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Ford Focus Engine Problems



  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The wrench light is tied to the electronic throttle system and you should take the car to the dealer for service.

    Its under warranty.

  • i know its been a long time, just wondering what your outcome was, mine is having the same problem! please get back to me ASAP. Thanks
  • biship66biship66 Posts: 2
    hi all new to this. but if you are having a problem of humming or vibration that sounds like its coming from the passenger side the replace the passenger motor mount. I have replaced it twice and i would recommend that you buy one from ford. that one that t i got was from napa auto parts and was bad in two months
  • biship66biship66 Posts: 2
    any one have any weard problems whit the dash lights. brake, airbag, oil light. the three are on and my car will not start. but i can push start or pop start the car and its fine. if any one can help let me know thanks
  • skapunkeric , If if fact you have coolant leaking when you shut it off. (green and slick feeling) it could well be your pressurs cap is week, if it's just clear water then this may just be your a/c drain which is normal. hope this helps.
  • Hey biship66; Need more info, 1-do your lights all go out when you do get if to start? 2-Does your ign.key cylinder turn far enough to turn out these lights? It must turn past the on position far enough to turn all lights off before relay will connect. if it doesn't it doesn't turn that far your problem may be in your ign switch or key pinion gear. if your lights do go out but you hear no click, you may have a bad starter relay, loose cable, or bad ground to eng cable. You are not completing the circuit somewhere. Have someone hold a 12v test light to a known ground on your eng and clip the other end to the neg batt post,if it lights up you have a bad ground,if not the ground side is ok, then go to the pos side and follow this to the starter.check for good tight and clean connections. hope this helps.
  • mlgardmlgard Posts: 5
    Engine mount replacement was one of the quicker jobs I've done on my '00 ZX3, Caccia. Block under the oil pan, jack the engine up, loosen nuts, remove old, install new and tighten. Mine wasn't vibrating like crazy, just loud engine sound while driving. Noticed the difference right away. There are two other mounts as well I guess you know. I had the ignition problem shortly after buying my Focus. That was covered under warranty. You're pretty lucky to have only had that issue and now the mount. My list of repairs/recalls is long. Matt
  • sk69sk69 Posts: 4
    My 2004 Station Wagon produces a fuel smell in the cabin. It's coming from the vents, when accelerating or in stop and go traffic. It's not there when I drive steady at higher speeds, e.g. on the highway, and first occurred after I had a 60k service done. Had it at the dealership already 4 times - they changed the cabin air filter, vapor management valve, resecured vapor recovery tube - nothing helped. They say that there's nothing wrong with the car and that there are no leaks. Does anybody have an idea what could cause it?
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    I had a similar issue with a vehicle. The gas smell but no obvious leaks. Eventually I wound up having difficult starts if the vehicle sat for a day. Was losing pressure in the fuel line so there had to be a leak at some point in the system.

    If you can find a way to let your car sit for a day and then take note of how easy it starts (or not) you may be able to determine if you're losing fuel pressure when it sits. If it is, there has to be a leak, however small and hard to find it may be.


    Moderator - Hatchbacks & Hybrid Vehicles

  • SK69; Find someone with a fuel pressure gauge, Hook it up to the valve on your fuel rail. ( this looks like a tire valve stem) See what your pressure is when running and if it drops when you shut your eng off. It should about 40lbs ?? If your pressure drops, check your fuel pressure regulator located on that fuel rail. Check these items and let me know what you find.
  • sk69sk69 Posts: 4
    Thanks pf_flyer and oldfordmech. Sometimes the car just sits for 2 days or so - no starting problems so far (too small of a leak?). I couldn't find the valve one the fuel rail. I have a 2.3L PZEV 2004 - does it look different in this one?
  • If you find your fuel rail, follow it back to where your fuel lines coming from and going back to the tank, you should find the valve before getting back to the fuel lines as they come up from the under side of the body. The valve may have a black valve stem cover on it, but you do have one, I'm sure. I'll do some more research and get back to you, later this week, I've been away from them for a few years but I still have an in with the old timers.
  • sk69sk69 Posts: 4
    Thanks oldfordmech - I certainly looked in the wrong spot but no need anymore. It was a loose spark plug. Might have happened during the 60k service at the dealership but of course can't prove it...
  • Hi
    Dropped the wife's 2006, 25,000 mile, 1.6 (Duratec) Focus in for its 3 yr service this afternoon. Service manager phoned this evening to say that they have broken 2 sparkplugs off in the cylinder head, whilst trying to remove them, as per service requirements.
    Now they want ME to pay for them to remove the cylinder head and repair, I don't think so mate!!!
    Has anyone heard of a similar problem ?
    Service history is complete and with main dealer
  • anchusaanchusa Posts: 1
    Hello. My question is, what would make my (bought new) 06 Focus overheat? It doesn't happen consistently, but about every month or so it overheats just going a few highway miles, only to find there is no coolant in the system. It's happened about 6 times in the past five months. The dealer keeps saying its a vacuum lock, it's "air-bound". The fifth time he changed the thermostat, hoping that was it. It wasn't. They've done pressure test after pressure test, only to find it's "okay". I thought vacuum locks only happened during the summer, because of the heat? It's winter.

    My own mechanic says the coolant is probably being burned up in the engine because of a head gasket leak or crack (considering the head is aluminum). No visible leaks with putting a large piece of cardboard under the car for a month to see. Nothing. No sign of coolant in the oil either.

    I've been late to work each time (work only about 5 miles away), and was warned I will soon be disciplined if it happens again. This problem is not only causing me frustration, but could cost me my job! What should I do? They won't listen to my mechanic. The dealer just reassures me it won't happen again, and they've finally fixed the problem, but it still overheats. Time to drag out the lawyer?
  • oldfordmecholdfordmech Posts: 124
    Find a mechanic with an exhaust gas tester for the radiator, as I remember it was a glass or plastic tube what had a blue liquid in it, and a squeeze bulb on top. The liquid would turn yellow if it detected exhaust gasses. Also, have someone test your pressure cap.You can also hookup a pressure tester with the eng warmed up and see if the pressure climbs very fastwhen started back up. A slow rise is normal but it should be very slow, if it comes up fast then you have a bad head gasket or a cracked head from over heating.
    Hope this helps you.
  • dmeecedmeece Posts: 4
    My daughter's 03 Focus ZTS sedan 16v Zytec engine has been stalling while in park or in gear. Advance Auto Parts code says it was the Mass Air Flow and O2 Sensor in bank 1 sensor 1. We changed both of those and that helped it some. It no longer seems to be stalling while parked and idles pretting steady around 800 rpms while in drive. Reverse is still rough though. Anyway, I am now unsure what the problem could be. Is it fuel related, idle related, fluid related, in need of a tune-up??? Anyone ever experience this before? Could it be the PCV valve or hose, and if so, where the heck are they? I looked for that before and was never able to locate them?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • royglenroyglen Posts: 2
    My 01' Focus is stalling when running for a hour or so. It seemed to help for a while when I changed the fuel filter, but is starting to get worse again. It seems to help if I keep the gas tank pretty full so I wonder if I have some dirt or water in my fuel tank. Does anyone know how to drain the tank? I thought about siphoning it out but I wonder if that would get everything. Any ideas?
  • I have a vacum leak around the carb,and i cant find it .it makes my car idle bad and will shut off if u dont put the gas on sum. 2001 ford focus zx3 can anyone help
  • Take a can of spray carb cleaner and with eng running, spray w/nozzle pointed at each intake manifolf runner where it bolts to the cyl head. If eng RPM raise or starts to idle normally, you found your leak. Look at your vacumn label by radiator and try to locate each line and check that both ends are connected and not cracked or brittle. you can spray cleaner around them and see if it changes the idle
    If you don't find your leak, you have an idle air control valve,it's round, about 3" long,
    w/electrical plug on 1 end and mounted to intake manifold w/2 8mm bolts. you should be able to find a new one at a NAPA store.
    Hope this helps you.
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