and it only cost me about $30.00 in additives, cleaners and a filter.
    SO, if this proceedure can resolve these issues and save me from a $1700.00 service bill, it only makes sense that SEA FOAM is a great periodic preventative additive. I plan on adding a can every 4 to 6 months.
    Good Luck. :)
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    It is good to hear that you were able to get your vehicle back in shape. I too, have used SeaFoam on specific problems to clean things up.

    As for your engine-temparture sensor... these are KNOWN to go bad on your model year. If yours is not GREEN in color... it would be wise to replace it. A faulty engine temp. sensor can fool the onboard computer into thinking the engine is never warmed up. This -in turn- will make your MPG go down due to excessive fuel being injected.

    Each of my 2 daughers have 2001 VWs and BOTH of their (black in color) engine-temp. sensors went bad. I replaced with the newer GREEN one wich is only about $14 including O-ring.
  • i have faced the exact problem with my 2000 jetta.
    to add to what you have mentioned, this noise does not occur when the engine is cold. This noise starts after the car has been driven for about half a mile.
    The noise is similar to one of those 50 c.c. mopeds here in Hawaii.

    I am planning to take it to the local Midas shop this weekend.
  • Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I just bought a 2002 Jetta with about 56k miles on it about 2 weeks ago. While im driving the car the radio backlight and the interior lights will flash on and off every oo.. minute or so.. also while the car is off the headlights will flash on and off maybe once every few hours. What could this possably be??
    Another thing is when i shift the car from park to drive the car jerks before it will drive.. also everynow and then when im driving on the highway and have to slow down alot then speed back up.. when it shifts to go faster again it jerks. could this be the transmission going? or do all jettas do this? Please Help :confuse:
    Thanks Liz
  • I recently had that problem with my 1999 (going from park to drive) i had the transmission fluid changed, with new filter and new pan gasket, cost me about $200 Canadian. and i notice that shifts are alot smoother even when i am gunning it on the highway, and i dont get that jerk anymore, i still let it sit for a second before i hit the gas, just to make sure the gear is set in place (its old :-P)

    don't believe what VW says, they say you never have to replace it (they say its a "Lifetime Fluid") LIES! get it changed and i am sure you'll notice a difference.
  • the problem i have is whenever i am on the gas, its not a very loud noise, just enough to be noticable, i am going to have a muffler install later this week, i am most likely going to go to speedy or midas to have it done, i will get them to check my heat shield, some one told me that they had the exact same problem, and that they just took thier shield off, i just don't know if they took it off over the cat though, that doesnt seem like the greatest idea does it?
  • With my 97, I only had a shield over the cat. The piece I took off was just sorta like the outer layer on the muffler/resonator. For a bad analogy, I was like taking the outer layer off an onion.
  • I agree you should have you fluid level checked. Mine was slipping in first and sometimes second gear, only when it was cold. I brought it to VW, having just moved to a new area, and told them I thought it was low. They said whatever, you don't ever have to replace it. They proceeded to tell me that I needed a new throttle body, fuel injectors, and ECU. I left as quickly as possible. My wife happened to find an AAMCO where the owner had a Jetta. He checked it out, said it was low if fluid, added some, and then didn't charge me a dime. Problem solved.
  • We have a 96 jetta gl I have been noticing when you let off the gas it starts whining while still in gear. This is a manual trany. Where do you check the gearbox fluid level and where do you fill it up? Is it the giant inverted nut behind the clutch cable?
  • Hi, Just acquired this vehicle with a no start issue, initial testing showed electronic p/up inside dist.not tripping signal to fire secondary ignition, replaced dist, timing was set and road tested, vehicle ran for approx 10 min and quite,tested and found repeating problem,grounds circutes were tested, new ignition switch ,coil, digifant 2 computer and 3 other distr. only to have same problem. Where should we look. Can someone help it is getting costly.
  • I have a 1998 Jetta with about 80,000 miles and today I parked the car during lunch today and came out after work and it just won't start. There was no warning at all since it had started up twice that day with not problem at all. All electrical equipment works fine (lights come on, car clock is on, radio works) when I don't do anything, except for the keyless entry where the lock will barely get enough power to lock or unlock. However the automatic locks work fine when I press on them while in the car. I will turn the key to the first position and the entire electrical system will go dead (clock turns off and nothing works) with the exception for the air bag sign that will sometimes light up on the dashboard. If I turn the key to the crank position the entire dashboard will light up but will not crank and nothing will happen (Everything will light up and will sound like it should in the first position). Every time I turn the key the system resets itself (clock goes back to 0 and so does the mileage). If I try the horn that does not work either. I had a problem with an emissions test about 4 weeks that I didn't get resolved even though a technician spent 5 hours looking for the problem but otherwise have had no problems at all. The only thing that isn't factory is the CD player but that was installed 4 years ago. What should I do?
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