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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair



  • many months ago a knocking sound began from the front end of my car as the car moved slowly and when I turned the steering wheel. I got it fixed when they replaced the rubber joint of the front stabilizer bar. A day later it was back but each time I took it back they said they didn't hear it, and sometimes it really didn't make the noise. When winter came around and it was mighty cold, it only made the sound after two+ hours of constant driving but now that its hot out, you hear the sound after just a few minutes. Every other time I asked the dealer if it was dangeorus they said no but now I am going to Washington DC this weekend for a round trip of about 500 miles and am concened this is dangerous because I read somewhere how the Golf had a recall for a problem with similar symptoms. I called VW again and now they said they can't say its safe without looking at it. I really don't have time to take the car tomorrow because I have school and the darn mechanics go home at 4 so what do you guys think?? Take my car? Is it a serious problem? What would you guys do? Sorry for the loong post.
  • vw2002vw2002 Posts: 3
    My 97 Jetta, GLS's check engine light went on two weeks ago. The mechanics told that one of the O2 sensor was no good, so he replaced it, cost me 240$. But the light went on again the same night, so I brought it back and he spent another hour on it and finally figured it out there was a mis-wiring somewhere. He fixed the wiring and now the check engine light is out in the past week.

    But my problem is that before replacing the "broken" O2 sensor, I have about 25 mile/gal on highway, but now only has about 20. I just really don't understand why fixing the O2 with a new one would decrease the gas-mileage.

    Any advice is highly appreciated!
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    You should also ask to refund part of the $240, since he mis-diagnosed it the first time.
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Hey all,
    what are your opinions of the mid 90's level Jettas (ie. 1996 and up)? I'm helping my brother look for a car and was considering the Jetta...the only thing that shakes me are the electrical problems that I often hear about.

    What kind of engines did they offer back then? Which ones were better? Any particular trim recommended? Thanks.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391

    The two better engines are the VR6 and TDI (Diesel)
  • I have a 2000 Jetta TDI, consistent 52-54 mpg. Recently had an anomaly. I got 72 mpg on one tank, next tank 56. I make the same 80mile commute every day. Keep it to 70mph maximum.
    75 miles of this ride is highway. Any ideas as to why this would happen? I would obviously like to duplicate. I know that it's valid, because I'm the one that fills it up.
  • bb100bb100 Posts: 3
    Have a 1997 and live in Texas where we have been running the A/C lots lately. Noticed today that it sounds like there is water "sloshing" around behind the dash on the passenger side (i.e. by the vents). Also dripping some water onto the passenger side carpet. Not good. I do see condensation dripping underneath the car which is normal. Any ideas?
  • This is the second time I have had problems with my passenger's side window. My friend also had the same problem and so did his sister in law. Is this a common problem.Please help, by the way how long should the work be warrantied if the window regulator motor was repaired in December of 2001.
  • I need advise. I have a 99 Jetta, is this car worth keeping. I have had more problems in this car (ex. shrinking headliner, o2 sensor, mass air sensor, power windows, and locks, cd player problems) than my two other cars (both honda). I am looking at long term; I don't want to keep this car if it is going to die as soon as the warranty ends.
  • I have ' 95 Jetta GL and had the same engine light/oxygen sensor problem starting at about 50k miles like some other people here. I got it fixed about two weeks ago, but ever since then the performance has dramatically decreased. The same (but not as bad) goes for the gas mileage. It feels as if the car has about 60 horsepower, there's no acceleration. Does anybody know what to do? I haven't complained to the dealer yet, I thought I'd get some "ammunition" before being caught offguard by a lame excuse.
  • kjd3kjd3 Posts: 1
    Anyone heard of problems with the 2002 Jetta Radio reception?

    The sound will randomly switch from stereo to mono tone and back.

    Also, the power to the radio cuts out occasionally and all stations need to be re programmed.

    Any advice? It's not a fuse problem.
  • jphdxljphdxl Posts: 32
    I too am having problems with the Monsoon in my 02 Jetta (the newer double din radio). When playing the radio, the sound is pretty awful. When playing a CD it actually sounds pretty good. Then the other day it just died. Started the car and the radio would not turn on. Pulled the fuse (which was not blown) and when I reinstalled the same fuse, the stereo started to work, although it no longer says Monsoon when you turn it on. The dealer says there's a TSB on this and they're going to replace the radio when I bring it in next time. It's not worth leaving the car for the day as the radio is sort of working now.
  • dageedagee Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Jetta V6, five speed standard transmission. The clutch failed after 3063 miles. The service department at the dealership has been working on the car for two weeks. They have replaced the clutch system twice and the motor mounts and the problem is still unresolved. There is vibration and noise from the clutch system and the transmission. The service department is stumped; waiting for advice from VW International and I think I've got a LEMON. Anybody have similar problem or advice?
  • zebrajebzebrajeb Posts: 1
    Recently purchased a 2002 Jetta TDI. Anyone know where I can get a detailed repair manual? I don't have any problems, but like to do my own work when possible. Since I'm new to the diesel TDI, thought I'd like to get a repair manual.


  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Repair manual by Bentley Publishers is what you need. Good news is that it is on sale for roughly half of the normal price. Go to and do search for Bentley Manual as there is a post telling where to get the manual at the sale price. I can't remember exactly what merchant had it for sale. TDIClub is invaluable for knowledge about the TDI and you should spend some time there.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Many places sell them, some local dealerships carry them,

    are two places I know of online

  • gp33122gp33122 Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8T automatic. Has anyone else experienced some misfire at early morning startup, but then goes away after a few seconds. I took the car to VW service and they changed the wires and spark plugs and kept it over night to start it up in the morning. Next morning came and it kept misfiring. They then emptied the gas tank and put their own gas and kept it over night again. Next morning the misfiring did not occur. Service advisor said to try a different gas station, always using premium gas of course. I tried that for a few weeks and it seemed to work, but I've noticed that it has slowly started to misfire at early morning startups again. Has anyone else experienced this and got it fixed? If so, what got fixed?
  • david0422david0422 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know where I can buy a HID headlight with good price for my 2000 Jetta GLS ?

    Second, how can I do in order not to have day running light ?

    Thank you very much !
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    To remove the DRL's:

    1. At the headlight switch, push the knob in firmly, then twist to the right

    2. Pull the switch out

    3. Locate the "TFL" pin and cover it with electrical tape.

    4. Reinstall switch.


    With the HID's, keep in mind, putting in a retrofit kit will eliminate your high beams (which may fail safety inspection). You can import OEM HID's, but that's pretty expensive.

    try places like

  • unhappyvwunhappyvw Posts: 1
    My 2002 vw jetta w/ only 2k miles just died on the freeway. I was merging onto the freeway, all of a sudden, the generator light came on and the car became powerless, and within secs, died! VW told me it's the transmission, and they will replace it with a new one, they said there is fluid leak and the transmission is falling apart, there is clutch material inside etc. Any thoughts?
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