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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    A quick search gave me this photo

    Although it shows a modified sensor... it may be enough to show you where the 3 sensors are located. Each sensor is held in with a plastic clip. (seen above each sensor)

    Depending on which 2.8L you have here is another photo of alternate location. (Still, held in with plastic clip and O-ring seal)
  • jlkiljlkil Posts: 18
    I've owned this car since July '02. While under warranty, I had a number of issues, including one that never got fixed, a noise in the rear end that sounds like a bad shock. Anyway, this year I have spent about $3000 for: water pump, thermostat, timing belt, A/C modules and fans, and 2 CV boots. The brake lights have gone out twice and they got replaced during a routine service because of a recall.
    On the positive side, this car is a blast to drive. It handles extremely well and the turbo engine is sweet :shades: ;cruise at over 80mph and get 28-30 MPG. I have never waxed this car, yet water stands on it as though I just finished a wax job. The silver color is just as shiny as it was on day 1. Also, the dealer even loaned me a new jetta last time I got the CV boot fixed.
    I also have an '07 jetta wolfsburg for my wife.. :)
  • joker55joker55 Posts: 49
    how did you clean your MAF, i am curious cause i think i might have a problem with mine

  • Hey folks,
    I am interested in connecting with someone who is very familiar with the Teves ABS unit used on the 1990-92 VW products. Specifically, the accumulator mounted on the abs pump. I believe this unit is the same as the one used in 1988-1989 Merkur Scorpios.
    If you have information regarding this or even parts, can you please contact me at
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Typically, the built-in cleaning cycle of the MAF is sufficent to keep it clean. If your airfilter has been leaking dirty air.. or you have used one of those "oiled-guaze" filters... then you may need to clean MAF manually.

    Take a large Ziploc bag and place the MAF sensor in it. (JUST THE MAF.... not the entire housing) Pour enough Isopropyl alcohol into the bag to completely cover the MAF sensor. Gently shake the bag to allow the alcohol to pass through the sensor. Take the MAF sensor out and let the excess alcohol drip off. Set the MAF sensor down on a paper towel to drip/air dry. You may want to use the compressed air spray to blow dry parts such as the connector port. Allow the MAF sensor to dry completely before reinstalling it in the car. This will take between 1-5 hours. Then reinstall.

    Here is a link with photos

    Here is a product for cleaning MAF

    Some people have reported that using "Brake Clean" has worked for them.

    The important part is to allow MAF sensor to completely dry before use. (Or it may burn up due to the built-in cleaning cycle)

    Also, here is how to diagnose a bad MAF
  • I am installing new v belts on my 89 jetta gas engine. It seems like the idler pulley assy is too close to the lower pully and they may bind up or touch when the engine is running. Could the lower pulley be reversed and reinstalled to change the spacing? This was all part of getting the timing belt changed out. Thanks!! ALAN
  • Greetings!

    My 2.0L '00 Jetta sometimes won't start. It turns over but won't catch. Giving it gas doesn't help but does rev the engine way up once the engine does eventually start. However, this problem doesn't happen every time I start the thing. It only seems to happen once or twice a week. Sometimes I'll drive it and try it again a couple hours later and struggle to get it started. Then, in another couple hours, will try again and the car will start right away. I just had the oil changed and went over 100,000 miles but haven't had any major problems to speak of in the past with this vehicle (keeping my fingers crossed.)

    Also, if anyone knows a good VW mechanic in/near Hollywood in Los Angeles, please let me know. If (when) I need to take my car in, I'd like to have a friendly, fair-priced place in mind.

  • It could be you have a cracked coil that would need to be replaced. I would also look at your cap and rotor.
  • microjmicroj Posts: 10
    There is a strange odor in my 98 Jetta GLS 5 speed manual transmission.
    The only way I can describe it is like boiled cabbage..almost a garbage-y smell.A bit like a stove w/ a gas leak.
    It happens usually when I first start the car in the morning and pull out of the garage.Also If I have been at a redlight and start up.,it seems just to happen in lower gears and reverse.
    I just bought the car used .It had one owner and 21,000 miles on it(and service records to prove it!) .Also a new clutch was installed before I bought it.Other than that it runs great .it's practically new.
    Might the smell be be gear oil ?
    Any ideas?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    You may be correct in that this is just some oil-residue burning off of somthing. Perhaps even the clutch plates since you mention it seems to be more prevalant when you start off from a stop.

    If it keeps up, you may want to have somone to look at it.

    BTW: Why do you think it is from the xmission?
  • i need to replace my power steering belt in my 2000 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 Turbo. can anyone let me know how to do this? i have already bought the part
  • microjmicroj Posts: 10
    I was just describing what type of transmission ( 5 speed manual) in the first sentence. I see how that could seem I thought the smell was coming from the transmission. I have no idea where the smell is coming from.The only lead I had about the gear oil idea, was I know it can have a verry strong "rotting" odor.Since the car has so few miles but is close to 10 years old,maybe the previous owner never changed it from the day he bought the car back in '98.That would give the oil a long time to get smelly. I put some paper under the car last night and will check it and see if there is any gear oil leaking on to it.I hope not.I will take it to my mechanic if this persits.
    Any other suggestions are apreciated.Other than that, the car is in immaculate shape.I've had to get it saftey inspected,and emission tested as well as a rustproofing.All the garage owners that have driven it cannot believe how well the gears change and how the car and the engine looks and handles.It was obviously cared for.
    Thanks for your help.
  • I have an '02 VW Jetta that started smelling extremely bad a few months ago. I can't have any passengers because the smell makes everyone sick. The smell stays on you until you shower. Do you have a smelly VW? Why should VW be allowed to sell us cars that drive so good then are worth next to nothing before the first set of tires wear out!! We need to warn others who might be considering a VW purchase. I have already been the dealer route as well as other repair shops & it seems to be common knowledge (except to Volkswagen) that VWs smell like melted crayons. As a trade-in, I can't even get half of what Edmunds.ocm says my Jetta is worth. Maybe Edmunds needs to re-evaluate the Volkswagens. We have put up the melted crayons smell long enough. Does anyone with the EPA or any division of our government even test the toxic levels of the materials & glues that car makers use inside our cars? We shouldn't let children be exposed to Volkswagens until someone can verify that they are not emitting poisonous fumes and vapors. Did someone test the materials & glues after they have been exposed to South Texas heat for several years??? Wake up people!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,080
    Gear oil with the "GL5" designation has a lot of sulfer in it as an additive. The sulfer is very stinkey smell but also makes the gear-oil very good at protecting from metal-to-metal contact. Sulfer is an Extreme Pressure (EP) additive. GL5 oil is intended for differentials and xfer cases... NOT transmissions.

    I am telling you all of this because your comments seem to suggest that gear oil gets smelly with age. This is simply not true.

    HOWEVER: Most manual transmissions should NEVER have GL5 oil in them because the additives tend to corrode the bronze bushings used as synchronizers. Lets hope your manual xmission does NOT have GL5 oil in it. (Only use VW-approved gear-oil in the xmission!)

    Also NEVER-EVER apply rustproofing to a Volkswagen. Unlike most other automobiles, VWs come from the factory with galvonized steel bodies and factory-rustproofing. That is why VWs have 12Year/unlimited-milage rust warantee from the factory!! (applying rustproofing voids this factory warantee because it may actually PROMOTE corrosion)

    If you truly had rustproofing applied, that may be the source of your odor. (may be some on the exhaust pipes.)
  • Recently replaced the battery on 2003 2.0L Jetta due to strange stalling, dash lights/guages going crazy, etc. Car ran good for a couple of weeks. Now, periodically, the ABS light will come on, radion will go off, headlights get dim if on, and the car will lose power. Stop, turn off the ignition, restart, and all goes well for another week or so. Then same thing. Can't find any other correlating data. Took it to a local mechanic (retired VW dealer mechanic) who found no faults, no computer codes, and nothing to indicate there was a problem. He wouldn't let me pay him.

    I fear if I take it back in without the actual condition being present, it will be the same "no problem" diagnisis.

    Has anyone seen this at all that can guide me on a course of action?? Can't have my 16 yr old girl wondering when its going to stop and I certainly don't want her stranded!! Much thanks!
  • microjmicroj Posts: 10
    So, any suggestions as to what it might be if not gear oil? It is definately not from rustproofing.
    It really is'nt an oily smell.More like something organic that is rotting..
  • Check for a loose or corroded ground cable on your battery. Clean the terminals thoroughly. Check also for a loose alternator belt.
  • Much appreciation Mr Shiftright. Terminals look good as I cleaned them when I changed the battery. But I'll give the belt a look. Thanks!
  • Well okay then good job, now check the OTHER end of the ground cable, where it actually grounds to metal.

    The symptom of the lights going dim definitely point to an alternator/battery issue.
  • Hello, my manual tilting mechanism didnt work, instead of giving it to the shop to fix it I decided to try my luck and accidently ripped of entire handle from my jetta 99 driver's seat. I was just wondering if there is any way to fix it or perhaps to tilt it without the adjustment knob to my desire. Also, If anyone had the same problem? How much was it to fix it?
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